(Exerpts From a sermon of Bro. Julius Adewumi - 5/2/97)

Sometime we may hear sermons which make us feel the Lord may come so soon. But when you can hear from the Lord and see some visions, it may make you wonder whether the believers will still be here at that time. I saw a vision in 1984, even though we were hoping at the time that the saints could be gone in rapture before the 90's. In the vision I saw one of our christian families was living in North Phoenix and I was also living further north of his house. I saw the little boy of this family in the vision was about 10 years old, whereas during the time the boy was about 4. I told the father. It made me realize then that we will be here in the 90's. Now all those have occurred. The family lives now in North Phoenix, and I live further north of them.

Will the rapture take place before the year 2000?

When visions come to someone, you can tell things from the personalities you see in the visions. I had a vision whereby I saw my boy calling me on the telephone, and he looked like a 10 year boy in the vision. He is currently seven. Are we going to be around past year 2000? all indications seem so. But don't sleep as do others in the spirit, because you do not know what will happen by 2001, or 2002. Prepare for the Lord's coming daily!

However these visions make us to tell it that this God is real! When God said it, it will happen, no matter what others say, and no matter what else is happening. If God says you will be in a great position in some years, no matter your situation now, don't even worry. You will be in that great position as God has said. This should build your confidence in the Lord. The One to seek therefore is God. We are simply walking through a pre-recorded movie of our life. If you walk with the Lord, he can show you the movie of your life. Doomsayers may be saying the world will collapse, but when you have heard from God, you will be so confident to say "it will not collapse yet". God is in charge.

I remember in the 70's, when I was freshly born again and the prophecies around us was that the Lord is coming soon. People were saying, it is so soon that it could be in the 70's for the rapture. I went home on a vacation and was chatting with my daddy about it. You must note that my earthly daddy, God bless his soul, had received prophecies from one respectable prophet of his time, when he was still a young man. According to him, the prophet told him what would transpire in his life, his children, and so forth. Everytime each event would occur, he would say it was one of the events told him by that prophet.

When I warned my daddy that the rapture will soon take place, I informed him that it could occur while I was still in college, and that I am one of them who will go up to meet Jesus in the sky. His reply kind of shocked me. He said, "I know". Moreover he said, "But it is not now! All of you will still marry and have children."

I couldn't accept it then. I said "don't count on it!" Even though my daddy died many years ago, yet he was right. Though I waited 10 years after college before I married, which was another 10 years ago, the generation have married and have children, and the rapture is not yet occurred. However it amazed me when he said "I know". He was recollecting the prophecies spoken to him of one of his children.

Yea, this God is real! Believe in him, and seek his face. He has the whole world in his hand. Amen!

There are many other visions recently which make me to wonder and say, "Lord, how long?" I have seen some of our young people who are not even in high school yet, and in the visions one is already married, and so on. When I extrapolate this, it may be 5 years before such can take place. When we see such visions, we want to ask "When is the Lord coming?" No matter when he will come, we must occupy till he comes. Keep doing what you ought to do, in spirit, and physically. That means, if you ought to go to college, go to college, but "let your affection be on things above, and not on things on the earth." (Col.3:2). Live for Jesus!

I have seen technologies being used on earth which I know are not here yet. I always look back into those visions to see where I was in the vision: am I still on earth, or already raptured but looking back at the events on earth? Whenever those events occur or the technologies materialize in our time, they make us to profess that our God is real! For thus saith the Lord, "Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from the ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:" (Isa.46:9-10).

I will continue this trend of prophecies in a later time.

Bro. Julius Adewumi.

Gospel Distribution Ministry

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