My friend asked me how I was  able  to  make  good
grades  in  school.  I am someone that has learned
to add prayer to my studies in school.  When I was
in  high  school,  I  remember  praying to get the
highest grade in my class; I knew well that all of
us  were  studying  very  hard, but I wanted to be
first in the exam.  I would pray every  night  and
ask  the Lord to make me first in the coming exam,
and He did.  I know this is good advice for a  lot
of  students,  especially  in  this  age when some
uninformed elders  have  kicked  out  prayer  from
schools.   Don't  listen  to  those  that will say
"there is no God" or  those  that  will  say  they
"come  from Apes".  They might be apes but you and
I come from God's creation.  I have proved it over
and  over  that  there is One who answers prayers.
When I was a freshman in college, advanced physics
calculations  were  always  tough.   Many times my
classmates and I would  solve  a  problem  in  the
textbook and would all come up with wrong answers;
even the teaching assistants would not be able  to
get the supposed answer in the textbook - we would
think  to  write  off  the  textbook's  answer  as
"wrong".   On one such occasion, while on my knees
praying, I was prompted to tell the  Lord about  a
physics  problem that none of us could solve.  The
same voice that I have always considered to be the
Lord's  (since I knew how to pray), told me to get
the problem and solve it again before  the   Lord.
While  on my knees by my bed, I did;  the Lord led
me in the right direction and I came up  with  the
answer  in the textbook.  Don't tell me that there
is "no God"!  I  can  tell  of  hundreds  of  such
experiences of hearing Him speak to me, and He has
never failed.  He will not fail you either, if you
will  take  the steps of faith: start by believing
Jesus is  Lord,  and  pray  to  Him,  morning  and
evening;  tell  Him  what you can't even tell your
best friends --   He  will  understand.   He  will
forgive  you,  cleanse  you  and help you with all
problems: academic, marital,financial, business or
emotional problems.

Later, I learned to always  read  my  Bible  every
night  and  give up the bad habits I had picked up
from old friends.  When I regularly read the Bible
every  evening,  all evil desires just left me; if
you make a friend out of the Bible, vices such  as
smoking,  drinking,  doing  drugs, and even sexual
lusts will vanish by themselves and  you  will  be
able to think straight.  In this space-age we need
more  people  that  are  thinking  right   to   be
surgeons,lawyers,judges,engineers  and  parents so
that this nation can continue to be great.  Booze,
drugs,  sexual  perversion  will not let you think
right.  Take to my advice --  go  God's  way;  you
will  find  peace  of mind and good health.  Don't
let some fools tell you otherwise. There is a  God
that  loves  you  and answers prayers and He still
walks and talks with those  that  will  know  Him.
His  name is Jesus and He cares for you.  You want
to  make  it  in  life,  but  alcohol  and   wrong
friendships  will  pull  you  down. Jesus wants to
help you and get you out of  a  life  of  despair.
Your  marriage is in shambles and no counsellor is
making any headway with your  spouse?   Jesus  can
turn   things   around.   You  need  to  know  Him
personally and bring your problems to  Him.   Fall
on  your  knees in the corner of your room, alone,
and pray to Jesus!  He is everywhere and sees your
heart.   If  you  are  sincere  and want to really
change, He is the change that lasts  forever  that
you need.  Ask him to come into your life and lead
you, promising to follow His leadership; start  to
read  the New Testament of the Bible daily and you
will begin to understand life  better.   When  you
become  a  Christian,  you  need the Holy Spirit's
power to keep you from  peer  pressure.  Attend  a
Bible-preaching  evangelical  church and be filled
with the Holy Ghost. Jesus loves you.

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