Subject: Re: God
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 10:29:48 -0700

Shellster wrote:

> I saw part of your webpage and I have to admit, I really like it!  I'm really
> into Christianity.  Can you tell me a little about your denomination and
> beliefs?

Thanks for your email.  Take time to read the testimonies on our webpage
and the articles under "SIMPLE", and then "Faith Testimonies".  
 They will help you to understand what Christianity is all 
about: a life of personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, 
and He has peace, protection and life to give to you.

He said "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, 
and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon thee, and learn 
of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart.  F
or my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."  When you invite Jesus
to take charge of your life and to lead you through life, 
as your Lord and Saviour, He will come into you and give 
you the new-birth (born-again experience). 
 You will become a new creature. You attitude will be  
transformed, and your ambitions transformed, now to please 
the Lord foremost.  Do this today, in prayer to Jesus.

     We are full gospel evangelical ministry.  Let me know 
about your commitment to follow Jesus Christ.   God bless you.

Bro. Julius.



  Eddy wrote: 

  I have received the Holy Spirit, I was baptized with the Holy Spirit immediatly after I saw that Jesus took my sins to
  the cross. One Malayan brother who has experience in casting out demons said to me that probably I did not take my
  position in Christ before I commanded the spirit. He said that the only safe place for us is our deathposition at the
  cross, where the old creation is crucified, because the old creation, the flesh, is the devils workshop. Isn't that so?
  Actually I do not realy understand how to take that position. Is it done by faith, or is it also an "experience?" I pray a
  lot against demons, and sometimes you can hear loud banging noises in my house, as if someone is firing a shotgun; and
  I'm not the only one who hears it. Usually it starts when I start to pray. 


        thanks for your email.  Always use my email address: 
when you reply.  i.e change the reply-to address to 

What congregation do you belong to? 

When we are born again, we are crucified with Christ.   When we are filled with the 
HolyGhost, we are empowered by the Lord to witness for him.  The scripture says 
"my people perish for lack of knowledge".  If the Holy Ghost is indwelling someone, 
one may still need to be re-filled with the Holy Spirit as seen in Acts 4, when the 
apostles were threatened, they prayed together for boldness, and the bible said, they were filled
(again) with the Holy Spirit and spake the word boldly.  It takes 
faith to stand against the devils as you intended, and faith cometh by hearing, and 
hearing by the word of God.  That means knowledge of whom you are in Christ 
and how to use the weapons of our warfare is essential. 
   Go read "Rapturing Faith part 11"  on my homepage for the weapons of our 
warfare, and how to use them. 

God bless. 

Bro. Julius. 

Eddy wrote:


  Brother Julius,

  Recently I have experienced similar things like you yourself speak about in "secrets of sickness unveiled." You 
  talked about birds, that can attack you. Sometimes when I start to pray, in the night, at the very same moment I 
  start to pray, an owl will come to my house. He sits on the top of my house and then he will "call" out loud. The 
  strange thing is that it only happens at the time I start to pray. When there is a night in which I don't pray, he 
  does not come. My question is: why is this happening? I can find no reason for it, or a connection with my 
  prayers. When you pray against evil spirits, maybe in a family member, why would there come a reaction from a 
  whole different direction? I can't understand it.

  I read about your belief that there are occultists who can literally change into birds. I have experienced a number 
  of things, and I believe that now that it is possible, but what is the use of it, for these people I mean. 
  I don't know whether you have ever seen the TV serie called "the highlander." You can see people changing into 
  birds there also. That is connected with the ancient Jappanese martial arts and Zen. I have practiced martial 
  arts and meditation before my conversion. But sometimes the attraction to that "spirit" of the martial arts gets 
  so strong. There is still something in me that is attracted to it. Just after my conversion I felt a deep hatred 
  towards the martial arts, but that feeling of hate became weaker and weaker, and when I accidently come 
  across some movie about these things, I have to force myself to turn the TV set off, and then I have remorse for 
  half an hour or so, and think to myself, how could you do that? Am I not hard enough to myself or what?


  Dear Ed,
         thanks for your email.   You asked "what is the use to those folks who 
are reported to occulticly turn to birds?"  I believe it is actually the spirit 
of the occultic people that leaves the body and possess a live bird, like
riding a airplane.   It can only be for evil spiritual ego, and also for mobility
and evil adventure.
   You asked, "why would there be reaction from a different direction after
you prayed against an evil spirit?"  It is because the devil's kingdom also
have association, therefore, one evil spirit may attempt to help out his comrade.
   From your testimony about your background, I admonish that you study
the new testament more, and make an habit to confess bible verses of your
new life in Christ, regularly, vocally, both in prayers, and before folks, 
and also sometimes into the air when thoughts come to your mind.  The bible
said we overcame the dragon by "the blood of the lamb, and by the word of
our testimony."  (Rev.12:11).   Be confident that you have given your life 
to Jesus Christ and vocally confess it against the devils.  Don't cool off
in opposing the martial arts spirits, you must voluntarily sever your association
with those spirits, and make it known to them vocally physically.

I pray that the Lord strenghtens you in Jesus name.

Bro. Julius.