Don  wrote:
> Tell me something; when God preserved Joshua and Caleb for 40 years so
> that they didn't age, what was the significance of Enoch to them or was
> this some other act of the Lord?  My point in asking is that I have
> believed (even before I read some of your Enoch teachings), that the
> Lord would 'preserve' the righteous parents of the coming end-time army
> (our children I believe) to partake in all that the Lord is pleased to
> pour out on the children who are the 'generation of the righteous'.
> > God continue to grant you the revelation of Jesus Christ,
> your brother,
> Don 
   Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What he did for 
Enoch, or Abraham, he will do for anyone to whom He reveal the
same faith.  Note, I say "the same faith", because the revelation
to each person whom he calls may be different according to his purpose
in one's life.  Therefore, Elishah did not disappear like Elijah, was
not because he did not have double portion of Elijah's anointing which
he asked for, but as God purposed for him; and then he would not receive
the faith to translate like ELijah did.  We cannot rule out providence
"for those whom he foreknow, he predestinate to be conformed to the
image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren."
(Rom.8:29).   This in itself is a mystery.   
 To answer your question then, Caleb and Joshua walked uprightly before
God and He gave them a promise to enter the promised land, no matter how
long it would take the Hebrews.  Basically has no relation with the life
of Enoch.  Remember also, their longevity (Caleb & Joshua) was not
extreme in their generation.  It was the cutting short of the other
fathers that was a punishment.  What I meant to claim in Enoch is not
longevity but immortality as Enoch disappeared without seeing death -- 
a-la "rapture".  Amen.  It still comes by revelation of "faith" from the
Lord.  Ofcourse "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God"
and therefore we preach this word.

God bless you.
Bro. Julius.

Don  wrote:
> Julius:
> Thanks to your response to my query.  I have always understood that
> "rapture" or putting on incorruption occurs when, as the scripture says
> in 1 Cor.15:51-57, " the last trump...we shall ALL be changed..."
> This passage confirms the mystery of this but it also guarantees that
> every believer is given the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord
> (vs.57).
> If this is true, that we shall all be changed, then in your teachings
> you seem to be suggesting that this transformation can occur prior to
> the final trumpet (ie. "rapture" or Christ's return) through rapturing
> type of faith and this is the 'heritage' still in the blood-line
> preserved because of righteous Enoch who was not [but still is] because
> God took him.
> By living a life which is pleasing to the Lord (which we should  do
> anyways because of what He did for us at Calvary), it is possible to be
> in the raptured state prior to Jesus returning for us.
> > Have I understood the exhortation of your teachings generally in this
> summary above? I want to make sure I'm correctly interpreting what I
> have read before commenting further.
> Thanks for taking the time to write back to me!
> Don 

    when you say "raptured state", as in "it is possible to be
in the raptured state prior to Jesus returning for us", you may be
over-stretching what the message says.  If by "raptured state" you
mean power to translate as the Holy Ghost took up Philip before the
eunuch of Ethiopia (whether at will or by Holy Ghost will), or the 
rumoured appear/disappear power of Elijah speculated in 1Kgs.18:12,
then you are correct, for the Lord will do a lot of that before he 
takes saints away.  But if "raptured state" means the people will
be as glowing lights, like the angels can appear now, I know that
the Lord will not allow that to happen till the last moments.  But
he is building up the saints towards that.  Also the power to translate
at the will of the saints will also be delayed till close to the end.
But don't say the Lord cannot let an individual begin to use this
"power of the world to come" as late as the Lord knows the saint is
mature enough for it.  We have heard of an occassion when a Pentecostal
Minister in the 40's or 30's was able to translate his ministry-group to
 the next crusade ground in prayer.  (It was told us but I cannot
confirm it).  But now I know the Lord will do more than the above at
this endtime.  Believe ye!
God bless you.
Bro Julius.

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