The Great King of Jerusalem! Who is HE?

"I will open my mouth in parables, and will utter things that were hidden before the foundation of the world."

There are many things in the bible that the spiritual eye may enquire deeper revelation from the Lord about them. And the angel of the Lord said "Knowledge shall be increased." (Dan.12:4).

There is a section in the acts of king David which many bible scholars had not given much attention. But the Lord made my eyes to catch the significance of the verse, as one of the deep mysteries of the spiritual world.

In 2 Sam.5:6-9, we have this record that "And the king and his men went to Jerusalem unto the Jebusites, the inhabitants of the land, which spake unto David, saying, EXCEPT THOU TAKE AWAY THE BLIND AND THE LAME, THOU SHALT NOT COME IN HITHER, thinking David cannot come in hither.

Nevertheless, David took the stronghold of Zion, the same is the city of David. And David said on that day, whosoever getteth up to the gutter and smitteth the Jebusites, and the lame and the blind, that are hated of David's soul, he shall be chief and captain. Wherefore they said, the blind and the lame shall not come into the house. So David dwelt in the fort and called it the city of David."

The first thing that should catch your curiosity is that "what has the blind and the lame got to do with military combat?" Remember the Jebusites were not Israelites. They were the former inhabitants of Jerusalem when God told the Israelites to possess their land. But Joshua did not reach many of those kingdoms before he died and the Jebusites in Jerusalem were some of those left over. Now David was made king and he went with his army with the intention to overthrow the Jedusites and to make Jerusalem his capital. Remember also that Jerusalem is a spiritual city, if you can recall the appearance of Melchisedec to Abraham: and Melchisedec was declared to be the priest of the most high God, and also king of Salem (Jerusalem). (Gen.14:18).

And in those days you can expect such Jebusites to have diviners, like the Egyptians, and God can easily impart his will through those men to let Israel know. Somehow, when David received the message, he knew from his spirit that God had his hand in it. Therefore he turned aside and took the stronghold of Zion, and did not attack the Jebusites. (2Sam.24:18,23-24). Although it was recorded in Chronicles that later Joab (canally) attacked the Jebusites and became captain of David's army, but I will tell you the actual meaning of the message sent to David.

Behold this is the day of spiritual understanding, and God has come down to us to bring many sons to spirituality; so that we be not babes concerning what happens round about us. Yea, learn how to walk in the spirit! An insight into walking in the spirit is to watch what you hear and how you hear it. Therefore be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Since the time of David, no king of Israel hard his headquarter in Jerusalem. They all lived in Zion, the city of David. Even now, they are still trying to move the capital to Jerusalem, but with resistance. The message, was prompted by the Lord to the king of Israel, so that Jerusalem may be reserved for the great King. Remember also that all those kings in Israel were given one crown! But only the GREAT KING has and will have triple crown ministry of King, Priest, and Prophet. David was king, and also had some prohetic anointing, by which he wrote the book of psalms. Solomon also might have had some prophetic anointing, but none ever was in the priest office. A proud king of Judah, Uzziah, who went out of bounds to offer incense in the temple was smitten with leprosy instantly when he was confronted by the priests. (2 Chr.26:16-21). Only the great king will wear a triple crown ministry of being prophet, king, and priest! God meant it to reveal the Messiah to the spiritual people that the great king must be a king, a priest and a prophet; He will be able to take away (cure) the blind and the lame which an ordinary king cannot do. (Lo, Melchisedec was recorded to be a priest, and a king!)

"And it came to pass, when the king of Israel had read the letter,

that he rent his clothes, and said, Am I God, to kill and to make

alive, that this man doth send unto me to recover a man of his leprosy?"


The verse above was the statement made by the king of Israel when the Syrian king sent Naaman the leper to him for cure. Ha- Ha! But the Prophet Elishah was able to cure Naaman as written in verse 8:

"And it was so, when Elisha the man of God had heard that the king of Israel had rent his clothes, that he sent to the king, saying, Wherefore hast thou rent thy clothes? let him come now to me, and he shall know that there is a prophet in Israel." (2Kgs.5:8).

Now When Jesus Christ came, he said "swear not by Jerusalem for it is the city of the great king." (Mat.5:34-36). How shall we know the great king? Watch! He must be able to take away the blind and the lame: king, prophet, and priest.

The Lord Jesus Christ, during his ministry had come many times to the city of Jerusalem and into the temple as a prophet, teaching the people in the temple and in Judea. But the only once he came to Jerusalem as a king was when he rode into the city upon an ass-colt and he wept over the city as it is written by the prohet Zechariah: "REJOICE GREATLY, O DAUGHTER OF ZION; SHOUT, O DAUGHTER OF JERUSALEM: BEHOLD, THY KING COMETH UNTO THEE: HE IS JUST, AND HAVING SALVATION; LOWLY, AND RIDING UPON AN ASS, AND UPON A COLT THE FOAL OF AN ASS." (Zech.9:9). When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the disciples did not know they were fulfilling prophecy!

"And a very great multitude spread their garments in the way;

others cut down branches from the trees, and strawed them in the way.

And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying,

Hosanna to the son of David, blessed is he that cometh in the name

of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest.

And when he was come into Jerusalem, all the city was moved, saying,

who is this? And the multitude said, This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee."

Jesus rode into the city on an ass' colt while the multitude was singing before him like unto a king!

How shall we know the great king? He must also be a priest and a prophet!

"And Jesus went into the temple of God and

cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple ..."


Only the high priest has the right to cast people out of the temple for their misbehaviour. Then Jesus had assumed the role of the high priest!

The spirit world now was at alert! Jesus came into the city like a king, and assumed the responsibility of an high priest? Well, let's see if he is the GREAT KING , send the blind and the lame unto him. He must take away the blind and the lame as the oracle foretold otherwise he was in trouble like unto king Uzziah who went out of his bounds!

Remember in 2 Samuel chapter 5, it was said "the blind and the lame shall not come into the house", purporting that they are not to enter the temple, but on that day when Jesus appeared in Jerusalem like king, the spirit-world was aroused and the blind and the lame violated the ordinance to meet him in the temple; as if to say "if he is the great king let us go and meet him inside the temple and he must take away the blind and the lame". The Lord allowed Mathew to record the significant incident and he wrote:



Yea, this is written that you may know and understand that Jesus is the Lord, the Messiah of Israel, and the GREAT KING; believing, that you might have life through him! For to him the prophets bear witness that "unto him shalt the gentiles seek". (Isa.11:10). There had been no other king, prophet nor ruler in all Israel to this day, to whom the gentiles seek as we all look unto Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith.

Therefore believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, you and your whole house. And HE IS COMING BACK AGAIN, SOON!

God bless you!

Bro. Julius Adewumi