Obeying Instruction

(part of the sermon on 12/1/95)

We are folks who boast ourselves in the sayings that "the elect will hear 'thus saith the Lord', or else they won't move." Let's not forget the importance of hearing and obeying the instructions from the Lord to individual of us.

Let's read the benefits for obeying instructions. We must learn to listen to the Lord and obey. The Lord will give you instruction, "do this, or do that". It is very important that we do it to-the-letter. There were some people in the bible who didn't obey the instructions the Lord gave to them to-the-letter, and they suffered for it. If we obey to-the-letter, we'll be blessed.

If the signs of the end which we have been seeing are really warning us of the soon coming of the Lord, we need to closely listen to the Lord and obey instructions He will give us step-by-step, in order to go away in the rapture, like Elijah of old. The Lord will begin to guide us to lead us away from troubles.

(Prov.10:17) .. He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction; but he that refuseth reproof erreth."

(Prov.19:20) Hear counsel and receive instruction that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.

If God is to guide and lead us, He is going to talk and give instruction, individually. We must learn to obey the instructions to-the-letter. We've got to listen and follow instruction from the Lord. Remember Elijah, when he was about to be taken away in translation, he was hearing instruction from the Lord, to go to several cities. That is an example for us to know how the Lord will closely walk and lead those who will go in the rapture towards the end before he takes them away. (2Kgs.2:1-10 ) (Read. Rapturing Faith part 5).

King Solomon wrote the proverbs, "to receive instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity; to give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion." (Prov.1:3).

Those who failed to obey instructions suffered greatly in the bible. An example is the wife of Lot. The simple instrucion given to her was: "look not behind thee"; she didn't obey, and she was turned into a pillar of salt. (Gen.19:17,26) Similar trouble occured to a man of God which came from Judah to Bethel to prophezy against the idolaterous altar of Jeroboam. He was instructed not to eat in the city where he was sent. (1Kgs.13:1-32).

The danger for not obeying instruction is written in psalm 50. God attributed the wicked as disobedient.

"Unto the wicked God said, what has thou to do to declare my statutes that thou should take my covenant in thy mouth; seeing thou hatest instruction and castest my words behind thee." (Psa.50:17)

If somebody hates instruction and will not keep it, to-the-letter, God most likely will not be giving the person any instruction. Some people will wonder why they don't hear the still small voice of the Lord. Perhaps God knows that if they hear it they will not do what he says.

"Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction: but he that regardeth reproof shall be honoured." (Prov.13:18).

Now, we are warned in the scriptures not to be like those who will regret at last "and say, how have I hated instruction, and my heart despised reproof; And have not obeyed the voice of my teachers, nor inclined mine ear to them that instructed me!" (Prov 5:12-13).

Therefore, brethren, the wisest man Solomon, said "take fast hold of instruction, let her not go; keep her, for she is thy life". (Prov. 4:13 ). Instruction is so important, and God's instruction is to be taken to-the-letter! Remember king Saul was given instruction to go and destroy the Amalekites utterly. He went, but kept some goats and sheep alive, and saved their king. Because he did not obey the instruction to-the-letter, he annoyed God and lost the throne of Israel. (1Sam.15:1-30).

An example of obeying instruction to-the-letter is in the story of Naaman the leper who came to Elishah the prophet from Syria. He was instructed by the prophet to go and deep himself seven times in the river Jordan to recover his skin. He was angry at the instruction at first. However after he was appeased by his servants, he went, and it had to be seven times. He had to deep himself seven times. He could not do his own will about it. He couldn't say, "if there is power to heal in that river, it is just as good to deep myself, three times." It must be as instructed. To The Letter!

In line with the end-time events, knowing that the antichrist is coming to the scene, or the economic crisis situation is about to occur, we need to be led step-by-step by the Lord to avoid the troubles. God is going to lead his people whether to do something to bypass the trouble or to prepare for the rapture. Let's be sensitive to the voice of the Spirit in these last days, and be completely obedient to the Lord. Remember how the Lord led Elijah the prophet: "And it came to pass when the Lord would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, that Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal. And Elijah said unto Elishah, Tarry here, I pray thee; for the Lord hath sent me to Bethel." (2Kgs.2:1-2, also v4, v6).

See how the Lord was leading Elijah? and he was obedient to the voice of the Lord. That is part of the preparation for the rapture: to hear and to obey! Elijah was not just sent to Bethel or Jericho for to perform certain activities. It was part of the preparation for him to go away in that translation: the constant monitoring of heaven and complete obedience to the instruction from above.

"The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit." (Jn.3:8).

The scriptures also said "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God." (Rom.8:14).

Whatever method the Lord is using in leading us individually, watch for those methods, and be ready to move as the Lord leads you. When it is getting close to the time of the rapture, the instructions from the Spirit, to those are are going away with him, will not just be once in a while. It will be almost like daily instruction. Elijah knew where to go daily. The Lord will have come down upon us and his Spirit will be leading us daily, till soon we are swept away with him out of here in translation.

Let's pray that the Lord will help us to begin to be sensitive to his leading in these last days.

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; he delighted in his ways." (Psa.37:23).

I pray that the Lord will guide and lead the reader to be ready for the events ahead, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bro. Julius Adewumi.

Gospel Distribution Ministry