hansauh wrote:> > DEAR SIRS, > I CAME ACROSS YOU WHILE SURFING. > I WAS WONDERING IF I COULD BE OF HELP IN TRANSLATING BOOKS IN INDIAN LANGUAGES. > KIND REGARDS, > SHIBU Dear Shibu, thanks for your kind gesture. I'll be glad if anyone will take it upon oneself as his/her own ministry to translate any onebook which he may read and enjoy much into their own local languagefor evangelism. I will be ready to print the translated scripthere in the USA, and ship to the country as funding permits.Read through the literatures on internet and let me know which one you will like to take up. Remember I cannot pay you for this.You have to assume it is a ministry for you to your people. ButI will help print it here and ship them to you. God bless. Bro. Julius Adewumi.

Antony wrote: > > Hello Gospel Distribution Ministry > > I was so pleased to read your site about the word of GOD. Do you have > a list of books about this subject, and especially how afro-american > feel and think about it ? Is it possible to order these books (or literature)? > I would like to have some more information about your policy abou> sendings abroad (for I'm living in EUROPE). > Do you have special prices for companies outside the U.S ..This is just one of a few questions I have. > It would be great if you can send me a email to give me a more detailed> idea of your policy. Untill your reply I sent you greetings from Amsterdam (The Netherlands, > Europe). > > ANTHONY Dear Anthony, I send the literatures freely to people on our mailing list and hope some brethren reply with offering as the Lord blesses them for more literatures. The books are priced and therefore not many. All the literatures (16 pages or less) are not classified as booksand are sent free with requests and offering. If you send your name and address to our address, plus anyoffering, we will ship a box of literatures to you. You can send money-order or traveller's checks. The books are $5 eachand I have "Faith Testimonies I", Faith Testimonies II, Unseen World,and Persecution Series. God bless. Bro. Julius Adewumi.
Don wrote:> > Hi Julius: > I saw your message. The devil is still fighting, but the devil has lost the battle two thousand years ago. Just stand upon your ground in your confession >for "we overcome the dragon by the blood of the lamb and by the word of ourtestimonies. > > > Thanks for the timely encouragement brother... >> I will resist! That was a direct REMA word for me >> because the Lord gave me that verse out of >> Revelations several weeks ago. >>I was, at the time meditating especially >> on "the word of their testimonies". > > It seems as if the level of demonic activity has >> increased toward my house over the past two months >>or so ever since the birth of our third child, who >>the Lord give us the name for of "Natalie" ['born on >> Christmas Day']. > > God's richest blessing and provision be upon you >>and your family, > > Don Don, take time to read my literature called "Rapturing Faith Part 11", ifyou have not already. It's on internet. There I described "the overcomers toolkit i.e weapons against the enemy. Bro. Julius.
The Sutherland's wrote: > > I grew up in a church that didn't believe in the rapture. I'm searching for Biblical text to support the theory that there is going to be a rapture. > Can you assist? > > Dear Sutherland, The episode described by Apostle Paul (in 1Thes.4:14-18) is generally called "the rapture". Also Rev.12:5 alludes to it. Also Rev.7:15; Rev.15;2&3 the saints stood upon the sea of glass which was declared to be before the throne of God in Rev.4:6. These all portray that the saints are caught up to the presence of God as stated by Apostle Paul in 1Thes.4:14. Bro. Julius.

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