How are your kids doing?

In  the  book  of Judges chapter 2 verse  10  it

Suppose   the  Lord  does  not  come   in   this
generation?   Are  your children,  and  all  the
sunday-school-raised kids on fire for  the  Lord
to  carry the torch of the light of Jesus?   Are
they  filled  with the Holy Ghost  and  do  they
prophesy  like  the  daughters  of  Philip   the
evangelist? (Acts.21:8-9). 

Remember King Hezekiah of Israel was so close to God that God turned back the sun dial for him by ten degrees. (2Kgs.20:3-11). Yet, Manasseh his son after him was the cause of the destruction of Jerusalem and Judah! (2Kgs.21:11- 16; 23:26). How did some men of faith fail to bring their children in? Yea, consider the scriptures: "BE THOU DILIGENT TO KNOW THE STATE OF THY FLOCKS AND LOOK TO THY HERDS. FOR RICHES ARE NOT FOR EVER: AND DOTH THE CROWN ENDURE TO EVERY GENERATION?" (Prov.27:23-24).

Is the sunday school and family gathering enough to keep the children full of the word? Are your children merely nice church kids waiting for the slightest opportunity to be free from papa and mama's policing? It's the "Word" that delivers! The following series of real- life stories will show you the deception of a lukewarm christianity. Though some kids follow their parents to church, many teenagers had been seen, behind the church building, doing their own things while the church was in progress. A Korean man was witnessed to one day who related his experience with church ladies, in order to dismiss the born-again believers as fakes. Evidently he had been introduced to church and he was trying to learn about this christian way from a "fundamental" church. He said immediately they found out he was single, the single ladies in the church descended upon him like vultures. He said one particular lady was so bold and would do anything to get what she wanted in that when he was sick, this lady volunteered privately to sleep overnight with him. He said he was even reminding this lady that "doesn't the preaching said those kind of things are wrong?" And the lady's reply was "don't worry about it". Well, she did; and this young man decided there is nothing to this christianity anyway and stopped going to the church. But the lady kept calling him, proposing that he should marry her! Lo, these are sunday-school-raised kids! All they want or perhaps all they got out of church sermons is "get all you can get from Jesus to live happily here on earth". Whereas the Lord said "seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you". A pastor may say "I don't have such ladies or men in my church"; Are you certain? If sound doctrine is preached without prefering one topic to another, your flock may be little but it will be the few that are heaven-bound! "Fear not little flock, for it is your father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom". There are some churches where the preachers are mere specialists. They only preach on one topic! A sinner can be in the congregation for five years and never hear a sermon that touches his or her lifestyle. Why? It's not the specialty of the pastor to talk on lifestyle. Therefore the world folks do not see any difference between themselves and the church folks. Apostle Paul said "PREACH THE WORD, BE INSTANT IN SEASON, OUT OF SEASON; CORRECT, REPROVE, REBUKE, WITH ALL LONGSUFFERING". "And the Lord said unto him, GO THROUGH THE MIDST OF THE CITY, THROUGH THE MIDST OF JERUSALEM, AND SET A MARK UPON THE FOREHEADS OF THE MEN THAT SIGH AND THAT CRY FOR ALL THE ABOMINATIONS THAT BE DONE IN THE MIDST THEREOF" (Eze.9:4-6). "And to the others he said, GO AFTER HIM THROUGH THE CITY, AND SMITE: LET NOT YOUR EYE SPARE, NEITHER HAVE YE PITY: SLAY UTTERLY OLD AND YOUNG, BOTH MAIDS, AND LITTLE CHILDREN, AND WOMEN: BUT COME NOT NEAR ANY MAN UPON WHOM IS THE MARK; AND BEGIN AT MY SANCTUARY". Yea! Doesn't the scriptures say "judgement will begin at the house of the Lord?" (1Pet.4:17). It is time for the church to preach against iniquity from the pulpit and outside the pulpit without favour! If you are not sighing and crying out against the iniquities around you, you may not receive the protective seal that separates the good from the bad when God sends his wrath. Yea, church folks, wake up!

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