Persecution series


" ... and then too, the Lord told me himself, the Holy Spirit of God, there will come upon the true church over the earth -- there is coming a persecution that we've never seen before. And they will persecute. And when they begin the persecution, that's what's going to cause the people to draw closer to the Lord! They are not going to -- the true ones are not going to run from God. But the true ones are going to draw! The very place where they have been wanting to get - bless God, He's going to get them there! And the persecution is going to do it! Can you say amen? It'll be a type of persecution, we don't know entirely how that it will come, but it will come. Probably through the boycotting of jobs and food and different things even before the mark of the beast is issued. And then it gets rougher. But there will come a type of persecution and it will come on the earth. But it won't last long because the Lord is going to tell them to come up ! And they're going to be caught-up, and they're going to be with him! But that will come upon the earth and not just to say a group here or a group there, but all over the earth where God's true people are at, there is coming a persecution. Some places will be harder than other places. But in all places there is coming a persecution. It will not - you will not escape it if you are a true child and you love the Lord in your heart -- something will be said or done. But the Lord's hand will be with you more so than anytime in your life! You will feel and understand God more than you ever have in your life! And your faith will be automatic and the Lord will be there with you! And it's coming because He will lift up a standard during this time! And that is what the ministry is to do; It's to build you up in the most holy faith and power! And it's happening too! And He 's getting ahold of you and the Lord is building your faith up! .... AND YOU SHALL NOT DENY HIM ALSO as you feed from this booklet. AMEN!

P E R S E C U T I O N! F E A R N O T!

(First printed in 1982) (2nd edition 1990) "I pray the Holy Spirit will quicken your soul with the exhortation herein to prepare for the worst in this christian race: for the end is nigh, and the prophecies about the antichrist (Rev.13:7) and also about the kingdom of God must be fulfilled. Lo, it cometh! ....." (BY BRO. JULIUS ADEWUMI)


  • Chapter 1 - Faith for crisis
  • Chapter 2 - The Least in God's Kingdom
  • Chapter 3 - Future vs. Past Persecutions
  • Chapter 4 - Faithful Quotes
  • Chapter 5 - Carry Your Cross and follow Jesus
  • Chapter 6 - What is "Mystery Babylon"

    ..Sermon(s) on persecution..

  • Endure hardness as a good soldier. (March 96)
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