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Rounded Rectangle: REVELATION 5:5

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The Harvest Is Ripe!

 "He will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner”

                                             (Mat.3: 12)





(From radio broadcast of Bro. Julius Adewumi)



As we have said in the earlier broadcasts the book of Revelation is telling us how everything is going to end.  In summary God is going to take over the planet earth as we saw in the prophecies in the book of Daniel chapters 7,8 and 9.  Daniel interpreted the dream of Nebuchadnezzar that at the end of the world there will be many kings and in the days of those kings, God will set up his own kingdom that will destroy the kingdoms of this world.  We are in that generation.  The kingdom of God is being set up, and God is gathering his saints right now to bring us to the fullness of the stature of Christ to prepare us for the up-going rapture, before the world is destroyed. We will later come down and take over this planet earth and reign with Christ 1000 years, and afterwards, a new heaven and a new earth will follow.  We shall get to that in the book of Revelations chapter 20.

We are now in chapter 11, and the 7th angel is beginning to sound. 

Verse one, “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod; and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.

He was referring to the same angel he saw in Chapter 10.   This is the angel that is redeeming mankind. This angel is deity: the Lord himself manifesting in the form of an angel.  Because he said here: “I will give power unto my two witnesses”; so it’s not just an angel.  This is God himself manifesting in the form of an angel:  the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God that has the book and opens the seals thereof.  Now manifesting in the form of an angel, he is the one talking here.

 The angel stood and said unto me, rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not for it is given unto the Gentiles and the holy city shall they tread underfoot forty and two months”.

What God is doing will be centered around Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem actually belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the great King.

As I have preached in earlier sermons, the countries of the world, the Palestinians and the Israelis are fighting over Jerusalem. It does not belong to either of them.  The city, Jerusalem, belongs to the Messiah, whom the Jews of Israel didn’t accept. The city, Jerusalem, belongs to the Messiah, whom the Arabs didn’t believe. They think he was a prophet. But he is more than a prophet: he is God manifested in the form of a human being. The city of Jerusalem belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. It was said in the book of Daniel, that the great prince Michael standeth for the land. He is in charge of Jerusalem and the land of Palestine. When the Lord Jesus lamented over Jerusalem (in Mat.23:37), he said, “O Jerusalem Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!  Behold your house is left unto you desolate

     Your house is left desolate:  The Roman Empire destroyed the city.  For thousand years no man went back there again.  He said he will bring them back.  The land belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

After the temple was destroyed, the Arabs went and build a mosque on that temple mount -  the mosque of Omar.  This has become a political issue in this generation.  The Arabs claim the spot is holy to their religion.  The Jews claim that it is holy to their Judaism religion also.  As I said, they may be fighting over it, but it belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ, the great King of Jerusalem. 

But the courts, which is without  the temple leave out, for it is given unto the gentiles,  and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.”

    The gentiles treading upon the temple mount is partly fulfilled by the mosque built on the spot. The Islamic religion faces the east and claims to worship God, but they are worshipping the sun or a stone in Mecca.

This has been pointed out in Rev.6.  The white horse rider with a bow, symbolized the false religion of Islam which used the crest of the moon as their symbol (the bow without arrow).

    As described, the temple mount currently cannot be categorized as “holy” until the Messiah comes back.  It is the presence of God that makes a place holy, as said to Moses when God appeared to him  in the burning bush: “for the ground where thou standeth is holy ground”.

   The temple court will be treaded under for 42 months.  What is the 42 months?  Is it  real months or is it going to be symbolic of years?  Many people believe it could be just 42 months, the last 3 and a half years.  It could be much more than that.  God was prophesying that it was going to take a long time.  From the time when this book was revealed to apostle John, it was perhaps before Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D.  These 42 months definitely symbolized a long time.  Many people have tried to predict and they thought it is the last 42 months of the world.  It could be indicating the thousands of years for which Jerusalem had been treaded upon - almost two thousand years.  Now verse 3 said, “And I will give power unto my two witnesses and they shall prophesy.”  Now when it says “I”, it shows that this is the Lord that is talking, not just an angel.  This is the Lord that owns everything that is talking.

 “ I will give power unto my two witnesses and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.”

Here is another numbering the Lord gave to us.  I do not want to put doctrine on these numbers, but I will give you many opinions.  The opinion is that the last 7 years of the world is when the Lord will come back to the Jews and take them as a nation again.   We can see in the book of Daniel, chapter 9 where the angel told Daniel that from the time Jerusalem was re-built, when the commandment went forth to go and rebuild Jerusalem till the Messiah comes, was given in weeks.  Each week represents 7 years.  And then there was 1 week that was postponed.  Read it in chapter 9:25-27. The last week was kind of postponed because it didn’t seem to be fulfilled in the book of Daniel.  But it said another prince will come and make a covenant with the Jews for another 1 week which is the last 7 years.  And when that takes place, the prince, which would make a covenant with them will brake the covenant and there will be war and trouble.  Many believe that this is what is being prophesied in the book of revelations.  If you divide the 7 years into two, you are going to have three and a half years each.  One was called 42 months and the other one was called 1260 days.  That is one way of interpreting it.  Now what I’ve just described to you is in the book of Daniel chapter 9 verses 25 to verse 27, where the angel said, “Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore, and two weeks.”  Making 69 weeks.  And it said the streets shall be built again and the walls in troublous times.  And it said,  after threescore and 2 weeks, (he mentioned the threescore and two weeks instead of the 69 weeks) shall the Messiah be cut off but not for himself.”

    It predicted here, that the Messiah will be cut-off, crucified, and be taken out of the planet earth.  And this happened when the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified.  But he said he was not killed for himself, because he was to redeem mankind.  We can look back and say he was prophesying that the messiah will redeem mankind by his death. He said, “not for himself.”  He was not crucified and cut off for himself.  “But the people of the prince”, another prince, will come to the Jews.   Christ said, “I come in my fathers name you do not receive me, another will come in his own name, him you will receive”.

 At the end of the world will be an antichrist that will come and deceive the whole world.  He would pretend to be a friend of the Arabs, the Jews, and he will make himself to be a friend of everybody.

     He will sign agreement between the Arabs and the Jews to be able to live in harmony.  They will sign a seven year pact.  You can see that the world is set to do that right now.  They have been trying to sign peace agreement between the Palestinian Arabs and the Jews.  They have been trying the peace treaty since the 1970’s even during the US President Carter’s time.  Those have not been successful.  But there will be a Prince, an international leader, that will be able to succeed to bring them together.  He will make them sign the agreement.  They will sign a pact for seven years (according to Daniel 9).  Perhaps they will give some land – self-rule for the Palestinians for seven years.  They will sign that pact.  This is our interpretation of Dan 9:26-27 in this generation.  It said, “the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the temple”.  In 70 A.D. the Romans destroyed the temple and the city of Jerusalem.  We believe this prince that shall come therefore will be from Rome (or the revived Roman empire of Europe).

Roman empire broke into the European countries.  Then the world leader that will make the pact for the Jews and the Palestinians will come from Europe.

In the middle of the week, they will break their covenant.  Either the Palestinians will restart their violence or the Jewish government will refuse some initiatives.  In the middle of the week, it will break again.  The first half will be peaceful.  The second half will be trouble.   When we go back to the book of Revelation, in chapter 11, he separated forty-two months, from 1260 days.  

   The two numbers make the seven years when God will be dealing with the Israelis as a nation.   God will open the eyes of some to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and some will not believe still.  That is how God will number those that are going to be sealed in the 144000.   The first half of the seven years is when the gospel will be preached to the Jews that Jesus is the Messiah.  Those that believe will be sealed, to be protected from the tribulation days of the second half of the seven years.

   When we compare scripture with scripture, we go to the book of Zechariah and see where God said he will bring all nations against Jerusalem to battle.   You say how will that take place?  That is easy to take place in this generation.  Just think: if United Nations organization be the one that set up the verdict between the Palestinians and Israelis, and the Israelis broke the covenant, then the United Nations will send coalition forces against Israel just like they sent coalition forces against Iraq.  Men may not know that it is the finger of God doing it, according to the prophecy written in the book of Daniel. 

Let’s look at the prophecy in Zechariah.  This has been written, and we are only bringing it to you to know what God said He will do.  As you hear these things, listener, know that the end of the world is near.

The finger of God is bringing all these governments of the world unto a clash, unto a climax against one another that will destroy masses, because when they clash, the nuclear weapons they have stockpiled will be used.  Look at it here in the book of Zechariah.

(Zech. 14:2)  For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses raffled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city”.  Time is near.  When God calls for time as we see in Revelation chapter ten, every thing begins to move.

When the east and the west are fighting over the land, the true owner shall now appear in the sky, and destroy them all, and take his land back.  That is what has been prophesied.  Here is what the Lord said:

V.3: “Then shall the Lord go forth and fight against those nations as when he fought in the day of battle.”

It will happen folks just as the bible foretold.  The Lord Jesus will take over this planet earth, and the saints, believers, born-again, holy people will inherit the world for ever.

V.5: “And the Lord my God shall come and all his saints with thee.”  The Lord Jesus shall appear in the sky with all the saints coming down with him. Those are the saints that have gone up in the rapture or in the first resurrection.

The armies of heaven will wage war against the armies of the earth. 

God has already foretold these things in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelations.  It’s all centered around the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the new King of the world, and he is coming to take over.  Will you be one of his?

Only those prepared and ready for the translation will be taken by the Lord before the Lord appears to destroy them all.

I will give power unto my two witnesses….”.  Many believe that the two prophets will be Moses and Elijah.  Others think it is symbolism.  However in Zechariah 4:11-14, the angel said of the two olive branches: These are the two anointed ones that stand by the Lord of the whole earth. This was fulfilled when Moses and Elijah appeared before the Lord Jesus Christ on the mount of transfiguration.  That was where they got their new assignment just as it was written in the book of Malachi: “Behold I will send unto you Elijha the prophet”.     Elijah was taken away and he didn’t die.  Moses’ body was also not found.  Those are the two witnesses that stood before the God of the whole earth.  Christ is the God of the whole earth. “the God of the whole earth shall he be called.” (Isa. 54:5)

    Are they going to come down from the sky?  Don’t worry about that.  The Lord can make them just appear like any of the Israelis that came back to the land from other nations.  They will be just as young as any middle-aged man and they will be preaching, pointing men back to God. Will they preach Jesus?  I believe so.  They will point the Jews to the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Messiah.   “I will give power to my two witnesses”.   Why will the Lord Jesus need two witnesses?  Because according to the law of Moses, at the mouth of two or three witnesses, shall every word be established.  If two Jewish prophets appear and preach from the Jewish rabbinic literature that this Jesus whom the orthodox Jews have not believed is the Messiah, they have their two witnesses. 

   Some will believe and be sealed for protection.  Others will not believe and they will be destroyed with the ungodly sinners during the tribulation that will follow soon after.

     The bible has said 144000 Jews will be sealed from the wrath to come. 

     These two prophets will use their power just like when they were formerly on earth.  Moses called plagues upon Egypt.  Elijah called for fire from heaven upon the soldiers that came to arrest him.  Though Elijah went away in the chariot of fire, that power has not left him. God will bring them back, and these prophets are ready again to judge ungodliness.  “They will smite the earth with plagues as often as they will.”   God is ready to let loose the power of these prophets to judge the ungodly world for a season.

,  We will continue this message in the next broadcast.

If you are a believer, look up for your redemption draweth nigh.  All those troubles will come upon the world.  Are you ready for the Lord Jesus?  Prepare!




(Exerpts from Miguel Molino 1675)

(Begin Quote)

The Difference between the Outward and Inward Man.

1. THERE are two sorts of Spiritual Persons, Internal and External: these seek God Without, by Discourse, by Imagination and Consideration: they endeavor mainly to get Virtues, many Abstinences, Maceration of Body, and Mortification of the Senses: they give themselves to rigorous Penance; they put on Sack-cloth, chastise the flesh by Discipline, endeavor silence, bear the presence of God, forming him present to themselves in their Idea of him, or their Imagination, sometimes as a Pastor, sometimes as a Physician, and sometimes as a Father and Lord: they delight to be continually speaking of God, very often making fervent Acts of Love; and all this is Art and Meditation: by this way they desire to be great, and by the power of voluntary and exterior Mortifications, they go in quest of sensible Affections and warm Sentiments, thinking that God resides only in them, when they have 'em. This is the External Way, and the Way of Beginners, and though it be good, yet there is no arriving at Perfection by it; nay, there is not so much as one step towards it, as Experience shews in many, that after fifty years of this external exercise, are void of God, and full of themselves, having nothing of spiritual Men, but just the name of such.

2. There are others truly Spiritual, which have passed by the beginnings of the Interior Way which leads to Perfection and Union with God; and to which the Lord called 'em by his infinite Mercy, from that outward Way, in which before they exercised themselves. These men retired in the inward part of their Souls, with true Resignation into the Hands of God, with a total putting off and forgetting even of themselves; do always go with a raised Spirit to the Presence of the Lord, by the means of pure Faith, without Image, Form or Figure, but with great assurance founded in tranquility and rest Internal: in whose infused meeting and entertainment, the spirit draws with so much force, that it makes the Soul contract inwardly, the Heart, the Body and all the Powers of it.

3. These Souls, as they are already passed by the interior Mortification, and have been cleansed by God with the Fire of Tribulation, with infinite and horrible Torments, all of them ordained by his hand, and after his way, are Masters of themselves, because they are entirely subdued and denied; which makes them live with great Repose and internal Peace: and although in many occasions they feel Resistance and Temptations, yet they become presently Victorious, because being already Souls of Proof, and endued with Divine Strength, the motions of Passions cannot last long upon them; and although vehement Temptations and troublesome Suggestions of the Enemy may persevere a long time about them, yet they are all conquered with infinite gain; God being he that Fights within them.

4. These Souls have already procured themselves a great Light, and a true Knowledge of Christ our Lord, both of his Divinity and his Humanity: They exercise this infused Knowledge with a quiet Silence in the inward entertainment, and the superior part of their Souls, with a Spirit free from Images and external Representations, with a love that is pure and stripped of all Creatures; they are raised also from outward Actions to the love of Humanity and Divinity; so much as they enjoy, they forget, and in all of it they find that they love their God with all their Heart and Spirit.

5. These blessed and sublimated Souls take no pleasure in any thing of the World, but contempt and in being alone, and in being forsaken and forgotten by every body: They live so disinterested and taken off, that though they continually receive many supernatural Graces, yet they are not changed, no not at those inclinations, being just as if they had not received 'em, keeping always in the in-most of their Hearts a great lowliness and contempt of themselves; always humbled in the depth of their own unworthiness and vileness: In the same manner they are always quiet, serene, and possessed with evenness of mind in Graces and Favors extraordinary, as also in the most rigorous and bitter Torments. There is no News that cheers 'em; no Success that makes them sad; Tribulation never disturbs them; nor does the interior, continual and divine Communication make 'em vain and conceited; they remain always full of holy and filial Fear, in a wonderful Peace, Constancy and Serenity.

(end quote)


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