Salvation Testimony

Praise the Lord. I came to know the Lord at an early age.

Being brought up in a Christian home. Though I did not have a personal walk with the Lord.

It was more of a religious thing. When I accepted the Lord, it was in a church service when

someone preached about how we must be born again, and to have a new life. I gave my life

to the Lord on that day. I didn't cry nor weep like some other folks. I just accepted it by faith.

Prior to that, even though I prayed and did those religious things, there was no peculiar thing

one can see in me as a Christian. But on that day, after I gave my life to the Lord, one notable

thing was that, there was joy in me, and some kind of desire to be closer to the Lord.

Even on that day, some other people were crying, but I didn't cry.

The devil even brought doubt that "how do you know you are saved?" But due to the word

of the Lord which was taught, I accepted salvation by faith in Christ's atonement for me on the cross.