Yemi  wrote:
> Brother Julius,
> I have been researching the subject of tithing for quite some time now.
> Whist examining Heb. 7 with the change over of the priestly order, I realize
> that the legal requirements have been done away with.
> It is true that Abraham did tithe off his spoils (after he received bread
> and wine from  the King of Salem) and the levites also paid tithes in him at
> that time. However we need to realize that we who were gentiles were grafted
> to the vine purely by faith!. We never paid tithes in Abraham. Moreover, as
> our Lord Jesus is, so are we; A royal priesthood and a chosen generation,
> heirs according to the promise. We are  already priests of the order of
> Melchisedec with the default ministry of reconciliation. Because the copy
> has been done away with, we received tithes from Abraham whilst in the loins
> of Melchisedec. The progression / genealogy of the order of Melchisedec is
> now purely by faith. The continuity of the priesthood is from the fact that
> not even death can separate us from our inheritance. We already possess
> eternal life!
> It seems to me that we have used the tithe to maintain centrally based
> organizations and refused to obey what is required of the new testament
> believer which is 'free will giving' until absolutely every need is met in
> the body of Chist. This was clearly demonstrated by the early church!.  In
> fact this is the type of giving that gets multiplied just as the feeding of
> the 5000 men.
> Please shed any insights you have in this subject area.
> Bro. Yemi 

Dear Yemi,
   your understanding is quite good, and the argument about
 tithing or not tithing has been presented on both sides. 
 I personally have not joined in the argument.  
However, since you asked, remember that Abraham gave 
tithe and there was no record how he became aware of the 
tithing principle.  We can only assume that the eternal God
gave the understanding to him.  Later the idea of tithing 
was passed down to Jacob and the Israelites, but it was not 
the law of Moses that brought it.  I can therefore say it
 is an ordinance of the Almighty God even before Abraham.  
Remember God put mankind here to till His land, and therefore 
he ought to receive of the fruit of the earth.  
That was the ordinance Abraham was aware of.  When God put the
 Israelites in Cannan He told them to do the same for the 
portion of the earth which God restricted himself to,
 since man left God.  We who have come back to God should 
therefore participate in his heart's desire and give the fruit 
of the earth. This is the insight that comes to my spirit as 
I start to write about this.  may the Lord reveal his heart to you.
     As to whether we are typified in "Melchisedec", I will not 
generalise this to mean all Christians, because, according to  
the revelation, only some of the saints fall into this category.

Bro. Julius.

A sister wrote:

>  Hello Brother Julius!

>  How are you doing these days?  All is well with me...thank you for keeping
>  me on your mailing list and sending me your newsletters, I really enjoy
>  them!

>  I have a question, I was wondering if perhaps you could give me some
>  insight.
>  The other nite I was attacked in my sleep.  The best way I can explain this
>  is sometimes I know when the enemy is coming, this time I didn't until it
>  was too late, anyway, when he comes it is never one of his imps, it is
>  always him, and then it is like he comes into my body and I am completely
>  paralyzed for the time he is there, you know like on the cartoons when the
>  character dies and the little white ghost figure flies away, kinda like
>  that.  Well, I was awake while this was happening, and I began to call on my
>  Lord to help me, but the enemy just kept coming, so I began to pray and he
>  kept on coming still...there was a time when I could just sit up in my bed
>  and he would go away, but not anymore, he doesn't even smile like he used
>  to.  I really don't know what he does while he is there, but sometimes it
>  hurts when he exists, right around my belly area, and when he is there, I
>  can't move or make a sound but I am aware of my surroundings...

>  I have asked my Lord to give me insight concerning these attacks, I have
>  sought Him for the cracks in my armor that would allow this thing to happen
>  to me, I have no understanding, nor have I ever run across anyone who has
>  had similar experience...and sometimes when I go to my other Christian
>  family members, they all say there is something wrong with me, that there is
>  something I must settle with God, but I am living for Him, yet these attacks
>  continue.  I do notice at times the attacks are more frequent the closer and
>  the more time I spend in His Word and just doing things for Him to promote
>  the kingdom...I truly have a desire to be all that He wants me to be.

>  I am wondering if perhaps I am missing something, because I can't understand
>  why this keeps happening to me, I just do not get's been going on
>  for years and I cannot figure out the common denominator of it all, I try
>  the Word and reading literature on Spiritual Warfare but I have no clue.

>  Have you ever had this experience or met someone who has?  Why doesn't
>  praying in my language turn him away? or calling out to my Savior for help?
>  How do I understand if it is me, what to do to prevent these attacks and how
>  do I understand the damage if any that is being done to me when he is
>  present?

>  Thank you for any assistance you can give me concerning this matter, I have
>  anointed my house and prayed over my rooms, I am careful about what I read
>  and watch and bring into my home, even allow to come in, yet I do not
>  understand.  These attacks were real intense when I was in Turkey and much
>  more frequent than now.  Again, thanks for just letting me take this time.

>  Have a blessed day, I await your reply.

>  Yours in Christ,
>  A Sister.
Dear Sister,
                           peace be unto thee and love in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
About the attack from the enemy which you wrote about, a minister once said "if
you don't run into the devil, you must be going in the same direction with the devil".
The devils attack us because we are hurting his kingdom one way or another.   The 
Lord only allows it to make us stronger and so that we should remember "christian
soldier, don't seek rest yet".    If you witness effectively, satanic spirits are prone
to attack, and what you described is one of such attacks, and every effective servant
of God has experienced it.  Bear in mind that CHrist said "Nothing shall by any 
means hurt you".  Your faith in that word of Christ is your shield.  Believe it.  
When devils attack, they are actually trying to pass a disease into human body.  
But as I said above, the word of Jesus Christ to us is "Behold I give unto you 
power to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. 
And nothing shall by any means hurt you." (Lk.10:19)  Therefore also, always "put 
on the whole armor of God".  (Eph.6:13).  
     At the instance when such devil approaches, remember to say "the blood of 
Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus".     Or  say "in the name of the Lord 
Jesus Christ I bound you devil".   i.e instead of praying and asking  the Lord, we 
are instructed to act by taking our authority and rebuking the devil.  Or say "The 
Lord rebuke thee, satan, the Lord  rebuke thee!"   
     At times, the mouth may not be able to talk at those instances because some 
spirits could temporarily seal the victims' lips.  I have sometimes knocked my feet
together to wake myself up to the physical so that I can rebuke them from this side.
Otherwise, say those words in your mind.  
      In summary, continual spiritual growth, by fasting, praising God, and prayer 
will outgrow some of those spiritual attacks.   If when you wake up you feel any 
ailment where those spirits touched, use the name of Jesus and your faith to quench 
the darts of the devil, and the Lord will bless you more.  
(Read Rapturing Faith part 11).

Your brother,

Brother Julius.

Michele wrote:
>I am really interesting about the subject of immortality, as, 
>actually, I am scared to die 
>and would like to help myself and my mother to become immortal. 

Dear Michele,
       thank you for your email.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the
author of life and He is the one who can give immortality.  
The Christian faith is a revelation that the Lord Jesus Christ came 
to the world to purchase back for mankind what makind lost by 
Adam's transgression.   Now, the beginning of this redemption is
that we must first be reconciled to God, by the forgiveness of our 
sin and that the blood of Jesus cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 
 Know that this first step to follow Jesus Christ completely 
depends upon "believing" this truth.   So is every step to reclaim 
the full redemption brought to mankind also depends on
progressively believing each revelation, and doing the exhortations 
given. "The just shall live by faith".  
      You must ask Jesus in prayer to come into your heart and 
make you a new creature, so that you be born again by the Spirit 
of the Living God. When you are born again, live for Christ by 
obeying the scriptures.  Thenceforth, pray to the Lord and ask 
whatever you desire. He will take care of the rest.
      There is no medicine or drug that can give you immortality. 
The Lord Jesus Christ is the medicine.  The Lord said in the bible, 
"I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat 
of this bread, he shall live for ever: ...... Whosoever eateth my 
flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise 
him up at the last day." (John 6:51-53).
      Begin to study the new testament with this understanding and
the Lord will lead you unto all truth.  The faithful believers in 
Christ were not afraid to die for Christ even when they did not 
attain to this faith for immortality, because they know that the Lord Jesus will raise
them up again at the last day to live for ever.  
However, in this endtime, some believers will attain to this 
glorification.  This is the faith which we preach.  
It's like a race.  You must jump into the race and run the
race, knowing the goal.
     I admonish you to take time and study all the literature on
our web-site for more understanding and for faith.  I will send 
some of them in book form to you.

God bless you.

Bro. Julius Adewumi

From: "Albert" 

Subject: The Order of Melchisedec

>  what an awesome article.  I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of
> Day Saints.  The Aaronic and Melchisedec Preisthood has been restored in
> these latter days through Joseph Smith. I often wondered how they got a
> like Melchidedec and your article helps to reconfirm my faith in knowing
> that the gospel has been restored in the latter days.
> God Bless.
     thank you for your email about Melchisedec order.
However, I do not believe Joseph Smith reinstated this order as your
denomination claimed.  
Maybe Joseph Smith understood the message and he or someone else
twisted it.  For anyone to indicate that the organization they 
set up is the "order" shows lack of full understanding of the plan 
of God, just like the Jehovah's witness claim that their "kingdom" 
is that kingdom of God, which made them call their gathering 
"kingdom halls".
The Melchisedec order as the Lord  made me to understand it, 
is "spiritual".

Bro. Julius.


Ben Wrote:
  Bro Julius,
  God bless u, how is ministry? U have not sent me magazine 
for a long time what is the problem? pls I need answers to 
the following questions
  1.Will the translation of the Saints be bodily and not Spiritual change?
  2.What does being caught up to meet the Lord in the cloud and  Air mean?

Dear Ben,
              perhaps your address is not in my mailing list.  
I can send via email also if you can read MSWord format.
Answers to your questions:
1.Will the translation of the Saints be bodily and not Spiritual change?
             Answer is in 1Cor.15:51:  "Behold I shew you a mystery: 
             we shall not all sleep (i.e. dead), but we shall all be changed".

            It means we shall not all die bodily, therefore we shall have to be 
            changed bodily.
2.What does being caught up to meet the Lord in the cloud and  Air mean?
            Answer is in Acts.1:9:  "And when he had spoken these things,
            while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight."
            Again "this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven,
                       shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven".

Therefore, if you understand Jesus went up into the sky bodily (a bodily that gravity
had no effect upon, both on water and in the air), we shall be like as the Lord shall
lift us up to meet him in the sky (cloud, air).  Note, the physical body of the Lord
is not floating around in the sky, neither shall we.  He went into another world (spiritual world
or heaven)  -- with  his body that is now "glorified", and so shall we also be glorified.  Amen.
"And every man  that has this hope in him, purifieth himself, even as he is pure."  (1Jn.3:3)

God bless you.

Bro. Julius