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The Harvest Is Ripe!

 "He will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner”

                                             (Mat.3: 12)



(From radio broadcast of Bro. Julius Adewumi)




We are going to Rev.18.  I pray the Lord will open your understanding as we go along.


And after these things I saw  another angel come down from heaven, having  great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.  And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying,  Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”

  In the last chapter 17, we discussed Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abomination of the earth.

This was shown to apostle John: a woman seated on a scarlet-colored beast.  The angel said the woman was symbolizing a city.  The scarlet colored beast was symbolizing the nations and the land where this woman was seated, and also the kingdoms that the woman was sitting upon.

He said there were seven kings, the 7 heads.  We said those represented seven world empires, in the which five were fallen, which were the former 5 world empires, the sixth world empire was then reigning, and he said another one (the seventh) is yet to come.  The eighth one is the beast from the bottomless pit.  What does that really mean, when we say the kingdoms of the world?  We know that kingdoms have headquarters somewhere. Kings may change, but the spirit ruling the kingdom remains until the kingdom is destroyed, and the spirit ruling the kingdom can be arrested and locked up by the angels of God.  That is how the antichrist spirit was locked up in the bottomless pit.  The angel said the beast was, and is not, and shall arise out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition.  You see in Rev.17 where he said the beast that was, and is not, is the 8th, but is one of the seven, this talked about the spirit that ruled the kingdom.   The city that was ruling the world in those days was Rome.

 The woman, which thou sawest is that great city that ruleth over the kings of the earth.” 

     I take the time to explain this so that you can get what we are talking about.  The angel was talking about the Roman Empire.  Why would God be talking about the Roman Empire specifically?  Because it was the Roman Empire that was ruling the world when Christ was crucified.   Just as the nation of Israel was guilty of crucifying the Messiah, the Roman Empire was also guilty of implementing the crucifixion.   Not only that.  After the church was started, the Roman Empire persecuted the Christians.  It was the Roman Empire that exiled apostle John to Isle of Patmos where he was, when he received these revelations.   According to history, apostles Peter, Paul, and many other Christians were killed in Rome.   This was written in history.  After a while, the Roman Catholicism was started, which looked like Christianity was being made the national religion, but it was amalgamated with the idols they worshipped in Rome.  So that it was a polluted religion being presented to the world.  They repainted some of those idols and gave names (Peter, Paul, etc) to those idols, and the people kept on worshiping their renamed idols.  They introduced a mother idol named “the queen of heaven” and gave it the name of Mary.  They claim to call the name of Christ, but it is the queen of heaven they are worshipping.

    What is the queen of heaven?   In the book of the prophets, the Israelites were worshipping a queen of heaven.  It was an idol.  The prophets spoke against it.  (Jer. 44:17 ).   That is why the bible called the city “harlot” and mother of harlots.   It is fornication when one is supposed to worship the true God, but one is worshipping a false god. They turned away from the true Christ and were worshipping something else called the queen of heaven.

   They also align themselves to the rulers of this world.  How does Christ look at that?  When Christ was on earth, did he align himself to the High Priest and the chief priests and the rulers of the nation? No.  His kingdom was to be separate from the kingdoms of this world.   Did he align himself with the governor, Pilate?  No. His kingdom was not of this world. But when a church or a group of believers already begin to align themselves with the government of this world, with the kings of the world, to seek favor with these kings, so that the kings and the rulers of the world will be on their side, they are no more using the power of God. They are no more using the ways of God, because God does not align himself with the rulers of the world.        The rulers of the world have to surrender to Christ, the same way that every individual has to surrender to Christ. But that happened in the Roman-Catholicism where the Roman Catholic papacy indirectly becomes the ruler of Europe. In all those generations, they were ruling Europe, just like the kings and the queens and the emperors were ruling Europe. The Roman-Catholic had so much power, because they control the souls of the people.  The king had to be lined up with the priest.

     Everything in Revelations 17, and 18, was a prophecy. When it was prophesied, it had not formed yet. Now we can look back at history and understand better. Roman-Catholicism was like a religious dynasty ruling over  many people in those generations. Up ‘till now they are still ruling through religion. They rule governments.  In fact they influence the governments of the world. In the earlier centuries, they wouldn’t appoint the king, in any of those European countries, without consulting with the Papacy. Why, because they rule the souls of men in their churches. When we look back, we can see how idolatry was formed, but by the time this Bible was written, it was prophecy. It prophesied that something like this would be set up, and it was not God’s type of church, not God’s type of worship.  It had already been mixed up, and they had already lined themselves up, worshiping the rulers of the world. That is why in chap.18, He said, “all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”                    

    See what God called fornication? Worshiping another thing. Roman Catholicism worship the queen of heaven. And that was called fornication. And all nations have drunk of it. See, there is Roman-Catholicism everywhere, in every country.

    And the kings of the Earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the Earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.”

Up till today the city of Rome, and the Roman-Catholicism, have a lot of influence and involvement in the trading system.  I will describe the type of trading that was going on which continue up to today.

Now let’s read verse 4: “and I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.”

You have to remember, God said, mystery Babylon, was a city. God is judging a particular city. And the city symbolized in chap.17 & 18, is talking of the city that ruled over the world.

 The woman, which thou sawest, is that city, which reigneth over the kings of the Earth.”

And in those days it was the city of Rome.

    Okay, we have established that it’s the city of Rome. After the Roman Empire faded away, another form of empire, stood up in the same city of Rome. God is talking, both in the spiritual world, and in the physical world. God sees the spiritual world, and sees the physical world. For example, if you set up a physical building, then suddenly that building demolished, and something else was set up on that place, if there’s a spirit behind all that is set up on that land, God is not just talking about that building, he’s actually talking about the spirit that was setting up any establishment in the land.

So we see that the city Rome, was formally ruling as the Roman Empire over all the kings of the Earth, and then suddenly, after the Roman Empire was dissolved, here comes another establishment in that city Rome, in form of religion, and that religion begins to rule over all nations of the Earth through religion.

      Because in those days, they cannot even make kings in any of the European countries, without consulting the Papacy. God is seeing the spirit that is behind it all. Rather than the houses or the building in the city. God is looking at the spirit that’s behind it all. And that spirit is the spirit that is ruling the nations, the spirit that is ruling the world. But God can see things in the spiritual world, and can also see the influence of it in the physical world. This is why we’re pointing these things out to you. 

      Let’s talk about this city and what God said he would do to that city.  When God judges a city, whatever is in the city will be judged.  When God was judging Jerusalem, what happened?  There were priests, and a king in the city.  They were all judged and taken away. Same with city of Rome, whether there is papacy there or king or rulers of the city, they will all be judged together.

It says, “come out of her my people”.  Who are his people? They are those who have committed their lives to Christ, those who are believers.

   When God is to judge a city he always send a warning to his own people.  There are Christians in Rome.  There are believers in Rome just like any other city in the world now.   Even in the days of apostle Paul, believers were trading and going back and forth in the city of Rome.  When destruction is coming to a land, God will send a warning to his people to be able to escape the evil that is coming.  There was warning to the Christians in Jerusalem in the days before the destruction of the city in 70 A.D.  When the Christians remembered the prophecy, which the Lord Jesus Christ gave about the city, (Mat. 24), they fled the city when they saw Jerusalem surrounded by the Roman army.

God always send warning like that when things catastrophic are going to happen.  Through prophecies, through visions, through dreams, God warns.  The Lord Jesus said we are not of the darkness that the day should meet us unawares.  We should be children of light, hearing from God, seeing from God. That is the type of Christianity Jesus Christ has formed upon earth.  If your own church doesn’t believe in prophecy, or you are not hearing anything, you are not seeing anything, you ought to cry unto the Lord, or get out of that dead and lukewarm or false organization.   You also, individually, build up your faith and God will talk to you directly.  Build up your faith by praying, by fasting and dedicating yourself and God will talk to you directly so that you can be the prophet that will warn the others.  God is saying “whom will I send?”   God wants somebody to send.

 V.5:    Come out of her, lest you partake of her plagues, for her sin has reached up unto heaven and God has remembered her iniquities.”

 Reward her as she rewarded you, and double unto her according to her works. In the cup which she has filled, fill to her double”. 

  How has that city rewarded God?  See how many Christians were killed in Rome, fed unto lions?  There has been no such persecution since then, as history recorded that Rome rounded up Christians in the earlier centuries and killed them in the public arenas while the spectators hailed, in a stadium, watching lions eat them.  You think God will not remember?  Though it was a thousand years, when God decides to judge He will bring the sin of the land to remembrance.  That is why in the book of Revelations chapter 5, the souls of believers cried out to God to avenge them, and they were told to wait a little while till the rest of the believers that shall be persecuted as they were, is fulfilled.

God takes note of every city that persecutes the believers.  And I am warning all the cities and nations of the world where they claim to have another religion that is not Christianity: may be the Islamic religion, or the Islamic countries that are persecuting Christians.  I am warning them, and the word of God is warning them.  You are better of if you don’t persecute the children of God.  If you don’t want to believe it, you are better of if you just leave them alone.   But for you to be the one persecuting and killing the Christian, you are creating destruction for your city and for your land, because God is marking those things down.  Think of how long ago those things happened in Rome!  Almost 1500 years ago, and God is still going to bring that judgment upon that city.  You may say the people that were living in that city are not the ones that are there now!  God is not talking about the people that are there now.  God is talking about a land! When God destroy a land, sometime he will say there will never be anything in that land anymore forever.  You will see it in this chapter of Revelation.  God is not dealing with just a generation of 30 years. He is dealing with generations forever.  God judges lands, God can judge planets, God can judge a whole solar system.  He can make a whole solar system never to be inhabited forever.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hand of the Living God.”   So, you that is persecuting the true believers, the true Christians of God, you better be warned.  You may be doing yourself a great harm, because when God judges, generations of you and your people may be wiped out of the planet earth.  He said “touch not my anointed, do my prophets no harm!”  The bible also said when they are persecuting the Christians they will think they are doing God service.   That was what they were doing; especially those who claim to follow Islamic religion. They think they are worshipping God, they think they are fighting for their Allah whereas God is not on their side. The true God is the Lord Jesus Christ, and they don’t believe him.  May you repent!

     V.7: “How much she has decked herself  … so much torment give her, for she said in herself, I sit a queen … and shall see no sorrow, therefore shall her plagues come in one day death and mourning, and famine.  She shall be utterly burned with fire.  For strong is the Lord God which judgeth her.”

      God says the city will be burned with fire.  And we said the city is the city of Rome.  You may look at it and say, “How can that happen?”  In fact God said those ten kings, which are ten European kings are the ones going to burn the city with fire in a war.   This will happen, no matter how long it takes, it will happen.

   V. 9 “The kings of the earth that have committed fornication with her shall bewail her and lament for her when they shall see the smoke of her burning.  Standing afar off for the fear of her torment saying alas, Alas!”

Think about this.  God is saying they will stand afar off when the city is burning.  How can a city be burning and the people that love the city stand afar off? He said for fear of her torment.

It’s because of the type of burning that will take place. Right now they know about Nuclear bomb.  If there is a nuclear destruction of a city, all the nations of the world will stand afar off because of the Radiation.  This is prophesying that a Nuclear destruction will occur against that city.  If there is a nuclear destruction of a city all neighboring cities better run away because of the radiation.  It’s not the type of fire that the fire fighters can try to put out.

   We know now that Nuclear destruction is possible against any city, any land, if there is a world war.  God was putting the judgment against that city to the end-times, when human beings would have acquired enough Nuclear bombs.   It said “in one hour”!   A whole city can be destroyed in one hour with a nuclear blast.   That is what we  see here.   In those days when this prophecy was written it may look like this is exaggerated.  In our generation we can see that this is not exaggerated.   This is what can happen in this generation by nuclear bombs.

V. 11:   And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise anymore.”

Every trading system will stop.

     Here are what’s going on in the city.  From the list you can also tell which city.

   V. 12-13  The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls and fine linen, …… and horses, and chariots, and slaves and souls of men…”

Now verse 13 mentioned the merchandise traded in this city and included in the list “souls of men!” How can you trade in souls of men?  That is traded through Religion, because people are going to Rome through the Roman Catholicism for penance.   Catholicism charges people money to get the souls of their loved ones out of what they call Purgatory, a place for the dead sinners:  A false doctrine that has made a lot of gold for the church of Rome.  It is only in that Catholicism that they introduced the doctrine of Purgatory.   Whereby they said anyone that dies and not good enough will go to a middle place called Purgatory, where the relatives can pay for the dead out of Purgatory. Pay some penance, pay some money to get your relative out of Purgatory! That became like a trading system where the papacy was raking money.   That is trading in the souls of men.   There is nothing in the standard bible that mentions Purgatory.  If one dies, he goes to Paradise or he goes to hell.  There is no purgatory in between.  That was coined by the Rome’s religious system. They made it up, and used it over the centuries to make money for the church of Rome.  That is one of the things God was talking about.

I pray for you that is reading this.  Don’t take offence in what we are saying here. I am telling you that “Run out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her plagues”.    If you are joined to this religious system, begin to question it yourself that, “where is it in the standard bible about Purgatory?”   Of course they may have their own bible where they have added some verses to support their doctrine.  If you cannot find the doctrine in the standard bible you better get out of idolatry and give your life to Jesus. 

I pray that the Lord Jesus will give you understanding for all these things.  Amen!




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