Prophecies to watch:

[Prophecy, Given July 2,1995]

Behold saith the Lord, I will do a new thing in the earth; the ears of the hearers will tingle. I will even make a way in the desert for my beloved to return to Mt. Zion. Write, " blessed are your eyes that shall see these things that I shall do in your days." Behold, saith the Lord, the whirlwind of the Lord riseth from the east and whirls unto the west. Destruction and desolation in the earth! It cometh, It cometh. I, even I, will shake the heavens and the earth, and will cause my people to inherit the earth as the scriptures has promised. Despise not the little things from my servants for behold the big things you all admire and desire cometh to them that are faithful in the little things.

97-99, Look for great outpouring of God's anointing according to a discussion I heard recently in a vision. [ Dated June 1995] {vis95.6.a}

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Early in April, One man killed by a "basket-ball" bullet, will be healed by God. Doctors will confirm it is a miracle. The man's name initialized like P.M. [Dated June 1995]{vis95.6.b}

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In my vision, one fellow prophezied concerning a federal building that "I will give this house over unto holocaust". Another bomb blast I presume. The building has covered driveway at the main entrance as used by hotels. [Dated June 22, 1995]{vis95.6.c}

The coming of the Lord

In my vision, an Angel mentioned the first "awake" and a second "awake". He said further that the time between the first "awake" and the second "awake" will be 90 days (or 60 days?). Then an Angel lifted up his hands towards heaven and swore that "the saints shall stand before the Lord in the second 'awake' "; (meaning the Rapture). [Dated Oct.30,'95].{vis95.10.a}

Another bomb blast?

In my vision, it was a tall building. The building is used for international commerce. Money matters are being discussed in the building. Like United nations things or IMF talks. Then someone brought in a narrow- necked pressurized bottle and ignited it. (Was the guy an insider like an employee in the building, or a suicide-bomber?). I thought it was a nuclear bomb due to radiation felt before it was ignited. There was a big explosion. [Given Nov. 95 FW45].{vis95.11.a}
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