Jesus the second Adam

       (from a sermon of Bro.Julius Adewumi)

        In Genesis 3,  the  pronouncement  of
judgement   upon  Adam  says:  "Because  dust
thou   art,  and   unto   dust   shalt   thou
return".   That was the begining of  physical
death  upon  the  human race.    However  God
also  promised salvation: "The  seed  of  the
woman  shall   bruise   the   head   of   the
serpent".  We believe Jesus Christ   is  that
seed  of  the woman. He came into this  world
to   bruise   the   head  of satan,   and  to
redeem mankind back to the promise  given  to
man   by   God.  That   means,   Christ   has
removed  the curse  from  mankind,  but   how
many  curses did He actually remove?  On  the
cross  Jesus said  "it  is  finished".   This
means   our   redemption   is complete.  What
are   the   things   that  came    into   the
world   through   the disobedience  of   Adam
and  Eve?   We know  that  sin,sickness,  and
death  came into the world.  If  Christ   has
come   to  redeem  us,  He  has got to redeem
us from  sin,  from  sickness, and from death
--   physical  death.  For  this  Jesus  said
"Verily, verily I say unto you, if a man keep
my  saying,  he  shall   never   see   death"
(Jn.8:51).  There  are  many  verses  in  the
bible  concerning  abolition  of  death   and
that   God's  will  is  not for man  to  die.
Christ  provides  total  salvation  and  full
redemption.[ 2Tim 1:10, Eze 18:32  ...]    He
has  removed   sin, sickness,  and death from
mankind (if only mankind will come to believe
it)  because    those  were  wages   of   the
disobedience of Adam and  Eve.  Jesus is  the
new  Adam;  He has removed all these   curses
from    mankind, but individual  has  got  to
believe  it.  If you have  been  using   your
faith  against  sicknesses,  know  also  now,
God    is   revealing   to   us   that     He
actually    removed   physical   death   from
mankind.   But  you  have  to   confront  and
challenge  death;  you  have  to fight it out
with  the devil -- resist the  devil.   Jesus
said,"The   thief  cometh  not  but  for   to
steal,and   to  kill,  and to destroy;  I  am
come  that  they might have life,  and   that
they  might   have  it more abundantly"  (Jn.
10:10).   Also  He  said,   "   I   am    the
ressurrection     and    the    life    ...."
(Jn.11:25).   That means, if   we   that  are
alive  can  believe, He is able to  keep   us
alive.   If  you  keep  the saying  of  Jesus
and   believe   this message  against  death,
Jesus said  He has  the  power  to  keep  you
alive. Jesus said "I am the  first  and   the
last"   (Rev.1:17,18)  "I  am  He that liveth
and  was  dead; and behold I  am  alive   for
ever  more;  Amen!  and have  the   keys   of
hell   and   of  death". Because  Jesus   has
the  keys of hell and of death, He  has   the
power   to keep  any  man  from death; He  is
the  final  authority  now!    Satan   cannot
kill   anybody  if Jesus does not  allow  it.
Jesus  has  the  power to  keep   you  alive.
Believe    it!     Claim   it!  Wrestle  with
the   devil   against  all odds   and   Jesus
will   stand  by you because the Father   has
repented  of the   curse   that  was   placed
upon  mankind  and  He  is  on    our    side
(Psa.118:6,7,17). He is the Almighty, and  He
is coming soon also.

Immortality Runs In My Family

(from a Radio Sermon of Bro. Julius Adewumi)
    Let's consider this again;  what  are the
things  used  by  the devil to  kill  people?
Number one :  Diseases.   But Christ gave  us
power  over  diseases as it  is  written  "By
whose  stripes  ye were healed".  Number two:
Accidents. The book of Psalms chapter  91  is
full  of  promises of God to protect us  that
trust    in   Him.   It   said   in     verse
10:"there  shall no evil befall thee, neither
shall any  plague  come  near thy  dwelling".
If   you  lay hold on such promises, you  can
overcome every accident. What else can you be
afraid of? What else can the  devil  use   to
kill  people? You may say "what about bullets
or  gun?"  Jesus gave  us  more promises   in
the  bible.  In  Isaiah chapter 54  verse  17
it   says:   "No  weapon   that   is   formed
against   you   shall   prosper...".     That
includes  weapons    such   as   bullets   or
even  bombs.  You are to claim that  promise.
That   is  the  level  of  faith  Christ   is
bringing us to.  Remember Elijah  the prophet
against   the  soldiers  of Ahaziah the  king
of Israel. He called fire  upon  them!   That
is  the  faith and power Christ can  manifest
through us  when  it  needs  be.   Christ has
abolished  death! It is for  the   end-  time
believers   to   enjoy   this   benefit    of
redemption     and     partake     of     His
immortality.    In  Heb.  2:9,14-15  it  says
"Christ  tasted death  for  every man",   and
that   "through  death  He might destroy  him
that has the  power of  death,  that  is  the
devil; and deliver  them  who  through   fear
of  death    were    all    their   lifetime,
subject to bondage".  This  Jesus  in you and
me has brought immortality!

    I  want  to tell you something:  I   just
found   out  today;  the man that  lived  the
longest  on this planet is  in  my  ancestry.
In    fact,    one    of   my  ancestors   is
still  alive,  he  has never  died;  he   has
been  living for the past 5000 years.  I want
to   tell you this that "IMMORTALITY RUNS  IN
MY  FAMILY!"  You may say  "which  family are
you   talking   about?"  I say  "my  family".
That  is  why   I   can   believe  this  that
"Christ has abolished death and brought  life
and   immortality   to  light  through    the
gospel"  (2 Tim.1:10).  This same gospel   we
are  preaching   to  you is what  Christ  has
used  to  reveal  immortality,   telling  you
and me that "verily,verily I say unto you, if
a  man  keep my saying, he shall   never  see
death".  He  also said "I am the ressurection
and  the  life; he  that  believeth   in   me
though  he were dead  yet  shall   he   live:
And  whosoever   liveth and believeth  in  me
shall   never  die.   Believeth   thou this?"
(Jn.11:25).  Christ is asking you  the   same
question:   "Believeth  thou  this?"  Do  you
believe  He  has  the power   to   keep   you
alive?   If  you believe that Jesus  is  God,
you  should  be  able to believe  this.   (My
message is   to  show  you  that  it  is  the
Father's    will   for    man     to     have
immortality.   Just as preachers  have  tried
over  and   over  again  to  make  Christians
understand that it  is the Father's  will  to
heal  our  body.   The will  of the  Lord  is
written all over the scriptures!)

    Jesus said "I am the ressurection and the
life".   That   means  no  man can  ressurect
unless   Jesus    ressurects him,   and   for
someone to live alive and never die, it   has
to   be   Jesus that  will  keep  him  alive!
I  said above that "Immortality  runs  in  my
family".    God   has just showed  it  to  me
today that  one  of  my  ancestors lived  for
about   969 years. In fact his father  before
him  is still alive and never died.  You  may
say  "whom is he talking about?" I  said  one
of   my ancestors;  of  course he is also one
of  your ancestors if you don't  know.  Let's
look at the bible.  Enoch lived for about 365
years  and God took him; he  did   not   die;
he is still alive today. He is  my  ancestor.
His   son  after  him, Methuselah, lived  for
969  years.   Even in his lineage,   we   see
some other immortality in the line.  I belong
to  that line; that  is  why  I call  him  my
ancestor. I believe that you that reads  this
literature   also  belong  to  that  lineage.
Which means we    are    g-r-e-a-t,     g-r-e-
a-t  grandchildren  of that  man  that  never
die.   Many  bible   scholars   always assume
that    only   the  Jews  came  through  that
lineage.  No  Sir!  Because  if   you    come
through  Noah, remember Noah was the  son  of
these people, and Noah only was saved in  the
flood  with his children.  The  whole   world
now are  children  of Noah. That is why I can
believe this!  I  belong  to  the lineage  of
Enoch and to the lineage of Methuselah.
   This same God that revealed to  Enoch that
he   can  live  without  seeing death, and he
believed  God,  and  he walked  with God, and
he  disappeared,  and  he  is   still   alive
today;   this same God has revealed  this  to
me, and this same God is Jesus! He  wants  me
to   tell  you also that for you to go in the
Rapture,  you must  believe  in  this   power
of  Jesus  that He has the power to keep  you
alive.   Jesus  has the  power  to  keep  you
from  death.   That  is  what   I'm   talking
     Believe   it!  Claim it! Walk  with  Him
with  this same faith of  Enoch!    For  "HIS
Prov.8:31,35-36,Isa.33:14,   Rev  1:14-16;  I
Tim. 6:16; 2 Tim 1:10)
    ... Believe in Him!

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