Donít say You are not told!


The cup of iniquity of this nation is .. Full!

They have legalized many vices:

Gambling, Prostitution, Marijuana, Same-sex marriage-Sodomy

The cups of iniquity of the nations are Ö Full!

Destruction from the Almighty God is imminent!

Go online and search for the dream of George Washington,

And the visions of Evangelists AAAllen, William Branham and many others

About the destruction in America. Be forewarned, itís coming!

The cup of iniquity of the nation is.. Full!

The handwriting is on the walls! The only One that can save this nation

Has been abandoned.Prayers taken away from schools!

False religions and idolatry have been enrolled.

The Gospel of Christ has been forbidden in many public places.

The faith of the founding fathers is ridiculed.

The wicked shall be turned into Hell, and all the nations that forget God!

Donít say you are not told! Repentance is the answer!

Jesus Christ is the Way!


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