Faith For Crisis

You must have gotten understanding about the plan of God to call people out of sin to be saints, to redeem and sanctify the saints for glorification whereby He shall restore unto them what Adam lost. Because the glory of God, immortal light covering was given unto Adam as birth-right by which he could rule the earth; but he lost it by the story of Genesis 3. through the sin of Gen.3 the Cain lineage increased on the earth.

Now the time has ripen when the "light" shall forever be separated from "darkness", when the "true seed" shall be separated from the the "corrupt seed", when the line of "Seth" shall be totally separated from the line of Cain. That means, the "sons of God" shall be brought into His barn while the sons of men of the world (Gen. 6:1-3) shall be harvested into the winepress of the wrath of God. But it is certain that not all that go to churches are in the lineage of Seth hence shallevery son that come unto God be chastised and tried as silver is tried. He that abideth till the end shall be saved.

The trial times are coming brethren. Build upon your most holy faith. But faith cometh by hearing, and hearing , by the word of God, hence "watch what you hear and how you hear it". Seek the sincere word of God hungrily, which may not be within your fellowship group because all the five ministerial gifts of the Lord (Ephe.4:11-13; apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors) have their duties for "perfection of the saints, and edifying of the body of Christ ". So you need to attend camp-meeting of bible revivals and read many sermon books of other ministers for your edification. FEAR NOT! You cannot feed only on milk without meat and strong meat; it will result in mal-nutrition.

Crisis,violence, famine, pestilences, and much more horrible things are coming upon the world, plus severe persecution against true believers, (Rev.13:7), paralleled to the type in Rome's arena where saints were given to feed the mouth of hungry lions, and many others were killed during the time (including apostle Paul). It shall be a time of proving the faithful ones among christians as it is written: "be thou faithful unto death and I shall give thee a crown of life" (Rev.2:10). Lo, "power was given unto the beast" (antichrist) "to wage war with saints and to overcome them". (Rev.13:7). When that time shall come wherein all nominal churches may cancel the word that "only Jesus can save" from their midst for false peace with other religions, will you be able to profess the truth, even against sword and imprisonment? But know that they that deny Christ to save their lives shall still lose it, and shall be destroyed within 3 to 4 years later by the plagues and world war that shall destroy masses even though they feared imprisonment and mob-action for the name of Jesus. Therefore why not rather lay down your life for the name of Jesus, to make your election into the kingdom an assurance doubly sure, within few years after which all the dead in Christ shall rise again to inherit the earth from where your persecutors are consumed?

Yea, and even by faith, many shall pass through the mockery and wilderness flight and suffering, and still be alive and remain till Christ appear to take them up in the rapture. "He that believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he live; and whosoever liveth, and believeth in me shall never die. Believeth thou this?" (John 11:25-26).

Someone asks "will the mark of the beast still meet Christians on the earth?" Yea, remember in Revelation 20:4, those that were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and had not received the mark of the beast, lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. Only the "manchild" (Rev.12:5) has been caught up to the throne of God, which are a limited number; but the main rapture/translation occurs for multitudes (Rev.7:9-17) who passed through great tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb. These are born-again christians too. What make them uncountable is that it is the time of ressurrection of the saints also. After that, the judgement on the antichrist begins in the 7 last plagues: all waters turn to blood etc. (Rev 16) "If the days were not shortened, no flesh will have been saved."

Therefore brother and sister, choose this day on whose side you shall be and stand! Are you going to deny Christ because of sword or imprisonment and yet within 3 or 4 years later be destroyed with the sinners for ever? Will you not rather confess Jesus and his word to the end, though you lay down your life now and within few years later also ye shall be ressurrected and given the earth to live and reign for ever and ever with the Lord Jesus Christ? The latter is the better!

I have decided to follow Jesus! No circumstances can change my decision! I have decided to follow Jesus; No turning back! No turning back! No turning back!

Brethren, begin to brazen yourself for whatever shall come your way, to stand for Jesus ever. As he said: "HE THAT OVERCOMETH SHALL NOT BE HURT OF THE SECOND DEATH"! (Rev.2:11) Through much tribulation shall we enter the kingdom of God. Then Christ shall not be ashamed to call us brethren, both in tribulation and in glory. (The call to come out of lukewarm denominations is needful now, because those churches shall agree with the antichrist and many found inside them at the time can only be delivered from the mark of the beast "saved as by pulling out of fire" (Jude 1:23). Have no council nor union with those organisations that are headed for reconciliation with Rome! Preaching to them must preferably be from the outside. Beware! Our unity must also not be by council of evangelists -- man-made! Reject it! Only unity of faith, believing the same thing about Jesus and His love binds us spiritually together as one. Take advice! We are fighting a spiritual warfare! It matters!) AMEN!

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Bro. Julius Adewumi, Gospel Distribution