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Prophetic Opinions and Insights
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1997: As Psa.97-99 give insight, Revival of God's fire coming down. '97 will be swift.

1998: Revival will be more apparent, visibly amazing before the heathen.

1999: The Lord sitteth between the Cherubims let the earth be moved. End of Revival?

Re--Vision of the two "awakes" above (My opinion):
A possibility: if 1906 Azusa St. Revival is the first "awake", then 90 days (in years) will fall into 1996 for the second "awake", which is close to 97-99 revival foreseen in the other vision. Look for the Lord's coming in this century first.

However, If the first awake be the 1994 "awakening, or renewal, called Toronto Blessing", the 90 days cannot be literal days. If we use Daniel's symbol of a day for a year, it will be beyond the year 2000. Like Daniel also wrote, the date given was long.

"Same day" dream (Oct.30,1995) was showing me a newspaper article about a court case in '88. When I ponder upon this, I wondered why I will be shown an '88 article in 1995. If the 90 days is in years, '88 may be the represntation for year 2088 in those days which will be exactly 93 years from 1995, "in the days of the second awake?"

However, if whatever downpour in 1997 is the first awake, then year 2088 will be 91 years after 1997. I prefer 1906-1997 rendering. Whatever it is, the time is short!

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