What  do  you think translation is?  It's  God
Himself carrying you about! (Acts. 8:39)  Then you
must  be  one  of the contrite and humble  spirits
with whom he dwells!  Read on, and be humble.



  Quoting from the "encyclopaedia of the bible, it
"Humility is indeed a virtue, the proper  attitude
of  the  human creation toward his divine creator.
It   is   the  spontaneous  recognition   of   the
creature's absolute dependence on his creator,  an
ungrudging, unhypocritical acknowledgement of  the
gulf  which separates self-subsistent Being, which
is God, from utterly contingent  human being."
    Prophet  Michah  wrote  "What  does  the  Lord
require  of  you but to do justice,  and  to  love
kindness,  and  to  walk humbly with  your  God?""
(Micah 6:8).
    Humility is the essence of new testament piety
in  view  of Christ's own example:  He voluntarily
abandoned  his  divine status; he surrendered  his
dignity in order to live as a human being  on  the
lowest  level  of poverty (Phil.2:5-8).    He  was
gentle  and  lowly in heart. (Mat.11:29).   Rather
than  accepting praise, He bore witness  to  total
dependence  on  his Father as the  source  of  his
wisdom  and power; rather than grasping for glory,
he  ascribed  all  glory to his father.  (Jn.5:19,
Jn.6:38, 7:16,8:28,50; 14:10,24).

Christ   taught   humility  with   the   following
instruction: "When thou art bidden of any man to a
wedding, sit not down in the highest room; lest  a
more  honourable man than thou be bidden  of  him;
And  he  that bade thee and him come  and  say  to
thee,  Give  this man place; and thou  begin  with
shame  to take the lowest room. But when thou  art
bidden,  go and sit down in the lowest  room  that
when  he  that bade thee cometh, he may  say  unto
thee,  Friend, go up higher; then shalt thou  have
worship  in the presence of them that sit at  meat
with  thee.  For whosoever exalteth himself  shall
be  abased, and he that humbleth himself shall  be
exalted." (Lk.14:8-11).
   Pride is a state of the heart, just as humility
is  a  state of the heart.  That is, even  if  you
have  not acted it out, if your heart is in either
state, it will show very soon, when you are put in
a revealing circumstance.
    The  above teaching of Christ points  out  the
proud  heart  as  it interacts  with  other  human
beings,  (when  invited to  a  wedding).   Another
human being like yourself may humiliate you!   The
following  parable  of the Lord  points  out   the
proud  heart, in God's eyes, when it talks to  the
Lord  God.   This is more important  to  believers
nowadays;  we must meditate on this and watch  how
we present our requests before the Lord.  There is
a  time to not demand your right as a son of  God,
and of course, there is a time to stand up against
the  devil  and  claim the promises  of  God,  yet
    "And  he spake this parable unto certain which
trusted in themselves that they are righteous  and
despised others:  Two men went up into the  temple
to  pray;  the  one a Pharisee, and  the  other  a
Publican.  The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with
himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other
men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even
as  this  publican.  I fast twice in the  week,  I
give tithes of all that I possess.
   And the publican, standing afar off, would  not
lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote
upon  his breast, saying, God be merciful to me  a
sinner.   I  tell you, this man went down  to  his
house  justified rather than the other: for  every
one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and  he
that humbleth himself shall be exalted." (Lk.18:10-
    If  the  one in authority over you, let's  say
your boss at work,  passes down a decision and you
feel  bad that you are being pushed around,  watch
out for the spirit of pride.  The devils can rouse
up  fleshy  manifestation of pride to react  to  a
bossy  type of decision in people.  It will  still
be  a  wrong reaction: especially in the household
between  husband and wife, or between parents  and
    The  next  teaching of Christ points  out  the
proud  heart  as one disciple relates  to  another
disciple  of Christ: "But be not ye called  Rabbi;
for  one is your master, even Christ; and  all  ye
are  brethren.  But he that is greatest among  you
shall  be your servant.  And whosoever shall exalt
himself shall be abased, and he that shall  humble
himself shall be exalted." (Mat.23:10-12).
Even  to the twelve Apostles, Christ had to hammer
it  down as the flesh tried to manifest:  "And  he
came to Capernaum: and being in the house he asked
them,   what   was  it  that  ye  disputed   among
yourselves by the way?  But they held their peace:
for by the way they had disputed among themselves,
who  should be the greatest?  And he sat down, and
called the twelve, and saith unto them, if any man
desires to be first, the same shall be last of all
and servant of all." (Mk.9:33-35).
    A  disciple  must  turn his  back  on  status,
security  and success, asking only an  opportunity
to  serve,  however inconspicuously;  glorying  in
nothing  but the cross. (Mat.23:8,10; Mk.10:35-45;
Gal.6:14).  In short, the faithful disciple fights
a continual battle against pride, the egoism which
breeds  self-centeredness, self-exaltation,  self-
will,   self-sufficiency,  self-confidence,  self-
righteousness,  self-glorying  and   hence   self-
delusion   with  its  ultimate  fruit   of   self-
frustration and self-despair. (Rom.10:2).
    You probably know someone in your congregation
that you can say is too proud.  But don't begin to
point  accusing finger at anybody!  It's a battle!
We  all  need  to reevaluate and if we  have  been
beaten  down  by the devil in any  of these  egos,
let's  simply learn from it, rise up and  run  the
race now with humility, before the all seeing eyes
of the Almighty God!
   Often  believers ask and love  to  receive  the
mighty miracle-working power of God.  But have you
stopped and asked yourself why you want the power?
God's  miracle power through the Holy Ghost  comes
to  do only ONE job; that job is  to deliver souls
from the bondages:  "OUGHT NOT THIS WOMAN, BEING A
EVEN ON THE SABBATH-DAY?" (Lk.13:16).   You should
ask:  "Is  it  really the love to set people  free
that you have, OR, is it the side-effect of power,
which is fame and recognition, that you love?"
    As  a  disciple  keeps on winning  the  battle
against pride and presumption, he matures in  that
holiness  which  flurishes only  in  the  soil  of
humility.   Humility, however is  not  the  subtle
masochism which enjoys its own debasement.  It  is
that  attitude  which results  from  a  fearlessly
honest  self-appraisal,  a  self-appraisal   which
neither    minimizes   one's   achievements    nor
exaggerates  one's failures, but never  forget  to
attribute  all achievements to God, the source  of
one's help. (Psa.121:1-2).
   There are many bible verses about humility such
as: "Be clothed with humility." "Humble yourselves
therefore  under the mighty hand of God,  that  he
may   exalt  you  in  due  time."  (1  Pet.5:5-6).
"Before  honour is humility" (Prov.15:33;  18:12).
We  must  resist spiritual pride.  "If we live  in
the  spirit, let us also walk in the spirit.   Let
us  not  be desirous of vain glory, provoking  one
another, envying one another." (Gal.5:26)
    "For  thus saith the high and lofty  One  that
inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy;  I  dwell
in  the high and holy place, with him also that is
of  a  contrite and humble spirit, to  revive  the
spirit  of the humble, and to revive the heart  of
the contrite ones." (Isa.57:14).
     In   Leviticus   chapter  4  concerning   sin
offerings, the Lord said the people should bring a
BULLOCK  for the priest's sin;  they must bring  a
YOUNG  BULLOCK for the congregation's sin;  for  a
ruler's  sin they must bring a HE-GOAT.   For  the
common people's sin the people must bring a  LAMB.
But  Christ  came  as  the LAMB  of  God  to  save
mankind.   "Behold  the lamb of God  which  taketh
away  the sins of the world" (Jn.1:29).   It means
there is neither provision for the priest, nor for
the   ruler,  nor   for  the congregation's  sins.
and as an individual (not as a congregation) to be
saved.   Now can you see that humility  is  needed
for even salvation?" (Mat.18:3).
    If the first fruits must arrive at the stature
of  Christ  before he can rapture them, then  they
must arrive at the perfect humility that he wants.
Pride  does not allow the Lord to be seen  through
the believers.  It overshadows the Christ which we
are  presenting  by the personality  or  acclaimed
personality of the proud witness.
    Meekness is the desired attribute for a leader
while  humility  is  the  attribute  for  a   good
follower.   As  the  chief Shepherd,  Christ  said
"Learn  of  me for I am meek and lowly in  heart".

How to overcome pride:

Remember love!  Love is not puffed up! (1 Cor.13).
Recognize that pride is from the demons whispering
to the mind.  Therefore resist their thoughts.
   Let's think of ourselves thus: "this is not our
field of expertise.  And if it is, there are  many
other  experts ahead of us in the  field.   So  we
must be humble."
     "Let  nothing  be  done  through  strife   or
vainglory;  but  in lowliness  of  mind  let  each
esteem  other  better than themselves.   Look  not
every man on his own things, but every man also on
the  things of others." (Phil.2:3-4).  "Be  kindly
affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in
honour preferring one another." ( Rom.12:10).
    For  example, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon,
was turned into a beast for seven years because of
his pride.
Remember what Nebuchadnezzar said and how he  said
it  before he was turned into a beast?  (Dan.4:30)
"The  king  spake  and said,  Is  not  this  great
Babylon  that  I have built for the house  of  the
kingdom  by  the might of my power,  and  for  the
honour  of my majesty?  While the word was in  the
king's  mouth,  there fell a  voice  from  heaven,
saying,  O  king Nebuchadnezzar,  to  thee  it  is
spoken,  The  kingdom  is  departed  from   thee."
    After  he  was  restored, he  wrote:  "Now  I,
Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol  and  honour  the
king of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his
ways judgement: and those who walk in pride he  is
able to abase." (Dan.4:37).
     King David also, in a form of pride, numbered
the people (2 Sam.24:2). (1 Chronicles 21:1).  One
can  count one's blessing the wrong way.   If  you
feel very bad when you are slighted or because  of
an  opposing  view point, pride  may  be  in  your
For  example, Ahitophel committed suicide when his
counsel was rejected. (2 Sam.17:23-25).
    Pride spirits tempt people on their talents or
blessings  to  make them puff  up  with  it.   The
following visionary parable was given in the early
church:   "An angel of the Lord gave each believer
a small stick.  The angel who had given the sticks
to  the people asked for them back again, and they
were summoned to him in the same order as they had
received  them,  and  each of  them  returned  the
sticks.   The  angel  of the Lord  took  them  and
examined  them.  From some he received the  sticks
withered  and  eaten.  .... Others returned  their
sticks half-withered and cracked; and so on.   The
meaning  of the parable was also given. The  stick
that  relates  to this sermon is this:  Those  who
returned  their  sticks  green  and  cracked  were
faithful  and good at all times, but  they  had  a
certain jealousy of one another over questions  of
preeminence  and  about some kind of  distinction.
But  they  are fools to be jealous of one  another
regarding preeminence."
    Yea  this  jealousy is very real in this  age,
especially  among  the  charismatic  and  endtime-
message  groups.  This fleshly manifestation  must
be  eradicated!  The bible says: "LET  US  NOT  BE
ENVYING ONE ANOTHER!" (Gal.5:26).  "For who maketh
thee  to  differ from another? and what hast  thou
that  thou  didst not receive?  Now if thou  didst
receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou  hadst
not received it?"
(1   Cor.  4:7).   Concerning  translative  power,
remember the power of God is not for show.   Pride
will not be content until it shows what it has!
"Whoso  keepeth his mouth and his tongue,  keepeth
his soul from troubles." (Prov.21:23).
   Keep your mouth diligently.  Certain things are
to  be kept secret: John at the Isle of Patmos was
told  not  to  write  the  utterances  of  the   7
thunders.   Paul's  vision  spake  of  unspeakable
words.  (Rev.10:4; 2Cor.12:3-4).

In  a  visitation one morning, after the Lord gave
some  spiritual secrets for translation,  a  voice
said:  now  that he knows it, is he not  going  to
show it to his wife?  will he not get on stage and
demonstrate it to the audience?

When I meditated on this thought, the Lord made me
to realize that it is "pride" that makes men boast
before  their wives.  It will make a man begin  to
reveal  to his wife things that he ought not.   It
is   pride  that  will  make  a  minister  try  to
demonstrate a spiritual power before any  audience
--  God's power is not for show!   The Holy  Ghost
moves  as He wills!  Now can you see that humility
is necessary with rapturing faith?
Remember the first temptation of Christ by  Satan:
"If thou be the Son of God, turn these stones into
bread".   That means, "Show us! Prove  it!   Prove
that you have this power!"   Showing off is pride.
Therefore, "be clothed with humility."
    Also, watch out for those subtle pride in  the
heart:   A  very subtle pride will not allow  some
brethren to read a literature like this one.  When
it  comes  to them for the first time, it  is  not
colorful  with  crusade-pictures of stadium  crowd
listening to the preacher; or maybe it arrived  in
the   mail  worn  out  and  dirty;   someone  will
probably  throw  it aside.  It's a  subtle  pride,
especially  in a country where laser-printers  are
used, and flamboyant magazines in color from other
ministries  are in circulation.  But James  wrote:
"My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus
Christ,  the  Lord  of  glory,  with  respect   of
persons.  For if there come unto your  assembly  a
man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there
come  in also a poor man in vile raiment.  And  ye
have respect to him that wear gay clothing and say
unto  him, sit thou here in a good place, and  say
to  the poor, stand thou there, or sit here  under
my   footstool;   Are  ye  not  then  partial   in
yourselves,   and  are  become  judges   of   evil
thoughts?" (James 2:1-6).
All  we  should desire is to please Jesus who  has
purchased us with his precious blood.
    The  story of the violinist come to mind.   On
the day of his great convocation, he was applauded
by  the  whole audience except one old man sitting
in  the front row.  The violinist was sad and went
aside  to weep.  The organizer came to him to  ask
him  why he was sad after such a great performance
and  great applause from everybody, except one old
man in the front row.   The violinist replied:"You
don't  understand; that old man is the one I  have
to  please!  He is my master- the Chief musician!"
The  great  teacher  can spot the  errors  in  our
deepest parts which the common folks cannot see.
    Oh that we believers can strive to please only
the  master  -  the Lord Jesus  Christ!   When  we
realize  that upon all we have done, we  have  not
fully  satisfied him,  we should be humble.   Look
at  the  master's ministry and compare  to  yours.
Look  at  the master's life and compare to  yours.
Look  at  the  master's holiness  and  compare  to
yours.   Then we all have to withdraw to a  corner
and  weep before him that we have not yet measured
up to the standard he laid down, humbly.
     Yea,  to  be  exalted  to  the  rank  of  the
rapturable   saints,  we  must  be  clothed   with


    If we remember the life of prophet Daniel,  we
will  notice  how  he was catapulted  to  a  great
position just by using the spiritual gift  of  God
for his own profit.  By telling the meaning of the
dreams  of  the  King Nebuchadnezzar,  Daniel  was
elevated  to  a  high position in the  kingdom  of
Babylon.   We also remember a similar  success  in
the life of Joseph in Egypt, who was exalted to  a
position of the Prime Minister of Egypt due to the
use of his gift of "interpretation of dreams".
    We all love the results these men had in their
life.  But what we always forget is the price they
paid  to be able to get such success.  They had  a
life-style  which was pleasing to  God  before  he
could endow them with the gift that prospers them.
All  the  preaching of the gospel is  to  make  us
emulate prophets like Daniel.  How did he  do  it?
And  how  can  we get favour with the  Lord?   Our
direct  access  to God, which we already  have  in
Jesus,  is  what  we  must  learn  to  use  to  be
effective when we ask anything from the Lord.
    Remember Daniel was confident in the  Lord  to
call  his prayer group together (Shedrach, Meshach
and Abednigo), "that they would desire mercies  of
the  God  of  heaven concerning this secret;  that
Daniel and his fellows should not perish with  the
rest of the wise men of Babylon". (Dan.2:18).  God
answers prayers!
    We love the result these men got.  We have  to
look  at what they did in their walk with God that
fetch them such result - those extra efforts which
they  took!   God  honours our  extra  efforts  in
getting  closer to him.  For example  this  prayer
meeting  (where this sermon is being preached)  is
an extra effort by all of the participants because
we  start  at  9pm  and continue many  times  past
midnight.  God honours such efforts on our part.
    Ponder  on  this: Daniel was just one  of  the
captives  from  Judah.  Nebuchadnezzar  instructed
his  servants to get young men from  Judah  to  be
trained  to stand before the king:  "And the  king
spake   unto  Ashpenaz the master of his  eunuchs,
that  he  should bring certain of the children  of
Israel,  and  of  the  king's  seed,  and  of  the
princes;  ... whom they might teach the tongue  of
the Chaldeans" (Dan.1:3).
    Among them were Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach  and
Abednigo.   Remember they were all  hebrews.   But
these  four men decided to stand out of the  crowd
in  their commitment to their God.  All the others
were  also  Jews.  But these four men purposed  to
keep  themselves pure from polution  according  to
their religious law.  Sometime it takes some  bold
steps  and extra effort like that to get a special
place  with the Lord.  These men decided  to  make
their  request official rather than to  refuse  to
eat  without anyone knowing why, which  will  make
them look like "trouble-makers".
    What  I'm pointing out is that these four  men
stood alone to identify themselves with their God,
and  the  rest  of  the  men  were  also  hebrews.
Likewise,  you may be in your school  or  college.
The other students may claim to be christians too,
but  they will go along with the crowd.  It  takes
boldness to stand out for Jesus and approach  your
school Principal to request for an exception  from
some things.  The rest of the school may mock you.
But  they that know their God will shine at  last.
You  will  do exploits if you will take the  first
step to stand out for God. (Dan.11:32).
    The result Daniel and his three friends had in
Babylon  is  what all of us love to have,  but  we
must  first  walk  in the narrow road  which  they
walked to obtain it.  We love the end-result  when
Shedrach,  Meshach, and Abednigo were thrown  into
the  fiery furnace and the Lord delivered them  in
it.   We  love the result when Daniel was able  to
tell  the  dream of the King and was honoured  for
it.  All those results came to them because of the
steps these men took early on!
    Remember  this: It is a serious business  when
walking with the Lord!  You want to stand  out  of
the  crowd!   You will need to stand by yourselves
many  times.  Sometimes there will be  no  one  to
stand  with  you!  It may be you and your  family.
Whether you are fasting and praying more, it  will
be between you and the Lord.
     Daniel  and his friends refused  to  eat  the
king's  meat because they knew it was contrary  to
their  religion.  But the other Jews with them  in
Babylon  didn't  mind.  They left  their  religion
back in Jerusalem, and it's okay with them to  eat
the  portion of the king's meat.  What I'm  trying
to say is, "you've got to take some steps sometime
to  officially  stand out of the crowd";  but  God
watches  over each step that is taken  toward  him
and He will honour it.
    There are prices the prophets paid to get  the
results  of  their faith which we also  long  for.
One  of  the  prices they paid is  seen  in  their
prayer life.  These people took a lifestyle  which
brought them great reward.  For example king David
wrote about his own prayer-life in psalm 119 verse
164,  and  62.   He said "seven times a day  do  I
praise  thee".  This is an example  of  the  price
David  paid  which  brought  to  him  those  great
rewards which we all admire.  David also showed  a
great  "thoughtfulness" towards the things of  God
and  received special blessing. (2 Sam.7).   Those
are  the  extra efforts that will make our prayers
to  be effective.    For example God watches  that
none  of  the words of Samuel the prophet fall  to
the ground. (1 Sam.3:19).  That means God actually
honours  the  prophet.  A servant of God  must  be
well pleasing to God for such honour.  David again
said  about himself: "At midnight I will  rise  to
give  thanks  unto thee because of  thy  righteous
judgement"."  These people paid some prices to get
the  honour from the Lord.  We must also pay those
prices  to get our prayers as effective as theirs.
Most of the prophets were always all-night on  the
mountain.  It is when you minister unto  the  Lord
in  worship and in songs  regularly that you  will
feel his presence more pronounced around you.
  "Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me, and to him
that  ordereth his conversation aright will I show
the salvation of the Lord."  (Psa.50:23).

Gross Darkness covering the land!

    As  the end of the world comes closer,  things
will  be  getting rougher.  More  demons  will  be
unleashed.    Only  the  well-beloved  among   the
believers  will  be  getting  through  easily   in
   At the end of the world, all apocalyptic events
that  will come upon the world as written  in  the
book  of  revelations are the fingers of God.   It
will  therefore  be  difficult,  if  not  entirely
impossible,  for  any believer found  around  that
time to use prayer to stop or resist it.  That  is
why prayers will become tougher to get through.
    I  had  a  vision many years ago:  All  houses
around my apartment were crumbling by a quake.   I
was using the faith of the Lord to resist that  it
will  not  come near my apartment.  With the  Lord
seen  by  my  side  in that vision  and  with  the
substance of faith built heavily in me, the  quake
still crumbled my apartment.
    When I woke up that morning, I wondered in  my
heart  why my faith could not restrain the  quakes
though  the  Lord  was seen by my  side.   Then  I
thought  within myself: "suppose it was  the  Lord
who  was  causing the quake to destroy  the  whole
area without my knowledge?"  Then the bible verses
in  Ezekiel  came  to me where he  said:   "THOUGH
THEIR  RIGHTEOUSNESS, saith the Lord  God."  (Eze.
14:14).   These  three men were  righteous  before
God,  and  they were great intercessors.   But  in
such  a  situation, God said it has gone too  far:
they  can only deliver their own soul and  nothing
else.   Therefore, there could be some tough times
when  our  prayer will not be able  to  stop  some
things.   Perhaps we can deliver our own  neck  or
perhaps our family.
    In  my  other sermons, I have preached  before
that  by  our prayers,  we can begin to take  back
our  grounds gradually.  Starting from our  house,
in  prayer we can say: "Devil, you are not welcome
in  this house".  Later,  we can extend our border
and  command  the devil to get out  of  town!   Or
later drive the devil out of the country.  However
as  the  world is coming closer to the end, prayer
will  be  getting tougher because it  is  now  God
himself  moving the hand of the clock.  He  stated
again  that "though Noah, Daniel and Job  were  in
the  city,  they  shall deliver  neither  son  nor
daughter".(Eze.14:20).  Therefore,  we've  got  to
get  more righteous, and get more honour from  the
Lord so that He so much honour us and He just have
to  answer  our  prayers.  If things  are  getting
worse,  we should get better, individually  to  be
counted in his eyes, in the class of Noah,  Daniel
and Job!
    God  will still honour somebody.  But will  he
honour  you or me?  Because he said again: "Though
Moses  and Samuel stand before me concerning these
people",    they  cannot  turn  his  wrath   back.
(Jer.15:1).  It is time for the saints of  God  to
get more fine-tuned so that our influence is great
in   heaven   to   deliver  more  souls   by   our
   We must have a spiritual life to present before
the  Lord  for  Him to honour us.  Remember   King
Hezekiah was able to present his case to the  Lord
when  he was sick unto death and God reversed  the
evil with a promise.  Even the sun turned back  on
his  behalf!   (2 Kgs.20:3-6).  We  must  have  an
acceptable spiritual walk with the Lord regularly,
so  that when the time comes that we need  Him  to
show his miracle hand of deliverance, He will  not
withhold  it  from  us: "NO  GOOD  THING  WILL  HE
Daniel  the  prophet when he was thrown  into  the
lions'  den.   He paid the price of  a  consistent
prayer-life,  and  refused to  stop  when  he  was
threatened.   He paid the price mentioned  earlier
of  standing tall and all alone where others would
have    compromised.    The   result   was   God's
intervention so that the lions did not  harm  him.
We  must have a consistent spiritual walk with God
which  the  Lord will have to honour in order  for
supernatural wonders to happen on our behalf!
   In all of these, remember, it is to the Lord we
are  to  show  our spiritual life.   Only  He  can
promote us.  Therefore humble yourself before  Him
as  it  is  written: "Humble yourselves  therefore
under  the  mighty hand of God, that he may  exalt
you in due time!"  (1Pet.5:6).
    While we still have access to heaven, while we
still  have the Lord ready to move on our  behalf,
let  us  get  hold  of the Lord  and  show  him  a
spiritual  life that is acceptable  in  His  eyes.
Then  we will be effective to deliver our families
and others from the evils that are building up  in
the land all around us.
   The end is near!

  If you are edified by this literature, write and
let  us know. For as the Lord said "Unto you  that
hear  shall more be given." (Mk.4:24b).   We  also
welcome your offerings for the work of the Lord.

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