We   say   it's    civilization!    What
civilization?   We  say  we are educated
now!  What education?   When  we  go  to
remote   villages  in  the  third  world
countries, we see naked  and  semi-naked
men  and  women  walking the streets, we
shake our heads and pity them that  they
are  uncivilized.   Whereas in Miami and
many places in America, full-blown nudes
are  rampant  -- over-civilization?  The
villagers  in  Africa  know  better   to
classify   homosexuality   as  insanity,
whereas San Francisco is  full  of  such
insanities  ---- calling it a lifestyle?
When someone visits the toilet and  does
not  wash his or her hands before coming
out, we who are educated say he  or  she
is   unhygienic   or  uneducated.  Well,
multitudes of my  co-workers  in  a  big
computer     corporation    are    such.
Education may be taking men to the  moon
or spending billions of dollars on super
armament, but there  are  new  waves  of
beggars   in  the  streets  of  America,
begging for a piece of bread to survive.
We  thought  primitive  people  in  Asia
still worship images,  masks  and  idols
and  we  send  missionaries to enlighten
them. Oh no! Even in  America  there  is
haloween  festival whence the images and
masks are worshipped in style, and satan
worshippers  have multiplied recently in
this space age! Doesn't  that  tell  you
something  that no "supremacy" of any one?
We are all human  beings.  Doesn't  that
tell  you  that if those social ills are
not   decreasing   by   the    so-called
civilization, it means the evil-force is
behind  it  all?   
  Therefore  the  only solution is still  
JESUS  --- the good Lord!

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