"And it came to pass, as they still went on, and
talked,  that, behold, there appeared a  chariot
of  fire,  and horses of fire, and  parted  them
both assunder; And Elijah went up by a whirlwind
into heaven".(2Kgs.2:11).

"And  it  came to pass, when the time  was  come
that he should be received up, he stedfastly set
his face to go to Jerusalem". (Lk. 9:51).

May  your eyes be anointed to see the revelation
in  this  literature,  for  the  time  is  near.

               Gospel Distribution


I  was in a vision one morning.  The Holy Spirit
carried  me up and I was flying in the firmament
going upwards as if in a rapture.  As long as  I
was  looking up towards heaven, I was going  up.
Somehow I felt like loooking down at the  ground
where  the people  I left behind were.   When  I
looked  down,  I  noticed  I  was  being  pulled
downwards.  Then the voice of the Lord spoke and
said  to  me  "LOOK  UP!"   When  I  turned   my
attention  again  and  looked  upwards,  I   was
climbing up till I was gone.

   From  this experience and several experiences
of  that nature which the Lord has allowed me to
have,  I was instructed about the importance  of
the word of the Lord (in Lk.21:28) where he said
"When  these things begin to come to pass,  then
look  up  and  lift  up  your  heads,  for  your
redemption  draweth  nigh!".   We  have   always
assumed the statement is figurative.  However in
lieu  of  my conditioning  experiences,  I  have
learnt  that  it  is also to be taken  literally
when  going  up  in  the rapture:   "WHERE  YOUR
   There are also fine prints of the word in the
scripture which takes the prophetic anointing to
decipher.  An example of such verse is  seen  in
the  book  of  proverbs.  "Let thine  eyes  look
right  on,  and let thine eyelids look  straight
before thee." (Prov.4:25).  In short, FACE WHERE
    When  you  think  about rapturing  faith  or
translative faith, don't you expect that most of
the words of faith are here,  already written in
the  scriptures?  It only takes the  opening  of
the spiritual eyes and the anointing to energize
it.  You may even know all the words to say, but
you will still need the spiritual anointing from
the  Holy  Ghost to activate the uplift,  or  to
appear and disappear on this platform.
    But how can you get the anointing?  First of
all, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who is the
Almighty God.  Follow the exhortations  such  as
praying,  praising  the  Lord  night  and   day,
fasting, and keeping his word:  "Verily verily I
say  unto you, if a man keep my saying, he shall
never see death." (Jn.8:51).
    The anointing is from the Lord himself.   He
chooses  and  gives  as he  pre-ordains  and  in
answer to prayers.  Therefore "Ask and ye  shall
receive; seek and ye shall find; knock  and  the
door shall be opened."
    "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the
word  of God".  Believers who are not instructed
in rapturing faith are simply not in the line of
anointing for the rapture.  Just like  going  to
the  post office and unknowingly being  in  line
with those who merely want to buy postage stamps
whereas there may be another line for those  who
want  the "express mail" service.  It is another
level of faith to be translated!
     Take note of this:  Elijah the prophet went
away  in a whirlwind to heaven, but Elisha,  who
asked   for  and  received  double  portion   of
Elijah's  anointing did not!   Elijah  is  still
alive,  but  Elisha  died and  was  buried!   (2
Kgs.2:9).   Yea, the covenant of life  with  the
eternal  One  is  obtainable. "He  that  asketh,
    Some people read about "Christ has abolished
death",  and they rejected the message, claiming
that they can not overcome death by walking with
the  Lord.  But "the just shall live by  faith".
Rapturing  faith  must  "walk  with  the  Lord!"
"Enoch walked with God and was not for God  took
him",  that  he should not see death  (Heb.11:5,
Gen.5:24)".    The  message  that  "Christ   has
abolished   death"   goes   hand-in-hand    with
translative faith.(2 Tim.1:10).  When  our  body
is  anointed  to disappear in translation,  then
are  we endowed with immortality by the Almighty
God.   Do you know that it was the common rumour
about  Elijah  the prophet when  king  Ahab  was
searching for him?  (1 Kgs.18:8-12).  Finally he
went away by translation.
    Above, I said that you must "FACE WHERE  YOU
ARE  GOING.   This also include our  mind  being
directed  towards where we are  going.   If  you
have  read Rapturing Faith part 6, I wrote about
the mind of the saints, when purified, is to  be
used  to propel the saints into  the translative
spectrum.  Understand that "facing where we  are
going"  also includes directing our mind towards
where we intend to go.
   Scientifically  interpreted, quantum  physics
shows   that   there  are  rays  (sub-particles)
emanating from every mass of object towards  the
other.   They said rays emanate from  the  earth
towards  any object away from it and  also  from
the  object towards the earth.  These  rays  are
the  basis  for  gravitational pull.   In  which
direction  the  object will be pulled  therefore
depends on the counteractivity of these opposing
rays.     Now the ray of life emanates and  will
emanate  heavily through the eyes of the saints.
Therein  we  have a direct link to  our  spirit.
(The  more reason we are admonished to keep  our
eyes  opened, and to look to the Lord,  when  in
prayer.)   "His eyes were as a flame  of  fire".
(Rev.1:14)   Therefore if our eyes  are  focused
towards one direction we have the strongest rays
from  us  directed  at that  direction  and  the
pulling   ray  from  the  direction   has   more
influence upon us.
    You  now  can understand why in my visionary
experience  I  was  going downwards  instead  of
climbing up when I was looking downwards,  until
the Lord told me to "LOOK UP".

From an encyclopaedia:  (quote) 

Properties  of  the Forces: If  and  only  if  a
particle  carries  a charge corresponding  to  a
force  (including the force of gravity)  can  it
emit  the  intermediary  corresponding  to  that
force.  Thus all particles are sensitive to  the
force  of  gravity because all  carry  gravity's
"charge" of energy (or mass) and momentum.
The nature of particle exchange:
The   equivalent  factor  for  exchange  is  the
probability of emissions and this is  determined
by the magnitude of the "charge" on the emitting
particle.   The  larger  the  charge,  the  more
emission,  the  greater the  force.   This  idea
leads  to  the concept of the intrinsic strength
of  an  interaction  being  determined   by  how
rapidly  the  "photons" can be  emitted  by  the
charge  of the interaction.  The strength  of  a
fundamental  interaction is  its  propensity  to
exchange  its  "photons" between its  "charges".
Reluctant  to exchange, and the force  is  weak;
willing, and the force is strong.  (end quote)

    Notice that the physicists say "Reluctant to
exchange will mean weak force".  Therefore, when
our   mind  and  eyes  are  set  in  the  upward
direction,  away from the earth and towards  the
Lord  who is pulling us up, our spirit  will  be
reluctant to exchange "photons" with the  earth;
and the gravitational force on us will be weak.

    In a vision one morning, I was taken up in a
celestial  chariot.  The Lord  slowed  down  the
speed so that I could see where I was going.   I
saw  that  I was really in space, moving  slowly
towards  an array of stars at a distance.   Then
the vehicle moved gradually (at the speed of  my
comprehension)  towards three particular  stars.
The  surprises I saw as we landed on that ground
has  been  documented in my earlier literatures.
What  I  want  to point out in this  literature,
which has baffled me for sometime until now,  is
the  speed and the cause of my return to  earth.
After  walking around in the place for a  while,
at  the  first thought of going back home  which
entered  my   mind, immediately, I was  back  on
     Now   I  can  understand  the  concept   of
"willingness to exchange photons" which produces
a  strong  gravitational force.  No  wonder  the
   The figurative meaning of the verse that says
"LOOK   UP"   also  is  important.    Especially
considering the scriptures which said: "SET YOUR
EARTH".  (Col.3:2).
If  you are earth-bound, cumbered with the cares
of   this  life,  you  will  not  climb  up   in
translation because your mind will not  get  off
your earth-bound business.  Remember Lot's wife?
(Gen.19:26).  She almost escaped the destruction
of  Sodom but her heart was still in the  things
she left behind; and so she disobeyed by looking
back.  And she was turned into a pillar of salt.
Yea,   DON'T   LOOK  DOWN!   LOOK   UP    during
    The  children of Israel turned back to Egypt
in  their  heart when they said "let us  make  a
captain and let us return into Egypt" (Num.14:1-
4).    Their   hearts  were  not  set   on   the
destination  -  the  promised  land;  and  their
carcases  were  buried in the wilderness.   Yea,
   In another example, the man of God from Judah
did  not continously look towards where  he  was
going.   His heart was  perhaps in the  physical
reward  he left behind in Bethel.  (1  Kgs  13).
So  he  stopped on the road till he  was  snared
back  into  the city for his destruction,  by  a
false  prophet.  Yea, "LET THINE EYES LOOK RIGHT
    In  setting your affection on things  above,
desire  to  be like Jesus; desire to  love  like
Jesus  loved; desire to pray like Jesus  prayed;
desire  to  get  the power from God  like  Jesus
demonstrated.  Then you will know that you  need
to  pay  the  price  of holiness,  and  walk  in
obedience  to the word of God.  "Seek  ye  first
the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all
these   things   shall  be  added   unto   you."
    Consider  these verses.  In  Mat.4:18-20  it
reads:   "And  Jesus,  walking  by  the  sea  of
Galilee,  saw two brethren, Simon called  Peter,
and  Andrew  his brother, casting net  into  the
sea:  for  they were fishers. And he saith  unto
them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers  of
men.  And they straightway left their nets,  and
followed him."  Yea, some people left businesses
and followed him! (Mk.1:16-18).
    "And  when  he  had gone  a  little  farther
thence,  he  saw James the son of  Zebedee,  and
John  his  brother, who also were  in  the  ship
mending  their nets. And straightway  he  called
them: and they left their father Zebedee in  the
ship  with  the hired servants, and  went  after
him."(Mk.1:19-20).   Others  left  parents   and
followed him.
    "And it came to pass afterward, that he went
throughout every city and village, preaching and
shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom of  God:
and the twelve were with him, And certain women,
...  and many others, which ministered unto  him
of  their  substance." (Lk.8:1-3).  Some  others
spent their substance for him in following him.
    In  Acts. 18:1-3: "After these  things, Paul
departed  from Athens, and came to Corinth;  And
found  a  certain  Jew  named  Aquila,  born  in
Pontus,  lately come from Italy, with  his  wife
Priscilla; (because that Claudius had  commanded
all  Jews  to depart from Rome:) and  came  unto
them.  And because he was of the same craft,  he
abode  with  them,  and wrought:  for  by  their
occupation  they  were tentmakers."   Yea,  Some
others  worked  and  spent  their  earnings  for
    In  all, "where your treasure is, there will
your heart be also". (Lk.12:34).
    Yea,  if your treasure is with Jesus, it  is
time to "look up and lift up your heads for your
redemption  draweth nigh!"      Yea,  He  cometh
soon folks, prepare!


"Verily  verily I say unto you if  a   man  keep
my   saying,   he   shall   never   see  death!"
(Jn.8:51).  "He that  believeth  in  me   though
he   were   dead   yet shall he live;  whosoever
liveth  and believeth  in me  shall never  die!"
    These  few statements of Jesus   have   been
brushed aside constantly by theologians to refer
only to spiritual death in lake of fire. However
considering the whole context of the  discussion
when  those  utterances   were   made,   it   is
clear that  Christ  was  talking  about physical
death.    He   also  came back in  the  book  of
Revelation 2 & 3 to  declare that  He  has   the
keys  of  death and of hell!  It must be pointed
out  that it is the devil  that kills men as  it
is  written about Christ: "that He might destroy
he  that has  the   power   of  death  even  the
devil".  (Heb.2:14)  When Christ  died   on  the
cross    and   rose  again, "He   led  captivity
captive." (Ephe.4:8).  He  has abolished  death!
(2  Tim.  1:10). In analogy,  when   the   slave
trade   was  abolished  in  the  world   in  the
early    century,   some stubborn  slave masters
would not let go of their slaves.  If the slaves
revolted,  the  slave  master  would   have   no
government agent to come to his aid;   but  many
slaves were scared of their master and did  not.
The  same similar thing  is going  on   in   the
world   today.   Since Christ declared  that  He
has  saved  man from  sin,  only  few are coming
forward and   claiming   the   salvation   Jesus
purchased  for us on the cross.  "By  His  blood
we  are   redeemed".    Since   Christ  declared
that    He   has   healed  our sicknesses,  even
fewer  are  claiming  the divine    healing   of
Jesus.   "By   whose stripes ye  were   healed".
Since   Christ declared  that  He  has abolished
death, practically none  has  come  forward   to
claim   this  liberty from physical death!  Only
believe and profess it!   The  Just shall   live
by   faith!   You  ask me why multitudes    will
not    believe    for salvation to  live   above
sin  ....because  they live by   sight,   seeing
the   whole world  in  sin, they profess "we are
all  sinners, so no one can be free from   sin",
they   said.  It  takes  revelation  from  Jesus
for  them  to  be   saved  --  by preaching   of
the  gospel of salvation.  You ask me again  why
multitudes,  even church  folks,  don't  believe
in  divine  healing...?   Because  of  unbelief!
They   live   by  sight  --   seeing  multitudes
around  them afflicted  by  the  slave   masters
with  various  diseases,  they  get  scared  and
will  not claim such promise of  God  for  their
healing.   It also takes revelation  from  Jesus
for  the   few   believers   that  believe    in
divine healing to resist the slave  masters  who
torment mankind  with  diseases.   Understand me
clearly!   Believing  in  divine   healing  does
not   mean  the  devils  will  not attack.   But
the devils are  very  scared to  lay their hands
on  those  that believe it;  because   when   we
unceasingly   declare   to   the   devils   that
Christ's   promise  is  forever   true,    God's
angels  will   smite  the devil before  long  if
they  do not remove their filthy  hands.   Since
the   devils are thieves and robbers  they  will
still  try.   However,   when   we   stand   our
ground,  believing  and claiming our right  that
Christ  has  redeemed us from the curse  of  the
law,   the   devils   have to  flee.   The  same
principle works against  death, and this is  the
age  during which  we can put the devil to shame
as  it is  written "the  last  enemy  that shall
be   destroyed  is death!" (1 Cor.15:26).   This
is  the  age when  Christ  is coming soon and we
only  need to resist the enemy  for   few   more
years   till   Christ  come in rapture.   "Enoch
walked with God" and  he  was  not for the  Lord
took him.  I strongly believe that the Lord took
him  because it was not yet time  for   immortal
men to inhabit this planet earth.  Else he would
have   been  around  till now. Elijah  also  got
enough power to resist every attempt  of   death
upon  his  life  by  calling  fire  upon enemies
before  he  left  this  planet. Christ  now   is
saying  "verily verily I say unto you if  a  man
keep    my   saying    he   shall   never    see
death".(Jn.8:51).  This is  the  faith  of   the
end   time,   rapturing faith   --  the  climax!
Satan  will  resist  it  just  as  he   resisted
salvation,  and healing  by many means,  to  the
extent of even  using  some  preachers to preach
against   it.     So   shall  he   resist   this
declaration  of  faith  against  death  to   the
extent   of   killing  a  few  to  terrify   the
others  from  believing  like  that;  but   "the
FEARFUL  and  unbelieving .. and all liars shall
have  their part in the lake which burneth  with
fire   and  brimstone   which   is   the  second
death!"  (Rev.21:8).  Christ  has  defeated  the
devil  2000  years  ago  and  He  has given  the
victory    to   the   saints.   Lo,   He  saith:
"Fear  not, I am the first and the last. I am He
that  liveth and was  dead, and  behold   I   am
alive for ever more, amen; and have the keys  of
hell   and  of death" (Rev.1:17). Yea,  the just
shall  live  by  faith!  Christ  has   abolished
death!   Believe  it,  claim it, that you  shall
live  till  Christ comes! Don't  give  in   your
will to death -- even on sick-bed.  Doctors know
that  strong  will to  live  has  taken a lot of
people  off  death  bed,  whereas  a   lot    of
believers  just   give  in to  death  hoping  to
prefer Paradise.  I  don't  blame  those   whose
body   has   weakened   so much due to  old  age
prefering   to  put  away  the   old  tabernacle
that no longer functions as it oughts.  But when
Christ saith "if  a  man KEEP  my  sayings", the
whole package is contained in the "sayings",  to
keep  the body  from  decaying  through old  age
or  disease, to rejuvenate the  body  constantly
and   keep  alive from enemy attacks.   Only  an
unbeliever will think  Christ  cannot  do  these
things!   Part  of the "sayings"  are  holiness,
fasting,  divine  health   which   means  eating
right  in  wisdom etc.  "If   a   man  keep   my
sayings,   he  shall  never see death!"   He  is
more  than  able!  He  is   coming  soon!
    When  Adam and Eve sinned in the  garden  of
Eden,  from thence sin, sickness and death  came
upon   human  race. However,  when Jesus  Christ
died on the cross, our sins are forgiven. If  we
then  have  been washed by his blood, it  should
follow that sickness and death should be removed
since   they   are  the  curse of  disobedience.
If  we believe  that  when Christ  said  "It  is
finished"   on  the  cross our   redemption   is
completed  we ought to believe that He abolished
death  also --- to him that believeth!   As   we
claim   our   healing  by  confessing   positive
promises    of    God   and   believing     them
concerning any sickness ("By His stripes we  are
healed"  Isa.53) we also  have   to  claim   our
victory   over  death.  (Christ  "has  abolished
death   and  has  brought life  and  immortality
to light through the gospel", 2Tim.1:10).

Jesus the second Adam

(from a Radio sermon of Bro.Julius Adewumi)
     In   Genesis  3,   the   pronouncement   of
judgement  upon  Adam  says: "Because dust  thou
art, and  unto  dust  shalt thou  return".  That
was the beginning of  physical  death  upon  the
human  race.     However   God   also   promised
salvation:  "The   seed  of   the   woman  shall
bruise    the    head    of   the  serpent".  We
believe  Jesus  Christ  is  that   seed  of  the
woman. He came into this world  to  bruise   the
head   of satan,  and to redeem mankind back  to
the promise  given  to  man  by  God. It  means,
Christ   has  removed the curse  from   mankind;
But   how   many curses did He actually  remove?
On  the  cross  Jesus said  "it  is   finished".
This     means   our   redemption   is complete.
What  are   the  things  that came    into   the
world   through  the disobedience of  Adam   and
Eve?   We know  that  sin, sickness,  and  death
came  into the world.  If  Christ  has come   to
redeem  us,  He  has got to redeem us from  sin,
from   sickness,  and  from  death  --  physical
death. For this Jesus said "Verily, verily I say
unto  you,  if  a man keep my saying,  he  shall
never  see  death"  (Jn.8:51). There  are   many
verses  in  the bible concerning  abolition   of
death  and that  God's  will  is  not for man to
die.  Christ provides total  salvation and  full
redemption.  [2Tim 1:10, Eze 18:32].    He   has
removed  sin, sickness,  and death from  mankind
(if  only  mankind  will  come  to  believe  it)
because     those    were    wages    of     the
disobedience  of Adam and  Eve.  Jesus  is   the
new  Adam;  He  has  removed all  these   curses
from    mankind,  but  individual  has  got   to
believe  it.   If  you have  been   using   your
faith against  sicknesses,  know  also now,  God
is    revealing   to   us   that    He  actually
removed  physical death from mankind.   But  you
have   to fight it out with the devil --  resist
the   devil.    Jesus  said, "The  thief  cometh
not  but for  to  steal, and  to kill,   and  to
destroy;  I  am come that they might have  life,
and  that  they might  have  it more abundantly"
(Jn.   10:10).   Also  He  said,  "I   am    the
ressurrection      and     the     life    ...."
(Jn.11:25).  That means, if  we  that are  alive
can believe, He is able to keep  us  alive.   If
you   keep  the saying  of  Jesus  and   believe
this  message against death, Jesus said  He  has
the   power  to  keep  you alive. Jesus said  "I
am the  first  and  the last"  (Rev.1:17,18)  "I
am   He  that liveth and was dead; and behold  I
am  alive   for ever more; Amen!  and  have  the
keys   of  hell  and  of  death". Because  Jesus
has  the keys of hell and of death, He  has  the
power  to keep  any  man  from death; He is  the
final  authority   now!    Satan   cannot   kill
anybody  if Jesus does not allow it.  Jesus  has
the  power to  keep  you alive.   Believe    it!
Claim    it!   Wrestle with the  devil   against
all  odds   and   Jesus   will   stand   by  you
because  the  Father   has   repented   of   the
curse   that  was  placed  upon mankind  and  He
is   on   our   side (Psa.118:6,7,17). He is the
Almighty, and He is coming soon also.

Immortality Runs In My Family

(from a Radio Sermon of Bro. Julius Adewumi)
    Let's  consider this again;  what   are  the
things  used by the devil to kill people? Number
one :  Diseases.   But Christ gave us power over
diseases  as  it is written "By  whose   stripes
ye  were  healed".  Number two:  Accidents.  The
book of Psalms chapter 91 is full of promises of
God to protect us that trust  in  Him.  It  said
in    verse  10:  "there  shall no  evil  befall
thee, neither shall any  plague  come  near  thy
dwelling".   If  you lay hold on such  promises,
you  can overcome every accident. What else  can
you  be afraid of? What else can the  devil  use
to kill  people? You may say "what about bullets
or  gun?" Jesus gave  us  more promises  in  the
bible.   In   Isaiah chapter 54  verse   17   it
says:  "No weapon  that  is  formed  against you
shall   prosper...".   That    includes  weapons
such   as  bullets  or  even bombs. You  are  to
claim  that promise. That  is the level of faith
Christ is bringing us to.  Remember Elijah   the
prophet    against   the  soldiers   of  Ahaziah
the  king of Israel. He called fire  upon  them!
That  is the faith and power Christ can manifest
through  us   when  it  needs  be.   Christ  has
abolished  death!  It  is  for   the    end-time
believers  to enjoy this benefit of   redemption
and   partake  of  His immortality.    In   Heb.
2:9,14-15  it  says "Christ  tasted  death   for
every  man",   and   that  "through   death   He
might destroy him that has the  power of  death,
that   is   the  devil; and deliver   them   who
through   fear   of death   were    all    their
lifetime, subject to bondage".  This  Jesus   in
you and me has brought immortality!
    I  want to tell you something:  the man that
lived  the  longest on this planet  is   in   my
ancestry.   In  fact, one of  my  ancestors   is
still   alive, he has never died;  he  has  been
living  for the past 5000 years.  I want you  to
may   say   "which   family  are   you   talking
about?"  I say "my family".  That is why  I  can
believe  this, that "Christ has abolished  death
and  brought  life  and  immortality   to  light
through    the    gospel"  (2  Tim.1:10).   This
same  gospel  we  are preaching  to  you is what
Christ has used to reveal  immortality,  telling
you   and me that "verily,verily I say unto you,
if  a  man  keep my saying, he shall  never  see
death". He also said "I am the resurrection  and
the  life; he  that  believeth  in  me though he
were  dead  yet  shall  he  live:  And whosoever
liveth  and  believeth in me shall  never   die.
Believeth   thou this?"  (Jn.11:25).  Christ  is
asking  you   the   same  question:   "Believeth
thou this?" Do you believe He has the power   to
keep  you  alive?  If  you believe that Jesus is
God,  you  should be able to believe this.   (My
message  is   to  show  you  that  it   is   the
Father's    will    for     man     to      have
immortality.   Just as preachers have tried over
and  over  again  to  make Christians understand
that  it  is the Father's will to heal our body.
The  will   of the Lord is written all over  the

    Jesus  said "I am the resurrection  and  the
life".  It  means  no  man can resurrect  unless
Jesus    resurrects him,  and  for   someone  to
stay alive and never die, it  has  to  be  Jesus
that  will  keep  him  alive!  I said above that
"Immortality  runs  in  my family".    God   has
just  opened my eyes to it, that   one   of   my
ancestors lived  for  about  969 years. In  fact
his  father before  him is still alive and never
died.  You may say "whom is he talking about?" I
said  one  of  my ancestors;  of  course  he  is
also  one of your ancestors if you don't   know.
Let's  look at the bible.  Enoch lived for about
365  years and God took him; he  did  not   die;
he  is  still alive today. He is  my   ancestor.
His   son after  him, Methuselah, lived for  969
years.  Even in his lineage,  we  see some other
immortality in the line.  I belong to that line;
that    is    why   I  call   him  my  ancestor.
IMMORTALITY IS HEREDITARY -- to those that  will
walk the walk!  I believe that you who read this
literature    also  belong  to   that   lineage.
Which  means  we   are the g-r-e-a-t,  g-r-e-a-t
grandchildren  of that man who never died.  This
is  because  we all come  through Noah. Remember
Noah was the son of these people, and only  Noah
was  saved in the flood with his children.   The
whole  world  now are  children  of Noah.   That
is  why I can believe this!  I  belong  to   the
lineage   of   Enoch  and  to  the  lineage   of
Methuselah.  Yea, immortality is hereditary just
as longevity!
    This  same God that revealed to  Enoch  that
he   can   live  without  seeing death,  and  he
believed  God,  and  he walked  with God, and he
disappeared,  and  he is  still   alive   today;
this  same God has revealed this to me, and this
same God is Jesus!  He  wants  me to  tell   you
also that for you to go in the Rapture, you must
believe   in this  power  of Jesus that  He  has
the  power to keep you alive.   Jesus   has  the
power  to  keep  you from death.  That  is  what
I'm  talking   about.
    Believe   it!  Claim it! Walk with Him  with
this  same  faith of  Enoch!   For  "HIS   GOING
ABOLISHED  DEATH.  (Micah 5:2b; Prov.8:31,35-36,
Isa.33:14,   Rev  1:14-16; I Tim.  6:16;  2  Tim
    ... Believe in Him!

    Bro. Julius Adewumi, Gospel Distribution,