Questions and Answers -- Part 8


  Don wrote:
     >From:  Don 
     >Sent:  Tuesday, February 25, 1997 4:00 PM
     >     Hi Julius!
     >I can tell you a story which John Paul Jackson shared with us in 
     >when he visited our church (actually,3 stories) which will verify your
     >example of the Pentecostal minister.  John Paul shared these stories 
     >said that he did so for our encouragement because the Lord would move
     >some prayer teams of us in the Spirit around the world to pray over
     >specific people etc. just in this way.
     >Story #1-God causes time to stand still
     >John Paul was to catch a flight at 7am in the morning but Bob Jones
     >(another prophet) only arrived at his house to pick him up at 6:50 am. 
     >They set out to the airport (half hour drive away).  When they 
     >his clock said 6:55. Now that is remarkable because he knew this was
     >strange but then he still had to get on the plane and that would take 
     >least 15 minutes running as fast as he could.  He and Bob walked 
     >the terminal (a further 20 or so minutes for sure) and boards the
     >airplane (the last ones on).  He looks down at his watch and it says
     6:59 am.
     >Story #2-God sends a group on a prayer mission
     >John Paul was sitting in a field in North Carolina with Bob Jones and
     >they were in prayer.  John Paul looks up and the scenery had 
     >changed around the truck (more like rolling hills). He sees a town off
     >in the distance.  They get out of the truck and walk into town.  It
     >turns out to be a village in the Western Soviet Union and they pray 
     >a sick pastor to be healed (he is).  Then they walk back to their 
     >get in and the scenery changes back to North Carolina.
     >Story #3-John Paul prayed over by a South American Christian
     >John Paul was lying sick unto death in a hospital bed in Switzerland. 
     >felt so bad that he told the Lord that he needed Him to heal him but
     >that he didn't want to see a transparent angel appear (as has done so
     >many time previous) but a real flesh and blood person to pray for him.
     >He fell asleep and was woken up at midnight by a spanish-speaking man
     >with a thick spanish accent.  The man said that he was the only
     >christian in his village in the Andes mountains and he had been crying
     >out to God to let him pray for someone to be healed (because they
     >wouldn't let him in his village).  The Lord 'beamed' this man into 
     >Paul's room to pray for his healing, then 'beamed' him back.  John 
     >was healed instantly.
     >Trust this is edifying to your spirit! It sounds as if you have had
     >similar type things happen also.  John Paul said that these happened
     >when he was wide awake. 
     >God bless you!
          thanks for the testimonies.
          The Spirit of the Lord is doing similar things now world wide.
          I too have been transported several times to different cities to
          pray for dead or dying individuals.  I have wondered if such
          folks, when they come alive would have thought an angel
          visited them on their sick bed.  The Lord is gradually graduating
          his saints to do the works of the angels.  Yea, didn't he say we 
          shall  be as angels?
              God bless you.
          Bro. Julius.

Don wrote:
> Hi Julius:
> Truly, we are strangers and pilgrims here, seeking a city above, not
> made by flesh and blood.  God bless the sojourners who have visited many
> strange places to bring the gospel in many different ways!
> Do you find that you dream a lot (ie. nightly?). 
> If so, do you get the 
> interpretations to your dreams mostly or do you have many you ponder
> about still?  I haven't yet had a 'vision' although my wife has
> occasionally, although I believe I have had 'visions' within dreams.
> Hmmm, how do you distinguish if its a dream or a vision in that case?
> Blessings to you,
> Don
    I began to transcribe my radio broadcast concerning the same topic
of "hearing from God" unto the internet.  In there I summarized my
distinction between dreams and visions.  Look under "hearing1.htm" or 
hearing2.htm, hearing3.htm, hearing4.htm.  
From the main page it's listed under "simple.htm" as "God can speak to
     In short, in dreams, I am in the drama, whereas in visions I am
mere observer.
    Furthermore, with the help of the Holy Ghost, we do get the
meaning of some visions while others will become clearer by and by.
Same with dreams.
Bro. Julius.

Xou  wrote:
> Brother Julius,
>         Greetings!  Thank you for your literature.  
>They are most faith challenging.  
>I hope you are doing well.  It's been a while.  
>         Brother Julius, I showed some of your stuff with my
> brother-in-law who is the pastor of our church.  
He read in the faith testimony book where there was 
a brief background about you and seemed to
> be skeptical of your writing.  It seem you didn't have 
degree or whatever in theology or doctrine.  
I informed him that you are from
> Nigeria, a man of God, of great faith.  He questioned 
what denomination or sect you were from and needed more 
of your christian background.  I offered him your phone 
number but he turn it down and pack me on the back.   
I told him that you don't need to get a degree in seminary or
> whatever, if you knew God through dealings and experience, 
that's what counts more.  I don't understand why he doesn't 
believe that prophets can still be here in this age.  
He doesn't believe in speaking in tongue
> either.  He said that the apostle had the power, 
it was for them only, but now days there's no more.  
He may know a lot about the bible but I don't think he 
knows the power of God or the working of the Holy Spirit.
> To tell you the truth, our church is pretty dead.  
I can't grow much because the pastor doesn't know much 
about the spirit realm or things.
> I haven't met anyone spiritually mature around either. 
 What shall I do?
>         Brother Julius, I discovered that fasting isn't 
as easy as  I thought.  I made a successful one day.  
As I went for the three, I stopped at the two.  
This spring break, I will continue for the three and
> finish it.  I'll let you know.  I hope you won't laugh 
at me.  I'm not as advance as you are.  I just hope it's 
not too late since the Lord is coming soon.  Pray for me.  
I hope to grow as much as I can spiritually.
> >                                                        
 Love in Christ,                                                                 

    As for your pastor, he is not the only pastor who
think the way he thinks.  Remind him that the Pharisees in the days 
of Jesus couldnot see eye-to-eye with the Lord, because Christ did
not attend their religious school.  So they crucified the Messiah.
    Just seek to know the Lord more for yourself, for the Lord said
he came "to divide fathers from sons, daughters from mothers", 
because he will reveal to one and not to the other, since 
"no man can come to me except the father which has sent 
me draws him" saith the Lord.
    Concerning fasting, take your time and do as much as 
you can, challenging yourself to greater things.  it is 
never easy for any man to miss food.  
We only try to train ourselves to know that "man shall not live 
by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth 
of God".  (Lk.4:4;  Jn.6:65;   ).
God bless you.
Bro. Julius.

Victoria  wrote:
> God Bless Brother in the Name of Jesus,
> Are you okay because I have not recieved your tracts in a long time?
> I have not heard from you in a while is everything okay.
> How is fellowship?
> I pray that God continues to use you mightly.
> Do not forget about the revival in June 1997.
> I have some other things to tell you but you will be recieving
> it in a letter not over the e-mail.
> Greet your family for me.
> >From your sister in Christ Jesus,
> Sister Victoria
Sister Victoria,
    thank you for your email.  Praise the Lord we are fine, and
I have sent the February literature just a day ago, and I 
believe I sent to you also.  Of course you can always read them
on my home page.  How is everybody in the fellowship in Maryland?
Say Hi to Bro. Samuel, and Lola, and all the brethren whose names
are in the book of life.
God bless you.
Bro. Julius.

> Greetings Bro. Julius!!> >
         How are you?  Thank you for the literature.  They will be of
> great blessing.  I came across the New Jerusalem Church at
> during my search about the baptism of the Holy
> Spirit.  If you have time, please check it out.  Tell me what you think
> of it.  Bro. Julius,  I believe many churches have gone astray from the
> true doctrines of the first century church.
>         I have questions.  Can you confessed straight to Jesus and he
> will forgive you your sin or do you need a true minister ordained by God
> who is authorize to forgive you your sins?  Can you take communion
> without the baptism of the Holy Spirit?  These questions came up when I
> read all the literature on the web page of New Jerusalem Church.  The
> testimony of the Pastor or Apostle Lazar seems very convincing.  Let me
> know what you think.  ---
> Xou 
Hi Xou,    
   thanks for your question.  First, anyone who has accepted Jesus
as Lord and Saviour can participate in the "breaking of bread" or 
(communion, as you call it.) Second, about confessing your sins, if
you are alluding to the type done to a priest in some churches, that
is not what the bible prescribed.  "Confess your faults, one to another,
and pray for one another, that ye may be healed." (James 5:16). We do
have faults, but saints are expected to get out of sins, and sin no
more."If anyman sin we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ 
the righteous." (1Jn.2:1-2) "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and 
just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness"
(1Jn.1:9). Therefore we ought to go to the Lord in prayer and confess to
him. However, "if we sin wilfully after we have received the knowledge
of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, But a certain
fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation which shall devour
the adversaries." (Heb.10:26-27).  (Read 1Jn.3:6-10; 5:18).  Men can not 
forgive the sins, but can pray for one; unless one
offends a man personally, then that man needs to forgive one.  All our
sins are already covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.  However our
spirit will feel bad if already regenerated whenever one sins against
the Lord.  That is why there is a need to go to the Lord and confess to
him and straighten up.  He cleanses from all unrighteousness.  This last
point is important!  Our sins are already covered by the blood of Jesus
Christ! However that is not a liberty to go do whatever. If we are born
again, we are washed.  Hogs will always return to the mud no matter how
many times they are washed.  But saints are holy people, washed by the
blood of Jesus Christ: "And he that is begotten of God keepeth himself,
and that wicked one toucheth him not." (1Jn.5:18).
May the Lord give you understanding.

Bro. Julius.

Victoria wrote:
Sister Victoria,
         thanks for your email.  Read 1Pet.3:1 and Ephe.5:22
and make a commitment to the word that with the Lord's help
you will obey those scriptures as much as lieth within your
strength, for the days grow darker in the world and the enemy's
attack upon the church is in all areas of our lives.  Those
who take the word of God as it is and seriously, will win out;
while those who wish to flow with the new generation's
interpretation of the word will be easily swayed by the forces
of evil that fill the air in these last days.
         The Lord will strengthen and uphold you as you uphold
his word.

God bless you.
Bro. Julius.

Dawn  wrote:
> I have just visited your web site and found very interesting your study
> of Melchezedek.  I have often studied this and found myself puzzled.
> I must tell you of my vision.
> I was was in Israel, with my right foot on the Temple Mount and I saw
> many, many,
>  many people.  People on the Temple Mount, on the different mountains,
> etc.  The Lord said to me key people in key places aligned with time and
> destiny of MY purpose.  Then suddenly, All the people a bright light was
> rising from within them and the sky was filled with a bright light.  It
> was as if the light within us and the light in the sky had to be joined
> together as one.  I believed this was the second coming of Jesus.  The
> light was so bright that it seemed as if our flesh was burning off.  We
> were extremely joyous and filled with love.
> I tell you this to bless you.  Thank you for your study.
> Dawn 
    Thanks for sharing your vision with me.
"When he shall appear, we shall be like him, for we shall see him 
as he is." (1Jn.3:2).  
    We shall be transformed into light, as he is light.

Bro. Julius.