Ruth wrote:

> Hello!
> I receive your newsletters regularly and I HAD to take this moment to
> thank you sooo much for taking the time to share the Word.
> This one tho' is especially meaningful to me and touches me in a way you
> would never understand.  For soo long I have never understood some
> things, but you were able to describe the life we live in such a way
> that is very difficult to put into words.  This makes it clearer to me
> than ever before.
> This is a hard life for those of us who have been chosen by our Father
> to such a calling.  I am one of those in the running mode and now I
> understand why I am in this strange place.  I was wallowing in the
> gastric juices of the big fish and loving it as disgusting as that
> sounds, but I realize I cannot stay in this place any longer.  I must do
> and be what my Father says.
> I suppose, too that I have always know about the things you write about,
> it is just reinforcing all of those things at a time when I need it
> most.  God is always on time.
> Well, thanks again for continuing to encourage me via these newsletters,
> I do share them and save them all and take them with me and read them
> over and over again.  I appreciate all that you do for the sake of the
> Kingdom.
> Have a blessed day and Peace!, in Jesus' name!
> Ruthy :-)

Dear sister Ruth,
        thanks for the encouragement in your email.
Keep reading all the literature over and over again, as also I do regularly.

It does minister to me as to all who read them.   The Lord is still working
on all of us, and when he is done, we shall come forth as pure gold.

Pray up, and sing His praises daily, and so shall His presence be
around you.

God bless you.

Bro. Julius Adewumi.

Born Again wrote: 

>  Hello bro. Adewumi, 

>  I have a question. Sometimes I experience the following: when I visit 
>  somebody or talk to somebody, I sometimes get the vague feeling as if I 
>  have been in tha place before, while I never was there, there is a sense of 
>  recognition, or the person, is talking about some subject, and suddenly 
>  when he speaks a line or two, I cannot but help feeling I heard the same 
>  words sometime before. But I don't know hwere it is coming from. Is this a 
>  normal experience everybody has, or could it also have a different reason? 
>     Is this an ocassional thing or it happens to you everytime?

    Also, will you classify yourself as filled with the Holy Spirit and have someof the gifts? 
   However what you described is not  a "normal" experience 
although it is not too strange nor uncommon.  There can be several reasons 
for such sensing.  a) Could be human familiarity to subject/place - there are 
many similarities in this world. b) People could have been in dreams and seen 
places, or heard subjects- which later is confirmed in physical presence. c) There 
can be Holy Ghost gift of "word of knowledge" or, d) there can also be demonic 
influence of the psychic origin causing such sensing. 

 > Another question. I read in one of the newsgroups about a person who works 
 > in a hospital helping delivering babies. And he experienced the following. 
 > One day a couple came to the hospital and te woman had a baby coming. When 
 > it was born it had a strange birth mark, the number 666. Everybody could 
 > see it, and they were astonished. But the next day, when day checked the 
 > records and files of the day before, there was nothing there, no name, no 
 > address, nothing. What could this have been, if it was true that is? 

I have not heard this before, nor count it as anything.  If it is  true, the devilwas simply playing a trick on the
people involved.  It is more a fantasy, and a 
made-for-movie make-believes, like a woman who came on Good-Morning 
America or "Today" program claiming that when she toasted bread, an inscription 
appeared on her bread praising satan.   And the woman was a satanic worshipper. 
We all can tell that she made it up to propagate her religion. 

Follow the bible closely and ye shall not be deceived! 

Born Again wrote: 

>  Hi Julius, 

>  I want to relate this story to you which happned to me: at work, there is a 
>  coleauge who is very, very difficult to work with. Everyone dislikes him, 
>  but he keeps treating people very badly, shouting at them, never leaving 
>  them at peace. If you walk through a narrow path and see hem coming towrads 
>  you, you can feel the tension building up. Once he threw his chewing gum at 
>  me out of anger which was cuased by nothing. At another time, he hit my cap 
>  from my head. At yet another time, while sitting in the cantine, he came 
>  sitting at my table and started kikking my chair, and so on. He is also 
>  very active, he runs to and fro. When these things began to annoy me, I 
>  started paraying against the evil spirits in him; and one day I had the 
>  faith that God had heard my prayer, when I aksed Him to apply His living 
>  blood, his Name, and finished work to those spirits in him. The time when I 
>  prayed this was 14.30 PM. I had to work at 15.30 PM, and when I arrived I 
>  heard that this man had a serious blackout just at 14.30 hours, he became 
>  dizzy, he nearly fainted, and he had to go home. But after he recovered. he 
>  didn't change a lot. I guess I just have to go on praying is it not? 
>  Sometimes its discouraging when there is no immediate change. What are your 
>  comments on this? 

>  Greetings, 

>  Born Again

What you have prayed for the man has not been specific.   What the man needsis for the demon to be casted
out of him, which many times requires his agreement. 
It sounds like the man is possessed by the demon, and not merely oppressed. 
Oppression is when someone is constantly listening to evil spirits, while possession is when someone is
inhabited by the evil spirits.  Both need deliverance.   The oppressed need to hear the gospel and submit to
the word, then 
he can drive the devil away by himself.  The possessed need ministration by 
servants of God to be delivered.  In many cases, the possessed can still be 
unoccupied enough to hear the word, before the devil in him agitates against the 
     My admonition is that you pray that the man begin to be attentive to the gospel 
which you should attempt to communicate to him.  When he is attentive, the devil 
will be cast out of him either by your prayer/command or by another minister of 
the gospel. 

God bless. 
Bro. Julius