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The Harvest Is Ripe!

"He will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner"

(Mat.3: 12)


Deliverance Testimony.

(by Bro. Julius Adewumi).


A chorus we usually sing says:

"He sets me free, Oh he sets me free

He broke the bars of prison for me

In glory I see Jesus my savior

Glory to God, Oh he sets me free."

This next testimony is about another highlight in my life. If the Lord has really done a marvelous thing in your life, the above song will mean a lot to you, as it means to me in my testimony below. If you have ever been in the verge of death, when the doctors have given up on you, and Jesus brought you back to life, then indeed, he sets you free. I will like to narrate my testimony to make people see that when we say God is the deliverer, yes, God is the only deliverer. In fact this testimony is to say: just as we have heard some medical doctors confessed, even the witch doctors confessed it too, that only God can do some things. This happened to me after graduating from high school and not yet a Christian.

Immediately when I finished high school and got a job, in 1970, my daddy, also not a Christian, told me I ought now to be equipped with voodoo protection, and he took me to his friend, a voodoo vendor, who gave me some portions and lotions to protect me from the devils. During that time, though I was using the voodoo, I was also going to church, still seeking the true Savior. But the devil still attacked me with a disease, which means the voodoo didn't protect me at all. This attack from the devil is what I want to narrate in this testimony.

I was 19 year old. When the devil attacked, I was just getting lean and dry without feeling it. I was getting lean and skinny. In fact, nobody around me noticed that I was losing weight, until an in-law who had not seen me for a long time ran into me on the road. That was normal. If you see someone everyday, you may not notice a gradual change in the person. Since I was not lying down sick, no one noticed. When the in-law saw me on the road, he asked seriously, "What is wrong with you?"

I said, "Nothing!"

He said, "Something is wrong; you are sick. This was not how you looked when I saw you last. Go see the doctor, or go to your parents and let them look you over. Something is wrong."

I tried to ignore his concern, saying to myself there was nothing wrong. However, the man went to my big sister who lived nearby, and reported what he saw in me. I lived very close to my sister and we saw each other daily, but she did not notice anything wrong until that day when my in-law told her to look again. She came to look at me at home and remarked that indeed I was lean and she had not noticed it. She was now scared. I did not realize that I was sick until that day. Whereas some of my friends had realized it for a while, but they rather avoided me, perhaps they thought I just lost my pretty stature and I was no more presentable.

During this time I was a member of an apostolic church, but I was still a sinner who had not been born again. I didn't know God, but I knew the church. My sister who had been introduced to one doctor in her quest for childbearing compelled me to come with her to visit one woman, a doctor.

Witchdoctor confessed God as Almighty:

This woman was not a medical doctor but a witch doctor. They may call themselves herbalists, but they are witch-doctors. She boasted that she had a "supernatural being" who was at her command. This woman boasted that she was not part of the witchcraft gang of the area and that she did not welcome those neighborhood witches and she had her own medium. She said even medical doctors come to her for treatment when their medicine failed. After all the boasting, she looked into her divination and exclaimed that it was too late. She said I should have come earlier. She said she saw where the devils hanged the symbol of my blood to dry up and it was already dried up. She said if I had come earlier, she would have sent her own "supernatural being" to go and bring back the hanged blood.

"It is too late" she said. "Only God can reverse it" She confessed! "Go and be praying".

"We do pray!" replied my sister pathetically, almost like to cry. "We are even attending one apostolic church".

The woman said "If I want to deceive you, I will just take your money, give you something which I know will not change your situation. But I tell you the truth, only God can reverse this. I will try my best and give you this and that, but go and meet those "preachers" and cry unto God."

Yea, even those given to the devil know that God is Almighty! They know when things are out of human hands. In fact the bible recorded that the magicians of Pharaoh in Egypt knew how far they could go in magic and they confessed before Moses to Pharaoh that "this is the finger of God!". (Exo.8:19). God is the only deliverer.

God answers prayers:

That night, I did not tell anyone, but I made up my mind to go sleep in the church and to cry unto God. I knew that there were sick folks who always sleep in the church and pray all night for their cause. I have never done that before, nor ever since. It was a life or death situation to me on that day. I went to the church and joined the band of sick and afflicted folks who practically lived on the church ground. The pastors took turns to come at midnight and two times before dawn to lead these folks in prayer and night vigil every day. Throughout the night, I did not sleep. I was singing psalms and praying to God all night. I also made a vow to the Lord to pay a sizeable money to the apostolic church when healed. The Lord reversed the evil. Gradually my stature was restored.

Just like the witchdoctor gave up on my case, medical doctors are also known to give up on their patients when they could do no more for the sick. Some of those medical doctors will not acknowledge the Almighty God like that witchdoctor did. However, this testimony should make everyone to know that God is the only Savior and the true Deliverer.

"Yea, before the day was I am he; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who can let it?"

"Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.

I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no saviour." (Isa.43:10,11,13).

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved!



DIALOGUES between a disciple and his Master

(Continuation of the exert from Jacob Boehme; 1600's)

O where is this naked Ground of the Soul void of all SELF? And how shall I come at the hidden Center where God dwelleth, and not Man? Tell me plainly, loving Sir, where it is, and how it is to be found by me, and entered into?
There where the Soul hath slain its OWN Will, and willeth no more any Thing as from itSELF, but only as God willeth, and as His Spirit moveth upon the Soul, shall this appear. Where the Love of SELF is banished, there dwelleth the Love of God. For so much of the Soul's OWN Will as is dead unto itSELF, even so much Room hath the Will of God, which is His Love, taken up in that Soul. The Reason whereof is this; Where its OWN Will did before sit, there is now Nothing; and where Nothing is, there alone is it that the Love of God worketh.
But how shall I comprehend It?
If thou goest about to comprehend It, then It will fly away from thee; but if thou dost surrender thyself wholly up to It, then It will abide with thee, and become the Life of thy Life, and be natural to thee.
And how can this be without dying, or the whole Destruction of my Will?
Upon this entire Surrender and Yielding up of thy Will, the Love of God IN THEE becometh the Life of thy Nature; It killeth thee not, but quickeneth thee, who art now dead to thySELF in thine own Will, according to Its proper Life, even the Life of God. And then thou livest, yet not to thy own Will; but thou livest to Its Will, forasmuch as thy Will is henceforth become Its Will. So then it is no longer thy Will, but the Will of God; no longer the Love of thySELF, but the Love of God, which moveth and operateth in thee; and then, being thus comprehended in It, thou art dead indeed as to thySELF, but art alive unto God. So being dead thou livest, or rather God liveth IN THEE by His Spirit; and His Love is made to thee Life from the Dead. Never couldst thou with all thy seeking, have apprehended It; but It hath apprehended thee. Much less couldst thou have comprehended It. But now It hath comprehended thee; and so the Treasure of Treasures is found.
How is it that so few Souls do find It, when yet all would be glad enough to have It?
They all seek It in Somewhat, and so they find It not. For where there is Somewhat for the Soul to adhere to, there the Soul findeth but that Somewhat only, and taketh up its Rest therein, until she seeth that It is to be found in Nothing, and goeth again out of the Somewhat into Nothing, even into that Nothing out of which all Things may be made. The Soul here saith, " I have Nothing, for I am utterly empty and stripped of every Thing; I can do Nothing, for I have no Manner of Power, but am as Water poured out; I am Nothing, for all that I am is no more than an Image of Being, and only God is to me I AM; and so sitting down in my own Nothingness, I give Glory to the Eternal Being, and will Nothing of mySELF, that so God may will All in me, being unto me my God and All Things." Herein now that it is that so very few find this most precious Treasure in the Soul, though every one would so fain have It; and might also have It were it not for this or that Somewhat into which every one letteth.
But if the Love should proffer Itself to a Soul, could not that Soul find It, nor lay hold on It, without going for It into Nothing?
No verily. Men seek and find not, because they seek It not in the naked Ground where It lieth; but in SomeThing or Other where It never will be, neither can be. They seek It in their OWN Will, and they find It not. They seek It in their Self-Desire, and they meet not with It. They look for It in an Image, or in an Opinion, or in an Affection, or a natural Devotion and Fervour, and they lose the Substance by thus hunting after a Shadow. They search for It in Something sensible or imaginary, in Somewhat which they may have a more peculiar natural Inclination for, and Adhesion to; and so they miss of what they seek, for Want of diving into the Supersensual and Supernatural Ground where the Treasure is hid. Now should the Love graciously condescend to proffer Itself to such as these, and even to present Itself evidently before the Eye of their Spirit, yet would It find no Place in them at all, neither could It be held by them, or remain with them.
Why not, if the Love should be willing and ready to offer Itself, and to stay with them?
Because the Imaginariness which is in their own Will hath set up itself in the Place thereof; and so this Imaginariness would have the Love in it; but the Love fleeth away, for it is Its Prison. The Love may offer Itself; but It cannot abide where the Self-Desire attracteth or imagineth. That Will which attracteth Nothing, and to which Nothing adhereth, is the only Will capable of receiving It, for It dwelleth only in Nothing as I said, and therefore they find It not.
If It dwell only in Nothing, what is now the Office of It in Nothing?
The Office of the Love here is to penetrate incessantly into Something; and if It penetrate into, and find a Place in Something which is standing still and at Rest, then Its Business is to take Possession thereof. And when It hath there taken Possession, then It rejoiceth therein with Its flaming Love-Fire, even as the Sun doth in the visible World. And then the Office of it, is without Intermission to enkindle a Fire in this Something, which shall burn it up; and then with the Flames thereof exceedingly to enflame Itself and raise the Heat of the Love-Fire by It, even seven Degrees higher.
O loving Master, how shall I understand this?
If It but once kindle a Fire within thee, my Son, thou shalt then certainly feel how It consumeth all that which It toucheth; thou shalt feel It in the burning up of thy SELF, and swiftly devouring all Egoity, or that which thou callest I and Me, as standing in a separate Root, and divided from the Deity, the Fountain of thy Being. And when this Enkindling is made in thee, then the Love doth so exceedingly rejoice in thy Fire, as thou wouldst not for all the World be out of It; yea, wouldst rather suffer thyself to be killed, than to enter into thy Something again. This Fire now must grow hotter and hotter, till It shall have perfected Its Office with respect to thee, and therefore wilt not give over, till It come to the seventh Degree. Its Flame hence also will be so very great, that It will never leave thee, though It should even cost thee thy temporal Life; but It would go with thee in Its sweet loving Fire into Death; and if thou wentest also into Hell, It would break Hell in Pieces also for thy Sake. Nothing is more certain than this; for It is stronger than Death and Hell.
Enough, my dearest Master, I can no longer endure that any Thing should divert me from It. But how shall I find the nearest Way to It?
Where the Way is hardest, there go thou; and what the World casteth away, that take thou up. What the World doth, that do thou not; but in all Things walk thou contrary to the World. So thou comest the nearest Way to that which thou art seeking.
If I should in all Things walk contrary to other People, I must need be in a very unquiet and sad State; and the World would not fail to account me for a Madman.
I bid thee not, Child, to do harm to any one, thereby to create to thyself any Misery or Unquietness. This is not what I mean by walking contrary in every Thing to the World. But because the World, as the World, loveth only Deceit and Vanity, and walketh in false and treacherous Ways; thence, if thou hast a Mind to act a clean contrary Part to the Ways thereof, without any Exception or Reserve whatsoever, walk thou only in the right Way, which is called the Way of Light, as that of the World is properly called the Way of Darkness. For the right Way, even the Path of Light, is contrary to all the Ways of the World.

But whereas thou art afraid of creating to thyself hereby Trouble and Inquietude, that indeed, will be so according to the Flesh. In the World thou must have Trouble, and thy Flesh will not fail to be unquiet, and to give thee Occasion for continual Repentance. Nevertheless in this very Anxiety of Soul, arising either from the World or the Flesh, the LOVE doth most willingly enkindle Itself, and Its cheering and conquering Fire is but made to blaze forth with greater Strength for the Destruction of that Evil.

And whereas thou dost also say, that the World will for this esteem thee mad, it is true the World will be apt enough to censure thee for a Madman in Walking contrary to it. And thou art not to be surprised if the Children thereof laugh at thee, calling thee silly Fool. For the Way to the Love of God is Folly to the World, but is Wisdom to the Children of God. Hence, whenever the World perceiveth this holy Fire of Love in God's Children, it concludeth immediately that they are turned Fools, and are beside themselves. But to the Children of God, that which is despised of the World is the greatest Treasure; yea, so great a Treasure It is, as no Life can express, no Tongue so much as name what this inflaming, all-conquering Love of God is. It is brighter than the Sun; It is sweeter than any Thing that is called sweet; It is stronger than all Strength; It is more nutrimental than Food; more cheering to the Heart than Wine, and more pleasant than all the Joy and Pleasantness of this World. Whosoever obtaineth It, is richer than any Monarch on Earth; and he who getteth It, is nobler than any Emperor can be, and more potent and absolute than all Earthly Power and Authority.
"He that has Ears to HEAR, let him HEAR."


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