Mike  wrote:
>  I was looking over your list of books and thought
> I would write and find out how to perchase them and the costs. I have been
> a christian for years and only learned about the infilling of the Holy
> Ghost about a year ago and have had a fire burning ever since. I love to
> teach others about the ways of my Lord and may be interested in looking at
> your books and sermans. Looking forward to hearing from you.
      simply email to me your postal address and I will send some
books to you.  The Rapturing Faith series are in booklets,
The Faith Testimonies parts 1 and 2, and the Unseen World  are
30 pages booklets; also the Fear of God series, and Revealed Truth
series are 16 pages booklets.   Some of the sermons are in monthly
4-page flyers send to people in my mailing list.  
I send copies freely and ask believers to send offering to help in the
Lord's work in return.

God bless.
Bro Julius.

Subject: Re: What should I do? Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 13:18:17 -0700 Tom wrote: > > Dear Brother Julius, > > Is it possible to be a good Christian and at the same >time a Roman Catholic? > Please advise! > > Tom Dear Tom, a true Christian is someone who has been committed to obey the bible. Therefore he searches the bible to prove what is the perfect will of God. Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy :"Study to show thyself approved unto God" (2Tim.2:15). Have you been born again? Can you sincerely identify the day when Jesus Christ became the Lord of your life? Have you made your decision to follow him, whereever he leads you? If yes, then he wants you to search the scriptures by yourself and see if certain belief you have been taught previously are founded in the bible. If the Lord will open your spiritual eyes to the errors in such doctrines as can be found in your church, you must be humble to accept the bible without rationalizing the word of God. (And there are many such doctrines in the Roman Catholic church - whereby rose the beginning of protestanism). May the Lord reveal them to you. Bro. Julius.
Eddy wrote:
> Eddy
> nl
> Dear brother,
> I have a question for you. I have an aunt who is demon possessed. She
> is schizofrenic. Once when I commanded the demons to leave her, she
> turned around and looked at me with the eyes of a wild angry animal,
> she also started to laughe histerycally. At that moment I felt
> something coming out of her and entering me. When that happened I
> started to shake and tremble, and I heard a thundering sound in my
> ears. I almost had to through up. I was at my wits end. The outside
> world and everything around me appeared strange to me. Now, remember,
> that only happened after I had thus commanded the spirit. It took me a
> week of prayer and claiming the Blood before I was delivered from that
> contamination. My aunt lost almost fourty pounds in a week or so. At
> another occasion when I prayed with faith against the spirits in her,
> I had a dream the following night: I was in a house with my brother,
> watching TV. The house was almost completely white on the inside. When
> (in the dream) the darkness set in, I heard someone knocking at the
> door. I went to the door and looked through the barred window, to see
> if there was someone at the door. But at first I saw no one, so I
> thought by myself, I must have been  mistaken, so I went back to the
> living room and sat down. But a few seconds later I was startled by a
> great noise. I ran to the door and saw that someone was trying to bash
> the door down. The doorpost and casing were almost broken into
> shiverings. I held my breath, and thank God, suddenly it stopped. When
> I looked through the window I saw my aunt walking away, she had give
> up. At that moment I woke up and I felt the precence of evil spirits
> around me. It was a scary experience. Did I do the right thing? Or was
> this something to "big" for me?
> Ed
   have  you received the Holy  Ghost since you believed?
Without the Holy Ghost, it is not recommended for someone 
to be messing around with exorcising demons. Remember Acts 19:13-16.
The Lord Jesus told the disciples to tarry  in Jerusalem until
 endued with power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon them.
You don't assume you have him.  You must know when Jesus filled 
you with the Holy Ghost.   With the Holy Ghost in a believer,
even if the devil disobeys, the believer will not be in danger 
like how you felt something left your aunt and enter into you.  You
will be able to rebuke it and it will not enter you. It may attempt
to attack you (externally) but it cannot enter.
My admonition is that you seek the Lord and be filled full of the
Holy Ghost.

Bro. Julius