Persecution Series


Some years ago the Lord woke me up with a vision that the "new order" is very near. . I asked the angel that spoke with me that "HOW SOON SHOULD WE EXPECT THAT NEW ORDER?" And the angel said "According to Hiel's prophecy, it will have been fully established in 20 years".

From the scriptures, the Hiel's prophecy was understood by me as that of Hiel the Bethelite who rebuilt the prophetic Jericho which was destroyed and cursed by Joshua the son of Nun. (Joshua 6:26). Hiel laid the foundation thereof on his firstborn, Abiram, and set up its gates at the cost of his youngest son, Segub (1 Kings 16:34). This Jericho symbolised the kingdom of the world in the ordinance of its takeover and its destruction: 7 days trumpeting, 7th day march 7 times, is likened to the 7 church ages, 7 trumpets and the 7 vials of plagues upon the earth in the book of Revelations.

Hiel rebuilt Jericho and bore the curse. Now God shall rebuild the earth after the battle of Armageddon. The foundation is laid on the blood of Jesus Christ, the firstborn from the dead (Col.1:18), and the gates thereof on the two witnesses of Elijha anointing (Rev.11) the last born, because Christ said "the least in the kingdom of God is greater than he (John the baptist, Elijah the prophet). Therefore when the angel told me that it is before 20 years according to Hiel's prophecy, that the new order will have been established on the earth, Don't be surprised when the United Nations organisation started to use the terminology of "the NEW ORDER" after the gulf war, wanting to setup a global police, one world government, that will be able to rundown any nation that refuse to obey their instruction. With this new order promulgated since the 1990s, Zechariah 14:1 becomes eminent against the nation of Israel especially since Israel always find it difficult to abide by the United Nation's resolutions about the Palestinian issue. Therefore at the proper time,expect to see armageddon around the dateline above "for I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle: and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall NOT be cut off from the city. THEN SHALL THE LORD GO FORTH, AND FIGHT AGAINST THOSE NATIONS, AS WHEN HE FOUGHT IN THE DAY OF BATTLE".

Yea, prepare to meet the Lord! He is coming soon. (Eze.39:9).


Rev.18:2-3 ( ... BABYLON IS FALLEN ... FOR ALL NATIONS HAVE DRUNK OF THE WINE OF THE WRATH OF HER FORNICATION, AND THE KINGS OF THE EARTH HAVE COMMITTED FORNICATION WITH HER ..." May you take note that in Ezekiel 16, and in the prophets, when God spoke of Israel as committing fornication, we know it refers to the relationship of Israel as married to God. God would not have used the word "fornication" if the city named "babylon" is not supposedly related as to be married to God. Therefore we can look for a city from the time of apostle John, till now that fits the description of a God-religion city (Rev.17:18).

Rev. 17:18 said the city reigneth over the earth, and Rome was the city reigning over the earth in that time as Roman-Empire. Up till now the nations of the world look at the city of Rome where the post which men has raised up to be the "vicar" of Christ is situated, as the seat-city of church-religion, supposed to be married to Christ.

Therefore God had symbolised the backslidden Rome as the fornicated woman - babylon, having daughters: apostate protestants- harlots. Yet not just the pillar and posts of the city. It is certain that the city itself shall be destroyed as prophesied in Rev.18:21, but the inhabitants and their idolatrous church system forms the whore-fornicator! Therefore when the protestant-daughters sit down in the ecumenical council with their mother harlot, God saith, " .. THOU SUFFEREST THAT WOMAN JEZEBEL, WHICH CALLETH HERSELF A PROPHETESS, TO TEACH AND TO SEDUCE MY SERVANTS TO COMMIT FORNICATION, AND TO EAT THINGS SACRIFICED UNTO IDOLS .." (Rev.2:20-23). (Yea, their sacrificial sacrament every sunday is unto idols, saith the Lord!). Therefore saith the Lord, "Behold I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds".

If as an individual or your congregation continue to compromise or sympathise with the church of Rome and commit fornication with her (pleasing the government powers that be), you can be sure you will be left to pass through the great tribulation. When God says "come out of her my people", it is necessarily not just talking about the city Rome that shall be destroyed by fire; it involves coming out of the harlot church systems, because God will kill her children with death! (Rev.2:23 i.e Hell! Powerless religion!) Those that will not take heed to this calling now but are doubting how it will lead them to the antichrist, and they continue to go on with their false churches and lukewarm churches, I will tell you what is likely to happen to them: As long as you continue with the lukewarm and dead churches, a spiritual rope is on your feet, chained to the traditions in the organisation, until your deceived leaders, merging your church with the council of churches, command all of you to receive the antichrist's mark when it shall appear. Then you that is enlightened will want to say 'NO'. There shall be persecution and bloodshed and "the gnashing of teeth" when you come face to face with the antichrist's mark.

Whereas the people that are taking heed to this calling and are separating themselves from the lukewarm churches, and have looked out for anointed christian-groups and ministers that are separated from babylon-church-systems to fellowship with, they are being sealed by the Holy Ghost in the spirit; and suddenly unnoticed, Christ raptures them. (Mat.25:1-13). Therefore choose which category you will be! Will you be in the foolish virgins' class who had no sealed lamp, until in the end they have to suffer the gnashing of teeth by the persecution and the great tribulation in the millions? (And if that is your lot, you will do well not to deny Christ in the trial times! No repentance for those that deny Christ in the days ahead). Else come out of "her" now and trim your lamps for the bridegroom cometh nigh! BE WISE!

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