Bro. Ben's Testimony:

Like most people from my own part of the country/world, I grew up in a family 
where going to church or professing God is viewed as a flagrant disobedience of 
the ungodly beliefs and practices in the family.  And, being the first son of the 
family made my situation more difficult because in our culture, the first son in 
the family is supposed to be the custodian of the family rituals and beliefs.
But through it all, I see the hand of providence working on me. Although I did not 
have the opportunity or privilege to attend any church services, there was always 
something remarkable about my life that made me different from the rest of my family. 
For example, I would always stand up against injustices and heathen practices in my 
family.  I would equally refuse to eat any food that was cooked in honor of their gods. 
As a result, my parents hated me and wished that I was not their first son.  Later, I 
came to understand that even "when my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will keep 
me" Psalm 27 v 10.
During those years of uncertainties and confusion,  I sought to be closer to God and 
that in turn, took me to different churches where I embraced all kinds of beliefs and 
teachings.  (I believe that this is the Lord's doing).The search for the truth seemed 
endless.  At a point, I was told that to be saved, I needed to be good, take a good bath 
in the river and make sure I was fully involved in religious activities.    At another 
point, I was taught that man's conscience is his church. If you can differentiate what 
is good from evil, you will go to heaven. The inner peace I was craving for never came 
as a result of those activities.  But thanks be to God. He allowed me to go through 
those processes so that when I eventually know the truth, I would not deviate from it 
or be carried away by every wind of doctrine.
Then, just when I was getting discouraged by wrong teachings and practices, God sent a 
very good friend of mine who embraced the gospel before me.  He talked to me and explained 
what it means to be born again and prayed with me.  That was the turning point in my life. 
I got the conviction of the Holy Ghost and I knew immediately that something different had 
happened to me.  Yes, I knew He touched me.  I realized that being born again is an EXPERIENCE.
This is the point where the true walk with God started.  There have been bumps here and there 
but God has always been faithful.  The one big lesson I have learnt during the course of this 
journey is that it takes the word of God and obedience to that word to remain and grow in Him.