Write The Visions (Part 2)


"Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? (Job 38:31).

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge." (Psa.19:1-2).

"I will fetch my knowledge from afar, and will ascribe righteousness to my Maker." (Job 36:3). "Behold God is great, and we know him not, neither can the number of his years be searched out." (Job 36:26).

Read and marvel, but believe, for the time is near.

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The heavenly Places

(From a sermon of Bro. Julius Adewumi .. Night Vigil, 11/3/95)

"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the

heart of man, the things which God has prepared for

them that love him".(1Cor.2:9).

There are many things, visions, and experiences, which the Lord has taken me through for many years now. I have wondered at them and asked, "why is the Lord giving me these visitations, visions of the heavenlies, and many others, which I did not even have audience nor a pulpit from where to relate them for the edification of the world. These are great visions which I know are not just for a local church. Some of the visions perhaps should give insight to the scientific world and the Astronomers. But I only wrote them in my diaries over the years. I wondered at it, that God will not just be giving these visions to me for nothing? He must find a way to diseminate the report, unless he is showing the same thing to every Christian. But I have found out from discussion with believers that my experiences are rare and unique. But I have no podium from where to relate them, even though I know he had called me to be a minister of the gospel. Then suddenly the Lord moved me over to America. I saw that there is opportunity to tell more people. Yet I still have no pulpit, till we started this prayer meeting. Suddenly again the Lord caused the possibility of the Internet media. Just look at that! The world can read my literatures if they want to. Since I have placed the literatures on internet, I have received acknowledgement from Italy, South Africa, and many other places. Yea, like a minister once said, "the gift of God will always find its place".

When I was in Nigeria, I had series of visitations from the Lord, experiences, and transportation to various heavenly places. These are the visions I'm going to narrate in this sermon today. Remember I am just like a reporter of these things. The Lord wants the world to know that he has created places, living quarters in the universe, which the astronomers have been probing for years. God only needs to take his prophets to those places and back . Like Isaiah wrote "Who has believed our report? And unto whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?" (Isa.53:1).

I have pondered that why couldn't God show those visions to those great preachers who are already on televisions and radios with nation-wide publications? They will easily tell the world; why was he showing me all those visions, when I did not even have a means to tell the world? But gradually the Lord made Internet possible for mankind. Sometimes we cannot see the hand of God how he is setting the stage for what he wants to do, like he sets the stage for me to post all my visions and sermons on internet for the world to access. God's hand is at work, slowly but surely in the affairs of men.

Also, when I considered the pace at which these things are coming forth, I said to myself "we may actually be writing these things for another generation". This has began to dawn on me in the past few years, comparing visions with visions. Remember, all the prophets who wrote the scriptures, like Isaiah, Moses, and so on, they perhaps were not aware that their writings will be around to minister to men three thousand years later. That is why I said we may be writing to another generation; who knows? Sometimes we ask the Lord to hurry and come down, yet nothing happens; because he knows we are, perhaps, only preparing ground for future generation of believers in our spiritual growth, upon which the next generation is to build. We may say all prophecies are pointing to this century. I pray that this is it also. However I will begin to narrate the visions and visitations. Some seems to point to generations to come, of the events that will be occuring in the future. (It is left to us to figure it out whether this will be in the millenium, or in the new world to come, or will it be just another generation of mankind before Christ comes?)

If we pass into the year 2000 and beyond, these visions shall speak for themselves. But if not, maybe some of the visions are for the millenium reign of Christ on earth. (The visions are not arranged in any order). We are already in 1995. In five years we will be out of this century if the Lord does not come. Yea, even this century which every Christian, preacher, and prophets have all believed or hoped that this century is it. We all expect that we shouldn't get out of this century before everything will be over with. I also wish it that way. But I have been receiving some visions recently that made me to say "huh, are we going to pass into another century? I don't know! But It is better to look for Jesus everyday in this last few years of this century." If he does not come in this century, then maybe we still have some time? Maybe we are actually writing for another generation. That will prove whether we are writing for another generation of believers to come.

We started believing the Lord is coming soon in the '70s while many of us were college-age students. The prophecies and predictions didn't leave any room for us to even think we will be parents before the Lord comes. Now look at us! Many of us are already parents of college-age students, who themselves are feeling a move of the Spirit in their midst. That is the next generation I'm talking about when I said "maybe we are writing for another generation of believers". Therefore, this thought will speak for itself if we pass beyond the year 2000.

Write the Visions:

These visions are like wine to me. When those prophets see visions or receive visitiations from the Lord, it makes them happy that the Lord is with them, and they get excited about the things of God. That is what I mean by wine. The visitations and prophetic visions are like wine to the soul. When we see visions pointing to things to come, we sometimes will ask ourselves: what is the purpose for showing us this vision? Think about this question: what is the purpose of the Lord in revealing these things?

For instance, I was brought into this vision in the 70's (74-75), where I found myself in this vehicle. The vehicle look like a "space van". Inside the van-looking vehicle, were electronic gadgets on the walls. In those days, I was a college student in electronic engineering, but I have never been in an airplane cockpit or anything like that. But the narrowness of the van looked like a vehicle where one had to lay on ones back to work. Not much standing room.

I told the vision to a roommate in those days. The question is, what did it mean? Maybe it was more or less a foresight of the "space shuttle" to come, which is now around. What was the motive of the Lord for showing me that? Could it be that it was a prophecy of the type of vehicles that will be in the future? Or Perhaps it is something I might be involved in, in my engineering field? (20 years later - Not yet!) Or maybe I was shown the direction the world is going. You know, many of the prophets of old, saw chariots like torches when, in their days, only horse-driven chariots were known. They reported it but did not know what to call it. We can look back at their writings and say "oh, yes! they were seeing airplanes (like birds flying), or the automobile". When I saw the vision, and told a brother, we thought maybe the Lord was showing the type of vehicle which will be coming. Or the type of vehicles which we Christians will be using in the world to come, is my preferred interpretation in those days. But the question is "what was the motive of the Lord for showing such a thing? Was it prophetic? Was it prediction that things like this will be in the future? Or was it to make us rejoice that he is coming and he has made great things for the saints to enjoy in the future kingdom? Think about this question. When the Lord takes up a prophet (as with apostle John) and showed to him the new Jerusalem, what was the motive? Could it be so that he might report these things, so the church may have comfort from the knowledge? The prophets are therefore like reporters. God told them to write the things down. It's for the generation of believers to see that God has a plan for mankind.

"As it is written, eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him". (1Cor.2:9).

Being an engineering student in those days, it also makes me to marvel at the things I have seen in the trips to the heavens. I will narrate some in this sermon and come back to narrate some more later.

These visions of what I have seen in the heavens may be prophetic, but they may also be to tell us that God has living quarters tangibly up there. It's like the vision of the new Jerusalem which John wrote in the book of Revelations. Some theologians have said the city is mere symbol, that maybe there is not actually a physical city there. But John said he saw a city! There are many interpretations of that vision of John. I believe it is a city and not mere symbol. John was a reporter and has reported that God has shown him these things to comfort our heart that God has prepared for us a city. (Heb.11:16). Similarly, perhaps God is making me to report the extraterrestial visions to indicate to us that He has living quarters up there deep inside the gulf of space. Here is one of them.

In the 70's I was in this vision. I do not know how it started. I do not know whether I was in the body or out of the body. All I knew was that it was after my night prayer and worship and I had gone back to bed at about 5.AM. I found myself in this vehicle in space. Someone was standing with me. The vehicle looked more like a balloon (except that I did not look up to see if anything was suspending it like the physical balloons. ) I could feel the presence of the Lord like a cloud with his voice hovering around me. We were in this vehicle and I knew I was in space because I could look around ; all I saw were stars at distances ahead, above and below. We were standing in Space. Whether I was there in the body physically I cannot tell. Like apostle Paul also wrote, whether in the body or out of the body we cannot tell. All I know is that I was seeing the stars just as you will see them from a mountain top. Then we started to move at the speed of my comprehension. I could feel and see that we were moving gradually, then the vehicle accelerated. The Lord really wanted me to see that I was in Space. That was why he made the vehicle to stand still at the point when I became conscious of the trip, and looked around, before it moved gradually again and sped up. Still at the speed of my comprehension, we were moving towards an array of stars. We went towards a particular group of three stars. As we approached those three stars, I noticed something strangely different from what my scientific knowledge of stars had taught me. I realized that those lights I had been seeing from a distance and calling stars, as we were coming down on the "ground" where they were, the lights were actually "tower-like" giant electric poles, like the stadium lights on earth. The Lord made us pass close to the light and descended near its base so that I could see that it was actually a tower with heavy "industrial lights" on top. The peculiar thing was that, unlike our stadium lights which shines down on earth, these lights, as tall as perhaps 100-story building or more, were shining up into space, instead of downwards towards the ground on which they were standing. In my mind then I perceived they were actually "search lights", like direction pointers, since the set of three stars actually pointed us in the direction where we went. Now, that makes sense to me in that, since the universe is so vast, if created beings are to travel back and forth in Space, they need some ways of identifying the directions. These lights must be direction pointers therefore. Now whether those lights are exceptions or whether what the scientists say about stars as big "suns" in Space is correct, or both types are coexisting, you'll have to meditate on that.

From my engineering knowledge, I deduced that those lights are location-pointers for space travellers. Maybe in-between those big suns will be smaller ones which the telescopes couldn't see perhaps. But those lights are shining into Space. Astronomy already shows that the visible universe is so vast. One star is separated from another star by a distance measured in millions of light-years apart. There are multitudes of galaxies also. If people are to travel in that gulf of space, whether Angels or some other created beings, there must be a way of knowing where they are going. Maybe God has actually ordained those type of lights overthere which they use to know their way - just like the vehicle moved towards the set of three lights which I called stars from the distance.

Now when we landed on this ground, I was bouncing up and down like a ball. I mean, I bounced upwards again to about 20 feet above the ground and back down. The guy who took me there was trying to grab me by the waist to hold me down. There were other folks there who were excited to see me arrive. When he succeeded to hold me down by my waist, I told him I could walk by myself now, and he released his hands and we walked into his "house". I saw houses there.

Just think about that episode! Look at what the astronauts know right now. They know they have to weigh themselves down with a special clothing when they went to the moon, due to the gravitational difference between earth and the moon. Whereas I saw myself in only shirt and trouser. Do you think I was in that place in the body, and the inhabitants live in a body quite different from ours anyway? Or, was I there in the spirit and they were in a body? That is not all yet. What do you think was the motive of the Lord for showing me that? Perhaps the Lord wanted me to report back to earth that there are living quarters up yonder! Remember, the bible had vividly given us two cases of men taken out of this planet, by God, in their bodies: We read about Enoch, and Elijah.

From this experience you may begin to wonder that maybe there are physical beings living up yonder. As I said that I was bouncing up and down when I landed in this place, scientifically that is reasonable. If that place was a planet and I was there physically, then I will bounce up and down on the planet because of the gravitational difference between the earth and any other planet. But I'm not certain if I was there in the body. Remember, I am merely a reporter in these things.

While I was there, I went into the bathroom of the house. There was a room that look like a bathroom, like you will see in a restaurant or hotel lobby. I saw a mirror on the wall and I tried to look at my face. I looked, and looked, and I didn't see myself! There was a mirror! I could see there was a wide mirror on the wall in that bathroom. I couldn't see my face! I wondered why I did not see myself by touching my face. While looking into the mirror, I saw the image of another person, then another. I looked behind me and saw that somebody came into the bathroom standing behind me, whose image I could see. But I couldn't see mine! I wondered about it while there. If you find yourself in the front of a mirror and cannot see yourself in the mirror, you will try to touch the mirror to see what is wrong with it. Being a physics student, I wondered about it, until I left that room. That was when I came back to earth and found myself on my bed.

Now think scientifically? What could that be? Was I there in the spirit and those people are living there in a physical body? Because consider this: we know that as we are in this meeting room, there are Angels of God here with us. The bible said "the angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them". (Psa.34:7). Now we are physically here, but the angels are here in the spirit. In that case if the angels can see us as we are gathered, even though we don't see them, the angels also should be able to see the mirror on the wall in this bathroom or any standing mirror in this room. However, do you know that the angel can stare into that mirror for long but he will not see himself in that mirror? Because he is an angel, and a spirit, and he is not physical in our midst. Similarly, I must have been in that place in the spirit and the people are there in a physical form. Yet they were able to hold me down. If I was there in the spirit and they were there physically, my reflection would not come back to me in the mirror just like I mentioned about an angel in this room. What then has God proved? THERE ARE LIVING QUARTERS SOMEWHERE IN THE VISIBLE UNIVERSE WHERE THOSE FOLKS ARE LIVING PHYSICALLY! God has got a place for the saints folks! Let's look at the bible where the Lord Jesus said before he left: "Let not your heart be troubled; Ye believe in God believe also in me. In my father's house there are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." (Jn.14:1-3). The word "mansion" can also be translated "locations" or living quarters. (i.e. this is where you guys are going to stay when you come over here.) There are many different geographical locations physically, or in the spirit in the visible and the invisible universe.

Even in this visible observable universe where astronomers are still probing to determine whether there are other life up there, God is making us to visit and report these things. Like Isaiah the prophet also wrote, "WHO HAS BELIEVED OUR REPORT? AND UNTO WHOM IS THE ARM OF THE LORD REVEALED?" (Isa.53:1).

In Hebrew Chapter 11, apostle Paul wrote the following to prove to us that God has made many worlds. "Through faith we understand that the worlds (plural: many worlds) were framed by the word of God. So that things which are seen, were not made of things which do appear." (Heb.11:3). All the physical things we see were created by the invisible God. The invisible world is as tangible and more populated than the physical world. There are many other worlds other than the earth on which we are standing here.

Another thing is this: Consider what the Lord Jesus said in John chapter three. He was talking about himself. "And No man has ascended up to heaven but he that descended, even the son of man which is in heaven." (Jn.3:13).

How could the Lord Jesus say "no man has ascended up to heaven" when he knew that before he came, Elijah was taken away, and Enoch was taken away supposedly to "heaven"? Is that a conflict? No! Since Jesus is the Word, He was revealing to us a secret. It means there are several different places, localities, outside this planet, yet still different from the "Heaven" where God's throne is. This should silence a man who sarcastically told me one day that "the astronauts have been to the moon, and couldn't find God or heaven there". There are several different places, localities, outside this planet, yet still different from the "Heaven" where God's throne is. We remember that the great patriarch Enoch was taken up to somewhere because the bible said Enoch walked with God and he was not, for God took him, that he should not see death. (Heb.11:5). A chariot of fire appeared and took Elijah away upwards into the sky. He went up to somewhere! How could the Lord Jesus say, thousands of years later, that no man has ascended up to heaven? Where did those two men go? But that is the truth! Which means there are different locations, and living quarters in the universe.

A question was posted to me that where are the dead in Christ located? I replied and pointed out from the bible that there is "Paradise", which is a spiritual location distinguished from the "heaven" where the throne of God is, as shown in Revelation chapter Six. (Rev.6:9). The souls of the dead saints were said to be "under the altar", to distinguish their location from the place where the throne of God and the altar were set.

Therefore, when he said "no man has ascended up to heaven", it is the "heaven" which is completely different from wherever Elijah and Enoch went. Where then did Elijah go? Where did Enoch go?

From earth, in those days, if anything went up into the sky, they would say it went to heaven. Isn't it? Scientists now know that the physical globe outside this planet where the moon and the sun are, is full of planets, and stars, and galaxies. This is called the Universe: the visible Universe. Those physical objects we can see with our telescopes and naked eyes, which people formerly called heavens, is called the visible universe. The fact that men can even go up there, at least as far as the moon and back, make us to know that it is not where the throne of God is. There is the invisible Universe! The invisible Universe(s) encompass the visible universe. And there are layers and layers of these invisible universes. When I say "layers", it's like pages in a book, with the visible universe at the cover page of the book. There are inner layers of the spirit world, as I wrote in one of my literatures (Read Rapturing Faith part 5), whereby even you may be in the spirit, yet you will still not see the angel who is guarding you. People call it different platforms or spiritual dimensions. God is in the innermost dimension and also in all dimensions, as it is written "He inhabited eternity". That is, you keep going into the inner dimensions and have not reached his dimension yet, and will never reach it, because He is in eternity! Or you can climb up higher and higher and never get high enough to God's location - in eternity! Those spirits on this platform, though they are in the invisible world on this planet, yet they cannot say they have seen God. God is in the innermost dimension, or in the highest height, in eternity! Yet He may appear in their platform like an angel. That is where Christ said no man has ascended up to.

[The idea of "third heaven" can be described as follows: the physical universe above this planet into space -- call that the first heaven. The invisible spirit world surrounding the visible universe -- call that the second heaven. The next inner layer (and beyond) of the invisible universe -- call that the third heaven. Paradise will be a geographical location therefore in the "second heaven".]

Enoch and Elijah could have been taken to a physical location in the "first heaven" which is in the visible universe! Because my testimony above may be pointing to us that there are living beings, who are able to travel in space, in the visible universe. There are places over there in the physical universe. By the "mirror" experience in my testimony above, those people may be living physically over there, in a "better" body. God is more scientific than anybody. I believe he took me up there, and led me straight to look into their mirror, in order to make me think scientifically. With my master's degree in Electrical engineering, the Lord was likely to say to me: "what do you think about this son? are you here physically, or are these folks here physically?"

In analogy, the only reason you see me standing in the front of you here is because, science-wise, my body reflects light rays back to your eyes. If my body suddenly stops reflecting light, you will not see me. If my body changes and all the light rays simply pass through my body , you will not see me either. You can realize how we will become invisible in the rapture. In the first case, you perhaps will see only a dark shadow standing here, but in the second case, I will be completely invisible. God has power to change our particle body into such material in a moment of time. Meditate on this.

Why has the Lord revealed these things? Perhaps to report it to the scientific world out there that there is life up yonder. I hope some Astronomers will read this account and meditate on this. If they are not Christian, may they know that Jesus is the sure way to get up there, and "Ye must be born again." (Jn.3:1-5).

These sermons will be on internet for all to read.

Second vision:

I have another recent vision about going up into space. The previous experience happened in the 70's. In this vision, I found myself in Space. How it started I did not know, therefore I cannot tell also whether I was out of the body or in the body. However this time, due to the spiritual growth I have received over the years in the spirit, I was not in a ship of any kind. I was actually flying, really being conveyed by an angel who was with me. You may ask "how do you know you are in Space and not on this planet earth in the air?" I knew I was in Space because of the stars all around me. I was more or less going through the globe of stars at distances on all sides of me. When you look at the picture of galaxies or clusters from astronomers, you will see what look like a globe full of stars. That was what I saw all around in the distance as I was conveyed past. I said "conveyed" because I could feel the presence of the angel who was taking me through, even though it seemed I was the one flying by myself.

Somehow while going, I looked down and saw an area which looked like a community of some sort, because I saw what looked like vegetation (trees at a distance). I said to myself "that looks like a community down there". So, I went down to that community. As I landed there, the angel who was conveying me appeared visibly at my side. It's like if you'll see at a distance from an aircraft and wonder "is that not a town or a city I see down there?" We landed in the place and it looked like a farming community, almost like a village or the suburb of a city. I saw that there were few people at the place. It looked like they were doing some work. I saw some farm-animals, some goats I have never seen the like on planet earth. I call them goats, because of how they looked, but the shape looked more about the size of rams or size of zebra. But they are not the same color. I presumed in my mind that they were goats. But they had some growth on their skins similar to wool that grow on sheep. However it did not look like wool to me; it must be another material; also it was not covering the full body of the animals. They are strange animals which I prefer to classify as goats.

Now the young man who was working there came by and I began to interview him, that "what do you call the name of this place?" That was how clear I was and very conscious in my mind that I knew I was not on planet earth. I asked him the name of the place and he gave the name, which I cannot remember now. I must have writtten it down in my diary when I woke up, but I will have to search the diaries later. The man gave the name of the place. I guess the angel by my side must have told him that I am a Christian. Then he said "Oh Christian, then we will meet again since you are a Christian." We left after that brief discussion overthere.

Now that is another experience which make me to say "could it be there are living beings, life up yonder?" Yea, physically somewhere in the extra-terrestial places, there must be life there. Also, being a born-again Christian, we are assured of inheriting the universe, not only indicated by my testimony above, but also the bible has already made plain to us. The Lord Jesus himself said "In my father's house are many mansions." "I go to prepare a place for you".

These testimonies should make us to say, if the Lord take the saints out of this planet as we are expecting, there are places there he has for us. We are not going down through the grave! In the rapture of the saints, we are going up through the sky into the visible or the invisible universe. Christ planned to take the saints in the rapture with our bodies transformed out of this planet to somewhere.

You must realize that scientists know that if this our body is to live in a place like on the planet Mars, something has to occur to our body to make it able to survive the changes in atmospheric condition, bacterial diferrences if any, and gravitational differences. Wherever the location in the universe, something has got to be changed in our physical body to survive in Space. You should now realize that God has already told us in the bible that we shall be changed in order to go away and to be with Christ in the heavens. "Behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed." (1Cor.15:51). This change in our body from the Lord is got to be into "immortality". Because our body must be immortal in order for us to not be hurt by anything living on those planets.

What do we learn from all of these? It is that the Lord has got a place for us up yonder. We want to get our heart ready. Let's be heaven-bound telling the Lord that "Lord, if you come today, I want to be one of those you will take away in the rapture!" "I don't want to miss the coming inter-galactic travel by the Lord's chariots". He has only taken me up there as a reporter to report these things to men on earth. "And everyman that has this hope in himself purifieth himself,even as He is pure!" (1Jn.3:3).

Evidently the Lord will not allow sinners into the physical heavens, therefore he will limit the exploration of the space shuttles and man's effort, to keep it for his redeemed. Therefore, I admonish all to repent and believe the gospel -- which is the power of God unto salvation. (Rom.1:16).

The New Heaven and the new earth:

In the new heaven and the new earth, it won't be a story anymore that the redeemed will be able to travel from one galaxy to another galaxy in the universe. It will be a common thing. In fact the next experience I will relate is in that line.

In this vision, which I saw in the 70's, I saw that I was on the planet earth and I was showing to a guy how to, or watching the guy make bricks and mix cement. Yet right on this same earth the clouds in the sky are being used to transport people back and forth from the heavenlies down to the ground. It was revealing to me the type of system which will be used in the world to come for trasportation. The clouds that we see up in the sky are being used to convey people back and forth. I saw human beings were standing in the clouds, like standing in a bus, an open bus, coming from the sky; the cloud was bringing them down gradually almost at the speed of an elevator in the stores, except the paths are not vertical but diagonal like the escalators in the shopping centers. The people riding in these clouds were young people, children, with shining faces, black, white, yellow: all colors and races of people. The faces were beautiful; their hairstyles were very attractive. I saw this and believed in my heart that "this is the utopia we are expecting!" When the world is like that, it will be utopia! Open clouds were carrying people from the other planets to the earth back and forth! These clouds were like open vehicles. Like when the Lord Jesus Christ went up to heaven before the apostles. They saw him going up in a cloud. The cloud was actually carrying him up. They were seeing him while he was going up. That is what I call "open vehicle". That was what I saw in this vision: a cloud carrying folks this way, another cloud carrying other folks that way. This was all over the sky. The people standing in the cloudy vehicles are young people, some were even younger than the others: 10 year olds, to about 18 year olds. They were all with shining faces. When you see people now on earth, as you move closer you can see pimples spots, and facial contours. But these people in this vision were not like that. All the faces are smooth and fresh like the skin of perfect new-born babes. Even the hairstyles were beautiful. Utopia, folks! That's why I immediately classify it, in my vision, that that must be the new world to come. I told the guy whom I was showing how to mix cement, "you are still learning how to mix cement, whereas right here on this earth men are already travelling back and forth in clouds." I asked the man where he comes from. He said something like "from Sirius". In the 70's I never knew that there was a star named Sirius by the astronomers. It was later after I came to the USA that I learnt about the names of some stars. When the man said "Sirius", I asked him "where is that?". He pointed up into the sky. I said "No, heaven is up, it cannot be up!" Then he pointed in a slanted direction towards the sky, and I accepted that.

Think about this question: when the new heaven and the new earth promised by the Lord shall arrive, what will be the work of the saints? We most likely will be "taming" the other planets up yonder, or "training" the new beings which God will be creating in the galaxies up yonder. No wonder the Lord Jesus said we shall be like angels of God. (Lk.20:34-36). The angels of God brought up men technologically to where we are right now. Every knowledge acquired by mankind was directly from the spirit. The angel confirmed this by telling prophet Daniel that at the end of the world, "knowledge shall be increased". (Dan.12:4).

These things are beautiful which we are seeing and which are being reported by the servants of God. It is time for everyone to pray for oneself that "Lord, let me not miss these great things you have prepared for the redeemed". Just look at the city, new Jerusalem, which has been written and described in the bible for us; how beautiful it is: streets of gold and so on. God has other things also already prepared which eyes have not seen yet. Other things which we do not know! Let's go into prayer and ask the Lord for the grace to press on to the mark, and not miss the glorification of mankind. Also, pray for your relatives who are not saved. When finally you and I will be in this glory-land, in that new heaven and the new earth, if we overcome, and we are already on the road to victory being born-again Christians; when we shall be visiting those galaxies for tourist attractions, where will your dear friends and relatives who refused to accept Christ be? There is another place: Hell! Lake of fire, prepared for the lost! That place is like the incinerator for the unwanted elements. Pray for them right now, peradventure they might repent and be saved!

I pray that all those who read this literature will be helped by this testimony to make up their mind to turn to Christ and to serve God with their whole heart, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Bro. Julius Adewumi, Gospel Distribution Ministry

Gospel Distribution Ministry USA