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The Harvest Is Ripe!

"He will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner"

(Mat.3: 12)



These are extracts from the writings of Jane Leade in the 1600's. In this extract, Jane Leade talked about the Melchisedec Priesthood which God is calling out in this end of time out of the bands of believers. This is worth your prayerful study.

This section is from "The revelations" Part 3, Authored by Jane Leade.

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Having passed through Loveís Region and Dominion, we are come to set forth (according to the Gift still bestowed upon us) the glorious state of the everlasting Priesthood of Christ, carried on in his most holy Temple, Body and heavenly Sanctuary, which is framed for it by the Love-Power and Wisdom of the Most-High, who will have a Kingdom of Priests elected, and set apart for this purpose, To draw near in full assurance of acceptance with him in all their holy Offerings, each one from their consecrated Tabernacle, to minister to the mighty Jehovah. For the which is required a special Ordination, which none can be capable of, but such as first are all purified in the burning Springs of Love, that so they may become Holy, Merciful and Compassionate, to intercede for the Ignorant, and such as are turned aside from the tract of the just and perfect One. Now then, to be called & anointed of God to this holy Function, is the greatest spiritual Dignity and Honour, that can be conferred upon the Love-Flock; it excels both the Prophetical and Kingly Dominion, all which intrinsically do agree together, only the Priestly Office doth outshine in Glory, being the last and finishing Ministration, which shall reconcile and gather into the Unity, with the most holy and ever blessed Trinity, where fixation within the Temple-Body of the holy Ghost shall ever more be enjoyed.
Now in order to the revealing and making out this high and peculiar Priest-hood, it is expedient I should declare, in what a living figure it appeared to me, or rather to somewhat which was raised up to be as a clear burning Lamp of Love, which was capable of this great and marvelous sight, which did open from the very God-head Beeing, in whose Body of Light and Glory this Priesthood in the Heavens was clearly manifested to my Eye sight, which is the ground work I shall go upon, according to the express which the great Melchizedeck Priest hath set open, and made teachable hereby for the benefit and service of that Holy and Royal Tribe that shall hereunto be numbered. For in the present Age, wherein the most precious have their Call to come out from what is vile, temporary and Soul-cankering against the Love, minding of Earthly things; and as to the more refined religions dress (where the Viper of sinful Hypocrisie which hath had a fair covering spread over it) in every changeable Ministration, which refers to an outside Holiness, till from this there be a departing, and entering into Loveís substantiality, there can be no bearing part in this peculiar and Royal Priesthood. But let us go on to describe it according to the Mount Zion Pattern, which we have seen, and the Words which were heard from thence.
The Vision of the Heavenly Tabernacle.
I was carried in Spirit, where I saw a light flaming glory unfolding and opening it self larger and more conspicuous, and in the midst of it an Abysical Deep, from whence there was a working flowing Source, in a restless Motion, flashing up transparent Matter, so sparklingly glorious for Colours, as if all manner of precious Stones had been co-mixed in the Matter; then did appear numerous Persons gathered to the Glory of this flowing Source, from the Virtue and Power that rose out of the Deep, which was as the Resurrection of pure heavenly Bodies, bright and clear, that stood there to receive and drink in from this Abysical Deep; then was it asked by that translated Spirit that saw all this, What was to be understood by all this? And it was answered, It is the flowing of the Deity, that is ever generating forth, for begetting and renewing what is like to its own Beeing, and the sparkling Matter that so continually flashed out, was to consecrate the heavenly Order of Kingly Priests, which would be the very Tabernacle-Glory upon them, for this Priestly Kingdom, under the highest degree of anointing are for to be: And who-ever can pure and abstractedly come up and lie near the flowing of this Abysical Deep, are under the Ordination for Kingly Priests, and so near to God, as nothing shall them be denyed, for which they shall interceed; for great Power, they will have within their own command, for they are Spirited very high by daily drinking in this deified Matter.
In this Vision there was no formal Temple, Tabernacle or Alter to be seen, [Margin Note: For the Kingdom was here delivered up, and God became all in all.] but God in his Virtual Power, Light and Purity, filled the numerous company that made up the Priestly Body, which was termed the God-head Fraternity. No particular Christ here I did see, but as he was said to be the Head and the Power that made them shine as so many burning Lamps before the Throne of the Fatherís all-piercing Eye of Glory. There were degrees amongst this Holy Priestly fellowship, some in a higher, others in a lower order; But the Testimony of Truth, Love and Purity did open through all, as one entire Ark of the Heavenly Body compacted together, sounding forth New and wonderful Laud and Praises, different from all others, who in the Heavenly places did worship the Lord God Almighty.
This was a lively express and manifestation of the Everlasting and Unchangeable Priesthood, which the Holy Ghost will build up, and appear all in it, and therefore is come before hand to open the Scene of it, and to give Rules to direct in the Way, which leads thereunto, according to this substantial ground which opens from the Central Eternity, from whence all perfect things must spring out again, in this faded and corrupted Region; For which a most Holy and Royal Priesthood is ordained, that is to be the Salt of the Earth, to send forth their seasoning for Life, where Putrefaction unto Death hath reigned. Now we shall proceed and give forth, what hath run in as a Fountain, sending forth its Springs. It is then assured to us by an irreversible Covenant, that a Kingly Priesthood shall in this latter day stand upon the Earth. An Election and Call from the Holy Ghost is going out for to effect the same, who only knows where the true born Nazarites are, and where the sanctified in the Water of Life do lie, who will be brought out as baptized Ones, into this Holy Priestly order, so that it may be evident to all to know who they are, and to acknowledge their Priestly Royalty, each one in their various order and degree for power and eminency; for which there are several Rules, Characters and holy Missions, that will make out where all these pure, clear, lively Stones are connexed together, for a ruling and governing Priesthood in this visible Earth: These are of the Election hereunto, that may yet be hid amongst the Stuff of Babylonís confusion. A David may be keeping of Sheep, an Elisha Plowing with a yoke of Oxen, till a special ordination come forth for anointing to a more high, worthy and honourable Employ, in which the business will be only to have to do with God, and therefore is set apart and sanctified only for that use, ceasing from all thronging Cares and secular Services, and a withdrawing from all defiling things of this kind. Whoever feels the touch of the Life-coal, that sets the only matter of the Souls eternal Essence a burning, they will soon find what separation is made, and can henceforth no more favour the low, vulgar, gross and Earthly concerns; from all which this Priestly Function doth set free, as called and anointed by the most Holy, that is head of this separated Congregation; therefore it is but meet that the Body should answer hereunto, that as our great High-Priest is passed into the Heavens, being found perfect, separate from sin and Sinners, so likewise all appertaining to this heavenly order will be known in their pure consecration. For the Spring of the Spirit will rise from within, to cleanse every instrument that must be used about the Tabernacle service, because God will have nothing to come near Him, but what hath Holiness engraved upon it, which doth imply a coming out of what is common and defiling, that nothing of this corrupting Nature may be found amongst the Priestly Tribe. For these are designed and appointed to deal with God in all weighty Spiritual matters, belonging to the Restoration, and that may erect the New Jerusalem state in this very World. Therefore there is to be an extraordinary Call of the holy Ghost, for the impowering and fitting out hereunto; for else it will be impossible to carry this Evangelical Ministration in such an evil Region, where the Cry and Plea of mortal necessities are continually heard, as making it a lawful imposition upon the very illuminated Saints to puddle about Earthly things; by which indeed the way unto the most Holy hath been blocked up; no open Face of God could through this muddy glass be seen, as being the dark side of the Cloud which keeps from God by many removes and distances. Therefore a healing Balsam, for a continual bleeding wound, the great and merciful High Priest hath sent down, even the victorious reconciling Crown, of the Priestly anointing which is in very truth his Essential Deity, which riseth as a Fountain of Purity, overspreading the whole Humanity, and consecrates it for both Tabernacle, Ark and Altar, in which the Holy Ghost officiates, and accomplisheth the whole Divine service. Now whatever Soul and Spirit shall be thus taken up, and arrested upon Gods account, to serve and minister about the Heavenly and most excellent things, which belong to the Everlasting Priesthood, for it is not to be thought that the most holy will allow or permit such to prophane what he hath Sanctified, or the Living to be entombed with the Dead, or the high scented Oyl which springs from the Holy Ghost to let in the noisome putrefactionís from the loathed Kedar, where all unclean Spirits do dwell. Here is an absolute command to have no touch, nor intermedling withal, so as to ensnare, or come into hazard of breaking the consecrated Vows; For it is a true saying of that great Saint, That we in this consideration do cease to be our own, we cannot according to the Law of the Spirit dispose of our selves, no, not for an hour or day, from our Lord and Masterís Employ and Business, further than as good and faithful Stewards, we can give a satisfying account, according to those Spiritual Circumstances, we are bound in, unto him. The great and mighty King loveth to see all his Priestly train and attendants still about him, in such an Holy order, and Heavenly posture, as they may be ready to be sent forth upon the most eminent services, who can find employment enough for his Subjects and Ministering Spirits, & who takes it as a great dishonour, to have this holy order bring their high profession to be brought into contempt, by running into the cloud, and thicket of vain rudimental things. Nay, more than this, the restitution extends to the ordained and called ones, upon whom the anointing hath been poured forth; for the most Holy incense offering, they cannot be at liberty to fall in with those lawful and necessary concerns which pertain to the feeding and cloathing of the Body, but if here at any time engaged, the Spiritual part suffers hurt, because it acts out of its own Sphere, and divine property, which should stand in Faiths essentiality, where all our motions should be accompanied with the Principle of Faith, in the Priestly Ministration; for the supplying what is needful to the true Temple worshippers, whereunto keeping and walking with God, in a perfect way, fulfilling all his Sanctuary institutions, such are as Lilies to Spring and grow without toil or care. The blessings of the Deep shall ever more abound and flow in, while there is an abiding in the Faith hereof, giving God full credit, and running all fully upon his account, in this case. The Truth is, the Lord stands engaged to provide all sufficiency for his Servants, whom he hath called from all other low inferior Services and Employs, being himself in Covenant with the Priesthood of his own ordination. Holy Paul makes use of it from the unchangeable Law, that runs from Shadows and figurative Services, till it comes to the Life and Substance. Do you not know (saith he) that they which minister about Holy things, live of the things of the Temple, and they which wait at the Altar, are partakers with it; They have a right hereunto, according to a Law of divine Institution. But the Proprietors of these worldly Goods, do not hold themselves obliged hereunto; but do engross and take up all; and if they let go any thing, it is rather by constraint, than a free and voluntary Offering. But we are not to search too deep into this matter, for Faultiness may be found among our own Tribe, that lie within the circle of the Priestly Covenant, in whom much Remissness and Shortness hath been found, as to the ministering to the Necessities of the true dedicated Nazarites. But we hope to see another Power and Spirit, that shall bear rule, which shall make the fast clasped Proprietors to become all free and open-handed, according to the fore-going Prophecy, that the Churl shall be made liberal, yea, so as to reckon nothing to be his own.
But here it may well be asked, What is it that must come to loosen from this Self-bottom, so as to unhinge this strong Gate, that hath kept out from the Land of eternal Store and Blessing, whereof Abrahamís Seed in the Faith are Heirs?
This doth in part answer the Question, which may produce the great change in narrow Spirits, which is the Gift of the Faith of the operation of God, which openeth from the Springs of Love, which are spread abroad by the holy Ghost, and kept as a live Coal that can multiply it self into a strong and vehement flame of Love, which is the cherishing Root that makes Faith to become all fruitful, beyond all exteriour sense and sight, resting and confiding in the creating Fiat, which can call those things that are not, to be, and make a something of nothing: This we may call the Riches of Faith, that can make an increase where no visible Matter appeareth. This is no common Faith, it is no where found, but where the holy Ghost hath planted himself for a Blessing and growing Revenue: Who ever shall receive of this Gift, and taste the Power of it, will soon cease to grasp and love earthly and perishing things; they will be constrained to offer and consecrate all that may be for the service and use of the holy royal Melchizedeck Priesthood. And though at this time little of this Spirit and Power doth appear in the World, yet know of a truth, from the Witness of Jesus, that the long circling Motion of the holy Anointing, (which hath hitherto but scattered his Sparks of Light) is now in very deed upon the out-breaking Day of Life, that what hath been only in sweet Love-Movings, and transient passing Powers, that have in the very Altar-waiters ceased. But we shall say now again, Behold, come and see, the burning ghostly Body is risen that will turn all uncertain Motion into a fixed act of all flowing generating Powers. But this the Lord hath shewed me, This will be first appropriated to the high Priestly Order, that can pass beyond the Vail, to whom the Holy of Holiest stands open: For there are different Degrees, States and Orders in this last and new erected Priesthood, in which the holy Ghost will appear to be all; which according to our received Instruction, I shall give a description of, and how it may be known, who are the called and chosen of God hereunto.
(to be continuedÖ)

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Earlier prophecy said "Some will be fully redeemed being clothed upon with a priestly garment after the Melchizedek order. This will qualify them for governing Authority. Therefore it is required on their part to suffer the fanning of the Fiery Breath searching every part within them until they arrive at a Fixed Body from whence the wonders are to flow.

Upon this body will be the fixation of the Urim and Thummim that are the portion of the Melchizedek priesthood whose descent is not counted in the genealogy of that creation which is under the fall but in another genealogy which is a New Creation. Hence these priests will have a deep inward search and divine sight into secret things of Deity, will be able to prophesy in a clear ground; not darkly and enigmatically, for they will know what is couched in the first originality of all beings, in the eternal anti-type of nature, and will be able to bring them forth according to the divine counsel and ordination."

Yea, Aspire to be one of the highest order of saints, for the highest calling of God in Christ Jesus. Amen!


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