Consider  this    senior   citizen.    Imagine
yourself  to  appear at the border of this country
with no papers and no entry permit and you are not
a  citizen.   Of  a  surety the border patrol will
have to arrest you as illegal alien and  you  will
spend  the  rest of time in jail.  It becomes more
serious if you have no  country  of  origin  where
they  can  send  you, and this country have strict
rule about illegal aliens.  Since  you  cannot  be
sent to another country you will spend the rest of
your time in jail till the judge can  decide  your
   This will be your situation when  one  day  you
suddenly   find  yourself,through  death,  at  the
borders of heaven if you do  not  know  Jesus  the
King  of  Heaven  right here on earth.  The border
patrol will have to send you to jail house  called
"hell" where you will be incarcerated till the day
of judgement.  Whereas if you give  Christ  charge
of your life right now and are born again into the
household of God, an angel will be assigned to you
who  will  suddenly  appear  by  your  side at the
border on that day  to  convey  you  to  the  home
Christ  promised  to prepare for them that believe
in Him.
   Don't take chances friend, accept Jesus as your
Lord  and  Saviour  today  and  get your salvation
doubly sure.  Pray this prayer sincerely and  mean
it: "Lord Jesus, I believe you died for my sins; I
ask you to come into my life and let  me  be  born
again  today.  I repent of all my sins and ask you
to wash me with the blood of Jesus.  I  will  live
for you henceforth. Help me Lord.  Amen!"
   If you mean that prayer begin  today  to  study
the new-testament daily and the Lord will meet you
there.  Simply take God at  His  word!  You  don't
have  to  feel  anything,  only  believe  all that
Christ said in the bible and trust in it.  If  you
have  any  sin you know of, stop the sin and daily
thank the Lord for saving you. He said He will  in
no wise cast you out. Only keep on following Him.

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