Don wrote:> > Dear Julius:> > I was very encouraged by the testimonies and prophetic writings which > you shared on your web site. I would like to ask you if you have listened to any of the teachings and prophecies from Kansas City by > individuals such as Paul Cain, Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson? Also Rick Joyner? They have all been teaching about a coming 'generation of the righteous' for some 10 years. > > Also, are you currently released to minister by the Lord and if so, do > you ever travel to Canada? > > I live in Canada's capital city, Ottawa and attend the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. If you have time, I would enjoy corresponding with you on growing in the prophetic. Currently I believe the Lord is > beginning to prepare me to enter a period of fasting and intercession, both of which are relatively new for me. > > God Bless You! > > Don Dear Don, thank you for your email. I have heard (only through "New-WineNews on Internet) of the ministers you listed a-la Paul Cain, RickJoyner and the others but have not read their literatures except theexcerpts placed on "New-Wine digests" occassionally by individual saint. Currently I am still in a "cocoon" stage, not moving about in ministryother than the writings and had been on the radio in 89-90. I'd loveto visit and minister in Canada and other places, but I hadly ministereven here in Phoenix, other than in our night-vigils, every friday. The Father's word is "not ready yet". Feel free to communicate via email and I have time enough to respondand share. God bless. Bro. Julius.

chn wrote:> > Greetings:> > I am a visitor to your site. You are doing a great work fo r the Lord. > > My brother and I have just begun our Ministry. Our web site has just recently come on the net at this address: > > We are an End Times Ministry, and have been called to report > our knowledge and understanding. > > My brother Sal and I are eschatologist's of 16 years. > > During these years we have been looking for Daniels prophecy of the end time of his people, the Jews, and their holy city, Jerusalem, walking > around on the stage of history, and we have found it on "todays stage". > > Our calling is to alert the world to this fact. > > "About the Times of the End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal > interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition." > > --Sir Isaac Newton-- [who was also profoundly learned on> theology] > > Here we are! > > Todays prophecy preachers aren't demonstrating the exactness of God's > > word being played out, nor alerting the Church world, their sheep, to > become aware, and marvel in God's word as they watch Daniel's story > > unfold before them, and become excited, as Paul directed, to comfort one > > another in the joyful anticipation of their promised Rapture. > > > The goal of our ministry is to report our message to everyone we > > possibly can, in order to have what we've observed by reading the signs of > > the times', taken seriously, as it deserves scrutiny, and discussion. > > > We are alerting the people of the world, to take a look and see if what > > we evangelize is happening, or not. This is extremely important material! > > > We're not prophets, we're students, with 16 years of observation > > and comparison, seeking the overlay of 'on-stage history' and Daniels > > prophecy. The Lord told Daniel to seal it up, until it's time. So, when > > you find it happening in your time, then you would know that it is it's > > time! And, it's time, of course, is the End Time! > > > We've never talked about it before because we hadn't found what we > > were looking for. We've been out there looking for it, with trained eyes > and mind, studying it, comparing it, and assembling it for these 16 > > years, and now we find that it IS happening. And because it is, that > > makes it the END TIMES!> > Our web site reports and demonstrates our findings. They are > significant, and should be viewed as a sober attempt to make everyone > > take a look, and judge for themselves to see that it is happening this way. > > > Only the test of time will determine the proof. > > > The test of a prophet, is what he says comes true, but we're not the > > prophet, Daniel was, and it's already true, we're just the messengers, > > reading and reporting the signs of the time, that are there for everyone > > to behold. Because the only way for it to be 'end times', is if Daniel's story > > can be found walking around on the stage of history today. Otherwise, it > > would still be sealed up, and you wouldn't see it at all. > > > In the meantime, our redemption is sneaking in on us [like a thief in > > the night], instead of being sung in by the raised voices of all > > Christians, knowing their salvation is so near. And why? Because > Satan is hiding and misdirecting the truth, as God knew and said that> he would. > > As to who we think will take a serious look, we see it as the pre-trib > believers, and especially those who can understand that the Antichrist [peacemaker] does not come out of the European Community, also some Jews, and a few Laodiceans. But we want everyone to take a look, so the information is there, available for everyone we can reach. > > In addition to our web site we do a live presentation when invited to do so. And we're almost free. Just ask us. > > We are serious about this ministry because the facts of the matter are as we report, so it bears reporting them boldly and loudly. > > May God open your heart, and bless you with the knowledge of the truth. > > Your brothers in Christ from CHN, > Sal > Check us out thoroughly! Dear Sal , thank you for the info. I will take time to look at your web site. Bro. Julius.

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