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The Harvest Is Ripe!

"He will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner"

(Mat.3: 12)



I continue to bring to the people in my mailing list the writings of Jane Leade. These that had been written centuries ago bear witness to many of my writings in the Rapturing Faith series. For instance in this extract Jane Leade mentioned humility as one qualification for the Enochian walk with God. See the same topic in Rapturing Faith part 7. Here is further extract from Jane Leade's writing, worth your prayerful study.

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The Enochian Life
But now me thinks, I hear some say at the Reading of This, Oh! You have mentioned a high and lofty State, which is as a new thing that hath not been declared; as that in this present Life there should be found any to ascend to the New-Jerusalem, to feast and worship GOD there; This, you will say belongs to the Enochian Life; but That Age of the World is not yet come, so as to know a Translated State. We grant it, that it is not common, only peculiar to some, that in Enochís Spirit are raised to walk with GOD, and so are taken up in the Spirit wholly. But we may hope This day of the Spirit is coming on, whereby it shall be known more universally; in the which Angelical Spirits shall ascend, and That Divine Principle shall open, that now hath been so long shut up: Then you will know a New-state of Living, that you never knew before; for it will turn the Love of all mortal Things out of the Hearts-door: This will in very deed be known.
Seeing we have thus far proceeded in opening This Divine Mystery, we shall not stop here, but go on to reveal and communicate to such as desire to be Fellow-Travellers with me to This Holy City, the New-Jerusalem, the Track having been shewed unto me; not by Vision only as in past times: In my printed Book of Divine Revelation, there you may see what I had by way of Vision, Printed in 1683; but now the spirit hath moved it self in another degree to bring forth Vision into an Essential Fruition, which ratifieth That Scripture, Psal.84.Verse 7; They shall go from strength to strength, each one appearing before GOD in Sion.
Now This I find is to be taken in a two-fold Sense, as to That part which is to appear before GOD in Sion. The first is, while yet in body of Corporiety. The second is, when stepped out of it, so, as no more to return again to it. Now hence I, (yet not I but the Spirit of my JESUS) shall lead you on to the first part, knowing well the way, and have taken the measures thereof by the Measuring-Line in the Hand of an Angel: unaccountable to any but the Travellers thereto.
Some heads, and propositions I shall lay down in order hereunto, that our Fellow-Travellers may not fail to find sure footing.
The First is, what Preparation, or Qualification will be requisite for such intended Travellers.
Secondly, What kind, or manner of way.
Thirdly, The several States, or Rests, by the way.
Fourthly, Their arrival to This City of GOD.
And Fifthly, The Welcome, and Entertainment the Travellers meet with There, from all the Great Assembly of Mount Sion: (the Court of GOD.)
First, then, it is to be considered what this Traveller must be;
Not a Gross, tangible Body, but a Spirit that must thus take up Enochís Walks, separated, and translated from a Terrestrial Life to a Celestial: This is our Spiritual-travellerís first alteration (an Earthly Creature turníd into a Spiritual.)
And now we come to enter upon the way, which looketh at first onset, as the Valley of Baca that openeth the Floodgate of Tears, and being so environed with the Light of the Spirit, that hath discovered to it, an inward, and outward Deformity, degraded of its Angelical Image, by the root of Sin in nature springing; so that this Mourning and Sorrow, not to be repented of. And while in this first beginning-way, the Soul will have many Enemies to encounter withal, and Temptations from within, and without, and the more assaults will come because it is to rend away, and leave the Walks of This Evil World, and to betake it self to This New and Living-way. But let not our fellow travellers be discouraged, but gird up, and go forward; this days journey will have its end, though it may go heavily on, this first day,ó the second will be more lightsome and refreshing, if it do but hold out this Probation, and wrestle it out as Jacob did.
Then the Angels of GOD will meet the weary Traveller, and accompany it throughout its way.
There are seven Angels (or they may be called seven Spirits) that are appointed to be the Guard of the travelling Soul, whilst in this dangerous way. I shall name them, as I my self have found them a Fortitude of Strength in all my Journey on to this very Day: so it may be to the Undertakers that will precisely keep to this Perfect-way.
The first of these Seven qualifying Spirits, and Powers, for a Guard is Holy, Passive-Patience; This is an absolute necessary Companion in this way. No holding out, without the Indowment of a Patient Mind, that may hold out against all Contradictions and what will make offer to pull down from this High, and Heavenly Walk.
The second is, Deep, or Meek Humility, keeping low, and humble; for That secures the Traveller: For GOD hath great Respect for a Soul that walketh softly, and steadily.
The third Qualification, is a Lively Hope, which is as an Eye within the Soul carrying a Prospect of the Heavenly Sion, That mightily strengthens it, and bears it up.
Fourthly, a Super-Celestial Wisdom, that directs, manages, and governs the Soul, as to the fittest times, and seasons for Journeying on; that is, when to stop, and when to remove on forward, as the matter shall require.
The fifth is the Spirit of Faith; This is a most Excellent Companion that carrieth through all Difficulties, because it is the Evidence of Objects of things in the Heavens, not visibly seen. It is Wings that makes the Soul fly so High, that nothing of the crawling Earth worms can reach, to molest, or hurt it.
The sixth, Divine Power, that attends the Traveller, is, the Live-Coal of Flaming-Love, that so vehemently Longeth to arrive to the visional Fruition of GOD, and CHRIST, with all the glorified Train of Blessed, and Perfect Spirits. This Love-Gale, is so Mighty strong, that it makes the Soul pull up, and run swiftly in this Race.
Seventhly, That which doth most complete this Holy Guard, is, Impregnable Strength, and Power; for if GOD did not take care to Fortify the travelling Soul, with His own Invincible strength, there were no possibility to reach this Mark of the New-Jerusalem State; but Christ the Lord, takes good care, and will not omit to provide Munition-strength for accomplishing this Heavenly Journey; for Christ, the Lord, longeth more to see the Soul-traveller safely landed in his own Bosom of Love, than the Souls desire is to appear before him: So by this mutual Love-Agreement, the Everlasting Knot of Marriage-Union will be tyed, when there once it is arrived.
Now then, by this time you see what the Company is, that will support the Soul in its Travels, but the Chief of all is Christ in Spirit, that walks in This Holy qualified Soul, as in the midst of the Seven Golden Candlesticks.
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Now herein lieth the greatest of all Mysteries, That under the Covert of a mortal Human form, such an anointed Cherub, should There live and move, as having the fire-sparkling Eye, that pierceth into the Heavens, there to view, and see, what is of its own Kind, and Property, transplanted into That upper Region: for known it is to me, that Spirits, Pure, and Separate from this gross Earth, may be both with Christ the Head, and with his body of Saints, who in the Heights of Glory are.
Yet mutual Greeting, and Conversation allowed may be, as springing from one Eternal root, and ground, coupled together in Loves golden Chain of Everlasting Unity.
But it is given me to understand that such Saints which are yet in the Body, ( that is yet Corporeal) they must be highly spirited, and much estranged from themselves, as considered in an outward creaturely Life; for That part must be silenced, and shut up; when ever the Soul, in this Body would hold a Communion, or spiritual Conference with the Kingly Shepherd, and That upper Fold.
Now from hence it is to be concluded, they must be High Graduated Souls, that are privileged to come up Here to this Heavenly Court. Every Spirit according to its growth and attainment, so it will be ranked with such as are above; each one joined to its like in Heavenly places: for so it will be, whilst in the body of time, and when There from separated ( Oh my Friends, whoever This comes to know ) they will little care for any other Society but what is above; for Christ being Glorified, He mightily doth draw pure Spirits to be with him, as their most proper Center, and Dwelling-place.
The body of Sin, and Flesh, hath been indeed a great Impediment to such Heavenly-minded Souls that in this Liberty of Mind for a spiritual flight would be; but the Mill-stone of this Earth doth bind, and keep them down, so as they cannot ascend.
The Question then is, what must be done to get free, to hold up this all-desirable Correspondency with GOD, and CHRIST, and all the Heavenly Family?
I can give no other Direction, than what my self have been taught in, and in some degree have put into practice so, as whereby I have found this All-secret pass, (or way) for my Spirit to enter, and abide, in the Inward Tabernacle of GODís delightful Presence, which is as a foregoing Pledge of what I may hope, and expect to take up in, when this my Body shall break away.
Therefore that I might excite all holy, well-minded souls that are such Lovers of their Life CHRIST, That they would not be bereaved of his Company during the Time allotted to live in this outward Body: Then let them observe these Rules which I give as my Experience.
First, lay aside all Vexatious, Worldly Matters, that are a Cumber, and Weight upon the Mind, take in nothing that is not absolutely Necessary: be contented with a little of the World, that thou mayest have much more of GOD.
And if possessed thou art, of a plenty of these outward Things, be sure to give a Proof of thy Alienation from them, by giving them all up as an Offering to the Temple-Builders, to promote, and furnish the Inward Sanctuary, which the Holy, Spiritual-minded Souls are to make up; Therefore to be Encouraged in That, it may be by such as do more plentifully, Things of this World enjoy.
And bless GOD, That they have such a Prize put into their hands as to Honour GOD, and propagate the Revelation of his Kingdom, by supporting such as GOD hath Endowed, and filled with the Spirit of Wisdom, Revelation, and Prophecy; with all Purity of Conversation.
Sure I am, it would be a most sweet scented Sacrifice to GOD, if any, there could be found, that were thus so largely, and well disposed in Mind; that so, a Sequestration, and Dedication of devout Spirits, might be maintained, for fulfilling the Will of GOD here on Earth, as it is in Heaven; Echoing to the Saints in the upper World, in Loving, Praising, and Admiring, paying all Homage, and Temple-Worship, in GOD, to GOD and the Lamb.
I have been, and still am, of the same mind, That if such an holy convocation could be brought together, in a perfect Accord, and Oneness of Spirit, a great witness would be given to it, and mighty things would succeed upon it. But woe, and alas, ( and may therefore a Wailing be taken up; that ) the pure Spring of Life in Souls, hath been stifled, and choaked by the Earth.
I have made it my sorrowful Observation how deeply buried in the Earthly Life, the greater part of the Creation is, in their several Ranks, and Degrees: the Higher Order, in this World, that hath all advantages, by fullness of all desirable Things that this World can afford, whereby they have opportunity to attend the high and heavenly Calling, being they can subsist, and live without the Toil, and Labour, which others are necessitated to be imployed in. Therefore let the Great and rich Ones, of this Temporal State, believe and know, It is incumbent upon them, and GOD expects no less from them, That they principally Honour GOD with their Substance; and seeing GOD hath given them such Liberty, and Command of their own Time, Highly to prize it, and make sure to themselves the Pearl of the Kingdom; for That Treasure may go along with them into the Heavenly World, when they must leave all that belongs to this Outward.
Now I have a Word given me also, for the lower Ranks, that indeed may have a more lawful Plea, for want of Time, and Liberty, being ingaged in Business that must give a Livelihood; and therefore they cannot be so much at leisure to wait the Motions of the Heavens. To this, the Spirit of CHRIST gives this Caution and Counsel.
Take heed lest the Cares for the bodily part do not eat out the Life, and Spirit; and so bereave it of all that is spiritual-feeding, and cloathing for the Soul: and so be put by, and excluded from commencing the degrees of the Heavenly Vocation and Calling, and lose all benefit of conversation in Heavenly Places.
Therefore be watchful, and suffer not the Outward to jostle out the Inward; Put but one Grain of Faith into thy Stock of outward Things, and eye GOD Therein; and the Blessing of Increase shall come on thee: for the Just shall live both Spiritually and Temporally by his Faith.
We have instances of what the Spirit of Faith hath produced, when GOD hath been confided in; It hath produced a thousand fold more than all the Study of the Head, and Labor of the Hands. And as this Lily of Faith shall get up, and free it self from the Twisting-strings of Sense which hath bound it, Solomon, in all his Glory shall not be compared unto This Sprouting-Lily-Day of the Heirs of Faith.
They who shall be born into This Faith, they need not be thoughtful for any Temporal Thing, for all Blessings in abundance will be brought in. Therefore labor not so much for that perishing Mammon, but rather for that white stone of pure Faith, that fed many Thousands with Bread.

Remembering the Lord's Doctrine; viz. Take no thought what to eat, or drink, or wherewith to be clothed. The LORD knew, that by the Spirit, and Power of Faith, there should be a Support, and Supply of all necessary Things.

But it may be said this kind of Faith is yet but very rarely in any one Sprung.
Well, grant it so to be for the present; yet it is a Truth that there is such a faith that hath been, and shall most surely be revived again, in them, who willing are to die to all That which hath choked, and stifled, (yea, bound this Lily of Faith down).
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Ye cannot serve God and mammon!
The trumpet sounds from mount Zion, giving strength and encouragement. "Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So, run, that ye may obtain." (1Cor.9:24).
Let not the cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word in your life.
As said earlier, these that have been written in the 1600s confirm the rapturing faith series in many respect. "Whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the daystar arise in your hearts." (2Pet.1:19).


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