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The Harvest Is Ripe!

"He will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner"

(Mat.3: 12)





These are extracts from the writings of Jane Leade in the 1600's. In this extract, Jane Leade talked further on the Melchisedec Priesthood which God is calling out in this end of time out of the bands of believers. This is worth your prayerful study.

This section is from "The revelations Part 3" authored by Jane Leade.

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For each one ordained hereunto will have the Foundation Seal, the Priestly Mark, which shall be the known Character, which no one shall obliterate or deny. And as to the outward Sex, there shall be no distinction, though the Typical Priesthood admitted none but Males in its day: All of that is done away, for Signs and Figures in this Ministration do fly away like a Cloud: Male and Female are alike here, therefore the holy Ghost doth include both in one, swallowing up all in the Newness, Strength, Power and Glory of his own springing new Birth, according as it is witnessed, Where there is neither Male nor Female, but Christ is all, and in all; who is the quickening Spirit, and the true Evidence, that will shew forth it self, according to their grown up measure and degrees. For Persons here signifie little, Wisdomís Purity and Power in the Spirit is all that God respecteth in his Priestly Offerings. We must know that these Priests are of three Ranks or Orders, constituted and ordained by the great high Priest, who yet continues in his mediating Kingdom, till the whole be brought up and finished for mutual Glorification with him.


But now come we to describe what this holy Function stands chargeable withal, as also the Dignity, Power and Pre-eminence which doth attend it. Every High-Priest, taken from men, is ordained in things pertaining to God, that he may offer Gifts and Sacrifices for Sin. This is a Charge, which to this New Covenant Priesthood doth still belong; for who so is meet to deal with God, and to make intercession, as the Pure and Merciful, who have themselves been encompassed with Infirmity, and passed through divers Temptations, who but these can know how to have Compassion of the Ignorant and Knowing also, that have turned aside from the Sanctuary of Godís Presence and Walks, and thereby have lost their peace and joy? therefore God hath as well provided in this case, Priests and Mediators on the Earth, as he hath provided that great High-Priest, who is entered into the Heavens; for the self-same Prevalency and Power will be found in and amongst this holy and undefiled Priesthood, because where-ever Christ in his spiritual Body is present, with the breathing Power of the holy Ghost, it implies great Efficacy in every Oblation and Prayer, which in their behalf shall be put up. Thus a Spirit of atoning is appropriated unto the Melchizedeck-Priesthood, from whom more fruitful Powers must branch forth, for further service in their Place and Office. There is also an Absolving Commission given, That whosoeverís Sins they remit, they are from all Guilt discharged, as pronouncing it in the Person and Power of him to whom the holy Ghost was given without Measure, and who after his Resurrection breathed forth this Power upon his Disciples, That whatever they bound on Earth should be bound in Heaven. Hereby communicating his Priestly Power and Authority, that as he, the Son of Man, had power to forgive sins, so might they also have on Earth after his Departure, to carry on their Apostolical Dispensation, which only lasted for a while, and being lost, a feigned Form was set up in stead of it, without any sealing Effects of Spirit or Power. Thus the Shadow hath held up, without any living presence, in Babel, which boasts a Key, which never could open, nor give Enlargement to those who were bound in the Cords of Iniquity: for how should they, who are not purified themselves, help or succor their Brethren? And though this true thing hath been abused by the Arrogant and Self-exalting Spirit, that with this Priestly Robe covers all manner of Filth and Uncleanness, all of which will come to bear its shame, and have its Overthrow, as this True and Royal Priesthood shall rise in Power in the true Tabernacle, where the holy Ghost will present the Priestly Offerings; and this is that, which upon sure grounds, we know is now reviving again; the most Holy will bring forth his Priestly Unction, which will take the Chair, that so this holy Ordination may take place in great Sovereignty. The holy and just One hath reserved his last and most wonderful sealing Testimony, for to go forth from the Unity of an holy Priestly Spirit, which is so far perfected, as to stand no more in need of Offerings for Sin, because he who santifieth, and they who are sanctified, are made all one in this Ministration; for if they come not to a sinless state, they cannot be of this high Priestly Order, because to it a Key is given, which must open all the twelve Gates before-mentioned. [Margin note: That is, by incorporation with Christ, their sinless Life, all purely acting in them.] And without all Controversy, great is the Power that shall be here concentred; for our exalted Christ, who is passed higher than the Heavens, hath recovered Power to transfer himself in his divine Purity and excellent Might, unto this elected Priesthood, which shall be visible here on Earth. This is the true Mount Zion, from whence Decrees, Laws, Judgments and holy Statutes shall go forth from the Urim and Thummim, sound Knowledge and Understanding, and the Certainty of the words of Truth hence shall proceed, so that it will be a most sure and safe Oracle in all difficult Soul-cases, and to determine all Doubts and Difficulties; for of Old the Israel of God, would not venture upon any Concern, nor attempt any Design, without having first inquired at the Priests Mouth, who only was to give forth the Mind of God, which will now be again renewed, for those who are not admitted to this high Calling of the holy Priesthood, for such honor these Saints shall have above the lower Ranks, as being not ordained by man, nor after the Law of a carnal Commandment, but by the impressed Seal of the mighty God. Here need no Epistles of Commendation, the Powers of this Priestly Dignity will be sufficient Orators to recommend them; for great Signs and Wonders will be acted forth when the Temple-Body of the holy Ghost shall come down and open it self in the Priestly Ministration, every Branch of which will have its multiplying Fruits for the Praise-Offering of the Sanctuary. I shall now declare what the Testimony of Truth hath spoken in me, which is this, That whatever God is or can do, the same will appear in and amongst this Priestly Order; Visions, Proverbs, and Similitudes must cease, which as leading stars have been under the sonís Ministration, this being the fullness of time, in which the Father will shew himself plainly, without any Figures or Shadows, in the substantial Body of Power, uncessantly flowing, from which the New Creation must bud out in a fresh Glory, and all of the old fade and dye away.


But here it may be objected, Where are there any to be found of this Royal Priesthood, who may give forth a Sealing Evidence in this present time? They have indeed been long predicted of, but we would fain see some really instated in this high Order.

For Answer to this, I say, there may possibly be some who are advanced to a good degree of this high state, and who have passed through the first and second Order; all which is an inward secret, purifying work from Sin, and holy Ground made ready for the Righteous Branch, in its Lily-beauty to spring, which may be done without any great noise; for where Christ is come to offer himself once for all, then the next thing that follows is the coming of the holy Ghost to reign all in all: wherefore we will believe and hope, there may be some under this peculiar Ordination though dispersed and unknown, who are all ready to enter upon the third Degree, which is the spiritual Rule and Authority; for it is no less than a perfect Regeneration that bringeth to this Gate, because whoever enters here, must first have shaken hands with a worldly Conversation, no more touching any dead thing; wherefore this state is not common or easily attained, but by such who are touched by Love, and anointed for this holy Melchizedeck Order, of their calling to which, none shall ever have cause to Repent; for great are the Royalties that will follow, according as hath been declared

The Spirit of Prophecy spake thus to me expressly, as the close of this subject, saying, I will choose a Disciplehood yet upon the Earth again, who shall know me in my inward Spiritual figure; as in former time I was known in a visible Humanity, by Voice and Shape, but now I am come to appear and walk upon invisible Earth, which none but the spiritual Man understands my Speech, or sees my transformed Shape; to such who my chosen Disciples are, I will familiarly appear; for behold, I upon a new Election am, who the Alpha and Omega is to call together such whose Names are found in the Crown Number Roll, one by one, till to the hundred and forty four Thousand for the increase & manifestation of this most holy Priesthood; blessed are they that shall be the first Foundation Pillars thereof, so saith the Yea & Amen; for this will be the Virgin church, upon whom no Spot or Wrinkle shall be found, for if found faulty, I cannot be their Priestly head, for the case is clean alteríd of what it was in the day of my visible Corporiety, which was the first dawning of my Day, in which the mixed and imperfect things among my Disciplehood, could not so suddenly fly away; therefore a suffering state was to succeed after me, that so sin, by its daily dyings might expire, which among my old Disciplehood, in that Age, great effect did take, but yet deceasing before reaching to the full and perfect date of what was to be the Churches primitive state, now something greater and more perfect is to be revealed, after so long and cloudy a night of Apostasy, where there has been a going back, instead of going forward; but there is a Star that shall arise out of the same light Orb, whereof it shall be said, Behold, Wisdomís Day through dark Clouds doth appear, out of whose Virgin Womb bright Stars of Glory generated are, innumerably, to make up that Temple-Church, all fair and christaline, terrible as an Army with Banners, that shall display my Strength and Power.

This is the Trumpet sound of Christ, the Lord's Spirit, to such who of this high and holy Order are, that they may break away from their Iron Yokes, and be unbound from all Terrestrial things, for to come to be received into this new Disciplehood, and with the Lord to have all freedom of Speech. Oh! where shall we find any that shall, for this high and spiritual degree, all they have and are here for to resign, that as fixed Pillars for this first born Church, they may come so to be. Lord Jesus, it is thy golden Crook that must take hold, I see, for such a Priestly Ministry.


Wisdom Cautions


(In explaining how the spirit of prophecy operates, which gave her these revelations, Jane Leade warns all who venture into the prophetic ministry thus:)

A word of Love-caution is to another sort of Persons, who are entered into this Ministration, in its first degree, and are under the Spirits discipline and teaching; the word of Counsel, from the Father of Spirits, is this, That they keep precisely to the Rules and Laws of the Spirit; for there will be expected from such more shining and singular Conversation, shewed forth in a self-denying Life, dying to all of those mortal things and sensual enjoyments, that strangle and choke the fiery Breath of the holy Spirit, to stop it from kindling further and deeper in the Soulish Essence, that so there may be a coming up to a mighty Increase and Fruitfulness in the love and unity of the Spirit, having all tenderness to support, love and cherish each Olive Plant that springeth out of this Eden Garden, which is watered by the holy Mists and droping Dews of the Spirit.
Now to the third sort, this word of Wisdom and Counsel doth greet them, whom we discern to be of a high and lofty stature, having shot forth their Branches in great lustre and glory, as having got beyond all declarative Revelations and Teachings, as not receiving or needing any but what their own center of Light will supply them withal, here-from inclining to slight what lies in bank and store with their fellow-Labourers for this same Treasure; to such this word is sent, that they carry it in great humility and lowliness of Mind, preferring each ones gift before, or as their own, maintaining all sweet and lovely Fellowship, with those of lower or higher degrees, in mutual Concord and Harmony, for the maintaining a holy Fraternity and spiritual Neighbourhood, although each Saint may have a full Provision and plentiful Portion of Spirit in themselves, so as they have no dependence on another, yet love is freely communitive, and disperseth it self in great variety, so as what one Saint is gifted and furnished with, the other may want of that sort and kind, and so a heavenly Traffick and Correspondency may be maintained, feeding and feasting with each other, on the various Fruits, as all springing from one Stock and Tree of Life; for it is experienced, that much increase of the holy Anointing hath flown forth by the converse and declaration of divine Inspirations, from one Saint to another, the which hath begotten a new and spiritual Generation, as in former Ages, so in this, sending forth divine sparks of Light and Love, for the gathering in of the holy Priestly Train, that are to make up the Temple-Glory, till the which shall come to be completed, there will be all need of this holy inspiring Breath to be breathed from one to another, whether by vocal Voice, inspeaking or converse, as the holy Spirit shall go forth in its various operations, for the edifying of the Body of Love, for a holy Convocation to the Lord.
In the hopeful Expectation of which, I have been driven to disclose these great and deep secrets, being assured, That this Generation shall not pass away before there shall be a fulfilling of what hath been revealed & prophesied of in this little Tract; and blessed are they that shall have their lot and portion herein: There is a rich Bank, yet behind, from whence the oily Springs do fill, that may be emptied forth, when Vessels are made more fine, and ready thereof to take in; for the which we shall wait and seek to find some such for to partake of that rich and weighty Prize, that yet lieth in the secret & eternal Mine; for there is Valley deep, which under, the Water of Life doth lie, that will bring forth the fruitful Olive Plants, that shall be there fed and nourished hiddenly, till of a strong and full grown stature in Spirit and Power they may come for to be; then will they shew themselves to the true Israel of God universally, that the Priestly Kingdom may come for to spread and flourish every where, in power and great glory, sealed with Mission of the holy Ghost, acting and going forth in signal miraculous working Powers, for confirmation of the truth of this Dispensation, in such a way as none shall resist, nor any dark Magician shall be able to counterfeit; for so strong and impregnable is the foundation of this Temple-body of glory, that neither Dragon, Beast, or false Prophet shall be able it to undermine, it being built and compact together of precious Sapphire Stones, transparent for Beauty and Glory: the Jasper Stone being both Foundation and Covering thereon, then will the shout of a King be heard in the Land of Salvation.
Oh! ye holy and elect of God, where-ever you have been hid, appear, if you have put on your anointed Shield, promote and help forward this royal Priesthood, wherein the lively express of the holy Ghost is to be manifested: Oh! that some such might be known, that hereto do give themselves, and mind no other thing, as the Lords approved Work-men, that may come to build up the inward Priestly Temple, whose Furniture and Glory shall be the Gifts and Powers of the Holy Ghost. And now, what have I more to do, but to wait in hope, that the pure flaming Spirit may henceforth go forth to gather in this Priestly Host, who, as in a wreathed Chain of Love, united may be inseparable, that so we may come to take our degrees of Prophets, Priests and Kings, for the making good what hath been in this Treatise revealed; which though in the form of a dead Letter, yet O God, as the Author hereof, did in the writing meet with a mighty flow of the anointing Presence; so let the same out-flowing Spring accompany such whom thou hast ordained to be taken into this holy Priestly Order, to which give thy Amen, O great High-Priest, to whom the Glory hereof doth belong. Even so let that Kingdom come into this World, that shall consist of Kings, Priest, and Prophets; with all such Righteous Plants, let the whole Earth be planted, for Joy and Praise to him who is the Ancient of Days. Hallelujah to him who is KING of Kings.
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This was written in the 1600's by the unction of the Lord, and great insight was indeed given to Jane Leade to write books on it, from which these extracts were taken.

We, in this age, have seen the moving of the Lord in secret places bringing up this army of prophets, kings and priests, and in the inward parts, revealing the Melchisedec priestly anointing to those apertained. (Read "the Revealed truth series").

Indeed, the hope and prayer expressed by Jane Leade in this extract is being fulfilled in this age.

May you aspire to be one of the chosen ones to the height of glory in Christ's kingdom.

Yea "the Spirit and the bride say, come."

Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.


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