Lola wrote:> 
> God bless you Brother Adewumi,
> I thank God for His testimony that will make 
> you to endure unto the end
> in Jesus' name AMEN.  I just wanted to share 
> Matthew 28 vs. 18-20 with
> you concerning the work of evangelism that God 
> has committed into the hands of all his servants.
> As one sister had commented, "There are two things 
> that the enemy wants
> to attack even in this end time."  Prayer and 
> Evangelism, without these
> two our faith without works is dead.  I just pray 
> that the brethren in
> the body of the Lord Jesus Christ 
> will not get tired of doing His will in
> Jesus' Name but seek to find the fellowship 
> of His suffering.
> I send the blessings of the Lord upon your 
> wife and children  in Jesus' Name.  AMEN
> God bless you
> Lola in Christ.
Thanks  Lola.   The Lord bless you and make 
you ready for his soon coming.
There is a mighty revival looming at the corner.  
Pray and prepare to be part of the vessels to be 
used by the Lord.
God bless.

Bro. Julius.

Don  wrote:
> Hi Julius:
> Just wondering how you're doing this week? 
>My family and I are successfully
> resisting the attempts of the enemy to make us ill and to bring
> discouragement. ...   Glory to Jesus who is building 
>a body which is knitted together so the enemy can no 
>longer pick us off one by one.
> The Lord has been speaking a lot about "they that wait 
>upon the Lord" to me lately.  I sense us on the verge of 
>something awesome.

>Affectionately in Christ,
> Don  
Praise the Lord Bro. Don.   
We have the victory through Christ who loved us and gave himself
for us on the cross.  As I just noted in an email reply, there is a
mighty revival looming at the corner.  Pray and prepare that you may
be among those vessels to be used by the Lord in it.  The Lord is
coming soon.  "Sit not on your laurels, keep your light shining, and l
ooking up, for the bridegroom cometh soon."
God bless you.
Bro. Julius.

Don Wrote:
>My dear Brother in Christ:
>My wife and I (after we put our children to bed) are beginning to spend
>one evening at home in worship only.  Of course we pray nightly for the
>most part, but it is something we both feel drawn especially toward
>right at this time.  "Trim your lamps and be ready"  Amen!
>Will keep in touch,
>In Christ Jesus,
Bless the Lord, Don.
   It is a good thing to praise and worship the Lord, 
nightly if you can.
Amazingly, my 9 and 8 year olds daughters decided on their 
own to worship the Lord nightly before they sleep in their room. 
 That is after the family prayer and bible study.  I saw them do 
 it for a while. I hope they still do it.
   The consistency is what is missing in many folks. In a camp 
meeting years ago the exhortation was given and that night, 
you can hear many brethren singing in different corners of the 
sport's field worshipping the Lord.  A fire was kindled.  
They even gave testimony of how they were refreshed afterwards.
But after a while many either forgot or were too lazy to do it 
    I personally am "addicted" to the habit of lone worship 
of the Lord.  Even when I am lazy and will rather sleep off, 
He rattles the bed to wake me up.  My wife does too, though not 
consistent.  "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."  

Bro. Julius
Don wrote:>
> As I was praying with my wife last night, with my baby daughter in my
> arms (she was born on Jan 3rd), the Lord seemed to point out that caring
> for my daughter was the most important priority in my life because she
> (and the other children of this new generation) will move in the Spirit
> of not Elijah but JESUS!
> On a business level, how do you like working with UNIX with all of the
> demonic terminology and references?
> Don

Praise the Lord for your new baby.  I have a 3yr old too plus others
just older; all of them a new generation if the Lord tarries.  What I
have always reminded myself and my friends is that, some years ago, we
were not even thinking of being around in the 90's, so much expecting
the rapture in the 70's.  We were not even thinking of marriage, talk
less of having children. Experience teaches men wisdom.  If the Lord
continues to tarry, the next generation (our children) also will be
grown up to feel the move of the Lord.  May the Lord come quickly.   
  Concerning Computer or Unix, I have overcome computer.  Many years
ago in the 70's, I wrestled in my dream with a spirit (a person) and 
after I knocked him down, he bowed and said he is computer and that 
he will tell it in the computer courts that I have overcome computer.
Yea, "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this
world, against spiritual wickednesses in high places." (Ephe.6:12). 
Since then, I have been prosperous in the computer field in a modest
way, as I work in fixing computers.  I get the problems resolved, by the
wisdom of the Lord, faster than my peers.  
Yea, the scripture is truth which saith of the person of Wisdom 
"I Wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty 
inventions" (Prov.8:12).

Bro. Julius Adewumi.
Don  wrote:
> Do you experience leaving the body to travel where the Holy Spirit would
> take you?  It appears from some of your teachings that this is the case.
> I wonder if you sought this from the Lord to happen and He graciously
> responded or did it just happen sovereignly and you weren't even looking
> for it?
> Incidentally, I design web pages for a living. The firm I work for is
> made up of committed, prophetic christians.  If I can design some web
> artwork for you for free to use on your site (such as buttons or
> backgrounds) I would be pleased to do so, since I have personally been
> blessed by your web-site and the ministry the Lord has given to you.
> Let me know ok?
> God bless you,
> Don 
    thanks for your offer on webpage design. 
 As to out-of-body experience, It just happened as the Lord wills and
when the Lord wills. And I might say this:  Many times except the Lord
had made me see when and how I left the body, it is just like any
other common dream or visions.  The case where I described to detail
how I left the body was because the Lord made my spirit be conscious
of the transfer from physical to spiritual, for training. Otherwise, one
will simply find oneself at the destination.  What the Lord was
delivering to me was "knowledge", and I believe that was why He allowed
me to document them also.  And Lo, God is building up the elect group at
this end of time for a special purpose, to be used in his eternal
kingdom, as the prophecies foretold.  So is it for "knowledge shall be
increased" (Dan.12:4).

Bro. Julius

Don wrote:

>Do you have a prophetic heritage through your parents or 
>grandparents? Recently I had a dream where a prophet (Paul Cain) 
>was speaking to me and telling me that the prophetic upon me 
>comes through my fathers line and not my mother, as I had always 
>supposed.  Unfortunately, my Father's Father was a 'moderate' 
>Christian but VERY advanced in the Masonic Lodge so we have 
>have to break off the generational curses and reclaim the Lord's 
>purposes for our generations.

>Last night during worship we noticed the Holy Spirit came 
>very quickly and strongly with the first song we sang.  This was 
>very encouraging because we have been praying against religious 
>chains and have had strong counter-attacks from the enemy.  
>But we are learning to RESIST!!!!

>Have a blessed day dear brother.

      I don't have any prophetic heritage that I know of.  
 Devils can pass down curses and religious-demonic-type 
 prophetic heritage. 
However when we become a child of God, we have changed family. 
We have to claim  that we are no more under any bondage to a 
generation curse.   God can call anyone out of the streets and 
make him or her his servant without any heritage beyond the line 
of ENOCH which everyone of us come through anyway.   So therefore, 
I just answer myself, since if God needs an heritage before he 
can use someone how far back should he look?  Then only him can 
look as far back as ENOCH, which is a revelative insight the Lord 
gave to me, why I can claim immortality ... Read my writing/radio 
broadcast under "Abolition of death"  -- specifically the message 
"Christ destroyed the devil" (
God bless.
Bro Julius.

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