Peter wrote:

>My questions are; How does one know when one gets a gift of 
>faith?  Did  I blow it, or was the burning desire to pray over him just 
>some  emotional thing?  How can I exercise the kind of faith that I 
>read about  in the Scriptures, and that used to happen in our group?

Dear Peter,

I'm glad that you ask these question. We all question the Lord each time we pray for a thing and it does not happen. We then have to refer back to the answer the Lord gave to the apostles concerning the same. "Why couldn't we cast the devil out?" That was the question the apostles asked. But Jesus answered and said, "because of your unbelief. However, this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting." (Mat.17:20-21).

God gives special gifts for miraclous performance to reveal that it is indeed the Lord's will for man to be well and to live. But because mankind is far from the ideal state (the stature of Christ) God has to bypass the norm to give special gifts to some from whom he demands that they fast "long fasts" to contain the power.

Secondly, there is what is called "times of refreshing" when God also condescending, comes down to pour out much anointing upon the church, during which miracles and prayers are easily received without much effort from the believers. (Acts 3:19). Outside of that refreshing time, the anointing is scarce or withdrawn, therefore, believers had tougher time to get things done. It becomes then that the highly placed spiritually among us will get things done by their prayers more than the rest of the crowd.

In summary, the Lord's will is in his word. But since we are dealing with rebel -satanic spirits, when we pray against some evils, we must realize that there is a wrestling match going on against us. We must strive to put on the whole armor of God (Ephe.6:11-15). We must attempt the long fasts seeking from the Lord the power that will place us above the adversary. You are not alone in the struggle, and God desires that the saints aspire to attain to that fulness of the stature of Christ. He is ready to help us, but He will not spoon-feed us.

You may notice that when we are freshly born-again, we almost get everything we ask in prayer often times. But after a while, the prayers seems to take longer times before it is answered. It is not just because we become "stale". It is like a new-born babe need not do much before food is served, and diaper is changed, and carried by the parent all the time. However that pampering will not be for ever! After a while, the Lord stops pampering us. We are to understand our right and get it from the adversary who usurped it from mankind. To get it we must be ready to fight for it, with the Lord on our side. He said "resist the devil, and he shall flee from thee." Sometimes we must resist stedfastly in the faith. Atimes it's like a tug of war. But we must remind the devil that our Lord Jesus Christ has already gotten the victory. That weakens the adversary.

May the Lord reveal more into your heart.

Bro. Julius

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Date: Sunday, 29-Oct-95 01:59 AM

From: Frank 
To:   julius Adewumi           \ Internet:    (

Subject: Questions about Heaven?


    First of all I would like to say I am very impressed by the Gospel  
Distribution Ministry Homepage!  I wish you the best of luck in its  
development (I can't wait!!!) :)

    I am currently doing a personal bible study to try to answer some  
questions that left me a little puzzled after re-reading the Bible. 

[Q] I am trying to determine when a soul goes to Heaven.

  I was raised Roman Catholic and have recently converted to  Presb.(USA). 
 I was always taught that when we die our soul will ascend 

to Heaven.  After reading God's Word (the Bible) I'm not so sure.  
Most of the information I've been able to find about the experience
of  Heaven is in the Revelation to John.  From this point of view it
 appears that until the Rapture no-one enters the Kingdom of Heaven,  
Jesus being the exception of course.  Now I know that the Revelation  
has many meaning and depending upon interpretation a different answer  
for everyone.  I was just wondering what your view on the question is,  
and the reason for this belief.  Any futher readings that you may be  able 
to recommend would also be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance, 
    Peace be with you,

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         thanks for your email.  About your question, there is a spiritual
place called Paradise, or Abraham's bossom where the dead righteous 
souls are resting, awaiting the ressurection.  The story of the rich man 
and Lazarus told by the Lord Jesus pointed that out.  It also revealed 
that the wicked souls are in a location which we call Hell, being  tormented,
 but  quite different from the lake of Fire.  
      Rev.6:9 also shows that the dead saints were peeping from under the altar, 
which separates their location (Paradise) from "Heaven" where the throne of God is.  
Also since Jesus rose and took away his physical body upwards towards the sky, 
it shows that the "Heaven" we are talking about is in the Universe. However, 
there is physical universe, and spiritual universe.  The Spiritual created the 
physical (Heb.11:3 - things seen were not made by things which do appear).  
Christ is the first to ressurect and it shows what God planned for human being 
that will overcome: we are spirit beings with physical body (unlike angels) that 
can traverse between the spiritual and the physical world (like Jesus Christ) now.  
It was the Devil who spoiled that for Adam and the rest of mankind. 
 And that is why the Son of God has come to destroy the works of the Devil. (Heb.2:9-15). 
 Jesus has redeemed us and those that believe can grow up to the stature of 
Christ to obtain the same immortalized body.  
   Read the Rapturing faith series and the "Abolition of death series"
in the Gospel Distribution Ministry home pages.  I will look for other
sermons and earlier literatures that explain this and try to put them on the 
homepage as soon as possible.

God bless.
Bro. Julius Adewumi

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> Date: Friday, 08-Sep-95 11:16 AM
> From: soos
> To:   julius Adewumi           \ Internet:    (
> Subject: faith
> I have read your latest writings on faith with a 'damn-the  consequence'
> attitude.  I agree with what you say, but have one  question:
> If God has made promises to one person, which is dependant one  choices of
> other people, is it not then possible that the promises of  God could not be
> fulfilled if the other people make wrong choices?
> If it is true that God will never override man's free will, aren't  some
> promises of God subject to man's obedience?
> In my experience God has made certain promises to me - but the  fulfillment of
> these promises are subject to choices that other  people have to make:  Now if
> the other people knowingly choose  differently, I do not know whether walking
> by faith will produce  results, since the other people are also serving God?
> I hope you understand what I mean.
> Regards
> Susan

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          I understand your question and I will like to answer as follows:
Yes, there are times when one's faith can override some other people's  
choices and then also there are times when it will not be
easy or almost impossible.  For example, the word of God supercedes all.  
It was written that if a married woman made a vow to God without her 
husband's knowledge, when the husband learns about the vow, he can 
nullify the vow.  You may ask how is that related to faith.  It is a principle 
of higher responsibility.  A minister gave a testimony in his radio sermon 
one time: he was praying for a church member to recover from a stroke or 
heart attack.  When the man revived, he said he was in heaven and he was 
happy and enjoying himself when Jesus came suddenly to him and said he 
must go back to earth.  He said "No, I don't want to go back, I like it here!"  
But Jesus said,"you must go back", and opened a curtain for the man to see 
and hear the minister praying and saying "Lord, I refuse to let this man die ....".    
That is, though the man prefered to stay up there, it was overruled by the faith 
of the minister.  In such cases, the stronger faith in line with the word of God 
will win.  Another example, Elijah prayed that there should be no rain  in 
Israel until "he" said so. Somebody somewhere later might be praying for rain.  
But Elijah had the bigger responsibility to bring Israel back to God. In my own 
example, I prayed against a politician who was running for the presidency of a 
country many years ago, while some believers around me vocally supported the 
politician and perhaps were praying for him to win.  However I had a
reason for standing against him - it was spiritual reason.  The man lost, though 
a favorite of the people.   
    The other times when I believe it is hard (not impossible, because
"All things are possible to him that believeth"), is for  example,  choosing a spouse.  
The man may be claiming a lady by faith after the lady had rejected his proposal.  
Even though faith can still cause
a change of heart in time, it will not be quick and easy until the reason for rejection 
is erased from the other party.  So then, we can
say even if the other party's choice is negative to one's faith, if faith hangs upon the 
word of God, in answer to the voice of faith, the Lord may lead one to take some 
physical steps that will change the other  party's choice.  It will still be the action of faith.

     God bless.
   Bro Julius.

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> Date: Thursday, 27-Jul-95 08:55 AM
> From: soo
> To:   julius Adewumi           \ Internet:    (
> Subject: Faith Series
> I would like to thank you for your Faith Series on Internet.  It  really came
> to me at the appointed time, confirming what I believe  and strenghtening my
> faith.
> God bless you.
> In the glorious Name of Jesus Christ.
> Susan 

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       thanks for your note.  The Lord is good and his word is for ever settled in heaven. 
 I am glad that you are edified. That is the whole purpose of putting the literatures on internet.
     Keep reading them -- especially the "rapturing faith series", and "the fear of God series".  
 There are new weekly sermons on faith which are slow to transcribe.  But they will get to
internet in time. Spread the news also so that others with access to internet will be blessed too. 
      I usually send the literatures by post to names on my mailing list, but I had only three 
names on the list from South Africa.
     The internet has opened up great opportunity for more people
to have access to information and we are glad the body of Christ is
taking advantage of the opportunity.  Dan.12:4 has been 
fulfilled many times over, and I believe the Lord has given mankind much 
knowledge for his kingdom's sake.

God bless.
Bro Julius Adewumi.

Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 13:40:29 -0700
Magnus  wrote:> 

> Dear Brother!

> Im sitting in here and read your sermons about being ready for the rapture.
> This is from your www site. I must say that God has given you really
> good insight in things around the spritual realm as well as soul and body.
> > Many knows that the holy Spirit are to make us ready for lift up to meet
> with Jesus and that he has to clean us and so on.
> But you have insight "exactly" how the holy Spirit do it so to say and that
> interest me. Many of us doesnt need to know it just know it works and the
> power comes.
> It was very intresting readning your writings about the holy Spirit indwells
> or empower your mind. I ve have looked for people who can just give
> the words to that experience and now I found.
> That is often what people look for. Mayeby they feel the presence of the
> holy Spirit...who will guide them and say It is the presence of the holy Spirit?
> Ive also read about something you were mention about spirit -body -
> soul architecture.
> I would ask if a can partake of those writings?

> I would like to read from someone who could give words to the things

> I think I know, so to say.

> You just gave some glimpse of insight in your writnings on the www site

> about those things.

> May the grace of Jesus and the love of the Father and the fellowship

> of the holy Spirit be with you!

> Best regards

> Jonas 
> --------------------------------------------------

Dear Jonas,   

     thank you for your email. I pray that the Lord reveal more

unto you directly.  The writing about spirit-soul-body architecture

you mentioned was in paper and may later be re-typed on internet

but the extract from the writing is what you read on internet.      

   Nothing more has been written on the topic since.

If you have specific question, it will help in future writing

on the topic as the answer is given or sought from the Lord.

God bless you.
Bro. Julius Adewumi.

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