"Verily verily I say unto you if  a  man
keep  my  saying,  he  shall  never  see
death!  Jn.8:51. "He that  believeth  in
me  though  he  were  dead  yet shall he
live; whosoever liveth and believeth  in
me  shall never die!" Jn.11:25 These few
statements of Jesus  have  been  brushed
aside constantly by theologians to refer
only to spiritual death in lake of fire.
However considering the whole context of
the discussions taking place while those
utterances   were   made,  it  portrayed
clearly that  Chist  was  talking  about
physical  death.   He  also came back in
the book of Revelation 2 & 3 to  declare
that  He  has  the  keys of death and of
hell!  It must be pointed out that it is
the  devil  that  kills  men  as  it  is
written: "that He might destroy he  that
has   the   power   of  death  even  the
devil".(Heb.2:14)  When Christ  died  on
the   cross   and  rose  again  "He  led
captivity  captive"(Ephe.4:8)   He   has
abolished  death!  (2  Timothy  1:10) In
analogy,  when  the  slave   trade   was
abolished   in   the   world  by  higher
authority  in  earlier   century,   some
stubborn  slave masters would not let go
of  their   slaves.    If   the   slaves
revolted, the slave master would have no
government agent to come to his aid  but
many  slaves were scared of their master
and did not.  The same similar thing  is
going  on  in  the  world  today.  Since
Christ declared that He  has  saved  man
from  sin,  only  few are coming forward
and   claiming   the   salvation   Jesus
purchased for us on the cross..."By  His
blood we are  redeemed".   Since  Christ
declared   that   He   has   healed  our
sicknesses, even fewer are claiming  the
divine   healing  of  Jesus.  "By  whose
stripes ye were  healed".  since  Christ
declared  that  He  has abolished death,
practically none  has  come  forward  to
claim  this liberty from physical death!
Only believe and profess it!   The  Just
shall  live  by  faith!  You  ask me why
multitudes   will   not   believe    for
salvation to live  above sin ....because
they live by  sight,  seeing  the  whole
world  in  sin, they profess "we are all
sinners" so no one can be free from  sin
they  said.  It  takes  revelation  from
Jesus  for  them  to  be   saved  --  by
preaching  of  the  gospel of salvation.
You ask me again  why  multitudes,  even
church  folks,  don't  believe in divine
healing...?   unbelief!   They  live  by
sight  --  seeing multitudes around them
afflicted  by  the  slave  masters  with
various  diseases,  they  get scared and
will not claim such promise of  God  for
their healing.  It also takes revelation
from Jesus for the  few  believers  that
believe  in  divine healing  for them to
resist the slave  masters  that  torment
mankind  with  diseases.   Understand me
clearly!  Believing  in  divine  healing
does   not  mean  the  devils  will  not
attack, but the devils are  more  scared
to  lay their hands on them that believe
this;  because  when  we   insisted   by
confessing  to  the  devil that Christ's
promise is forever  true,  God's  angels
will  smite  the devil before long if he
did not remove his filthy  hand.   Since
the  devils are thieves and robbers they
will still try but  when  we  stand  our
guard  believing  and claiming our right
that Christ has given us our  peace  and
our  good  health,  the  devils  have to

The same principle works against  death,
and this is the age during which  we can
put the devil to shame as it is  written
"the  last  enemy  to  be  destroyed  is
death!" (1 Cor.15:26) This  is  the  age
when  Christ  is coming soon and we only
need to resist the enemy  for  few  more
years  till  Christ  come in rapture.  I
strongly believe "Enoch walked with God"
and  he  was  not for the Lord took him.
The Lord took him because it was not yet
time  for  immortal  men to inhabit this
planet earth.  Else he would  have  been
around  till now. Elijah also got enough
power to resist every attempt  of  death
upon  his  life  by  calling  fire  upon
enemies  before  he  left  this  planet.
Christ  now  is  saying "verily verily i
say unto you if a man keep my saying  he
shall never see death".Jn.8:51.  This is
the faith of  the  end  time,  rapturing
faith  -- the climax!  Satan will resist
it just as he  resisted  salvation,  and
healing  by many means, to the extent of
even  using  some  preachers  to  preach
against   it,  and  whole  denominations
kicking against it; so shall  he  resist
this  declaration of faith against death
to  the  extent  of  killing  a  few  to
terrify  the  others from believing like
that; but "the FEARFUL  and  unbelieving
.... and all liars shall have their part
in the lake which burneth with fire  and
brimstone  which  is  the second death!"
(Rev.21: ) Christ has defeated the devil
2000  years  ago  and  He  has given the
victory   to   the   saints.   Lo,    He
saith:"Fear  not, i am the first and the
last. I am He that liveth and was  dead,
and  behold  i  am  alive for ever more,
amen; and have the keys of hell  and  of
death"(Rev.1:17).   Yea,  the just shall
live  by  faith!  Christ  has  abolished
death!  Believe  it,  claim it, that you
shall live till Christ comes! Don't give
in  your  will to death -- even on sick-
bed.  Scientists know that  strong  will
to  live  has  taken a lot of people off
death bed, whereas a  lot  of  believers
just  give  in to death hoping to prefer
Paradise.  I  don't  blame  those  whose
body  has  weakened   so much due to old
age  prefering  to  put  away  the   old
tabernacle that no longer function as it
ought, but when Christ saith "if  a  man
KEEP  my  sayings", the whole package is
contained in the "sayings", to keep  the
body  from  decaying  through old age or
disease,   to   rejuvenate   the    body
constantly  and  keep alive from attacks
from the enemy.  Only an Unbeliever will
think  Christ  cannot  do  these things!
Part of  the   "sayings"  are  holiness,
fasting,   divine   health  which  means
eating right in wisdom etc.  "If  a  man
keep  my  sayings,  he  shall  never see
death!"  He is more  than  able!  He  is
coming  soon!  Foot-note:  When Adam and
Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, we all
know  that  from thence sin,sickness and
death came upon  human  race.   We  also
know  that When Jesus Christ died on the
cross, our sins are forgiven. If we then
have been washed by his blood, it should
follow that sickness and death should be
removed  since  they  are  the  curse of
disobedience.  If we believe  that  when
Christ  said  "It  is  finished"  on the
cross our  redemption  is  completed  we
ought to believe that He abolished death
also --- to him that believeth!   As  we
claim our healing by confessing positive
promises  of  God  and  believing   them
concerning any sickness ("By His stripes
we are healed" Isa.53) we also  have  to
claim  our  victory  over death. (Christ
"has abolished  death  and  has  brought
life  and  immortality  to light through
the gospel", 2Tim.1:10).

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