Salvation Testimony

by Sister Bose Ogundiji

Praise the Lord. I was raised in a baptist home.My dad was a deacon. To me it was more like a moralistic thing. Do this, Don't do that. Going to church, learning memory verses.

All my life I thought I was a Christian. Until I got to High School and I joined the Scripture Union group in the school. I was very good with bible verses and won "bible" drills which we did regularly. I thought that was what it means to be a Christian. Until one day one of the elder sisters in the scripture Union group called me and witnessed to me. She told me about the way of life of the Lord Jesus. Pointing to things in the scriptures. So I looked at my life, and it was mere moralistic, I was not trusting the Lord. I wasn't really saved, but I was brought up in the Baptist system. After the sister talked to me, I gave my life to the Lord.

I can remember clearly, it was August 25th 1969 when I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I told the Lord to come into my life and to lead me aright. Since that time the Lord has been faithful. He continued to teach me through that sister, and I learnt more from her. I just bless the name of the Lord. It has been the goodness of the Lord. He has kept me up to this point and he shall keep me till his coming again. The Lord is good. Praise ye the Lord.

Mrs. Ogundiji.