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The Harvest Is Ripe!

"He will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner"

(Mat.3: 12)



I pause to bring to the people in my mailing list the prophecy of Jane Leade. This woman was reported to have lived in the 1600's and was said to have been the originator of the prophecy found among the writings of Evangelist Charles Price. The theme of the prophecy is the same, which confirms that Jane Leade must have been the writer of the said Charles-Price prophecy.

Read and consider the rest of her writings.

(This is obtained from the Schofar letters Ministry ).



The Reign of Love's Kingdom

(Excerpted from New Jerusalem II by Jane Leade)

"Wherever this Love comes, it makes all imperfect things flee before it, but it strengthens and confirms every plant that is sown by the Spirit, which have long lain buried and makes them appear above ground. It is the king flower of the whole paradisical spring that protects the whole, transmuting all into one entire body of Love that doth extend and give forth itself in all spiritual bounty according to its high nature and property. It is not shut up to itself upon any consideration as to what it possesseth and enjoys, for it holds nothing in proprietorship, whatever its lot is, but all is free to the disciples of the same descent and birth with Himself.

This Love cannot withhold from any of their necessities, for it seeks not its own. It is God's only steward upon earth whom He dare trust with the care of His household who are in spiritual hunger and nakedness.

"Know, whoever you be that are made to willingly venture the loss of all to arrive at this pearl of charity, that you shall most surely find it, and great rejoicing there will be at the finding of this lost goat (a British coin worth about 4 pennies today}. Indeed, the house of the soul must be first thoroughly searched and the natural self-love must be swept out. For what is that which we must lose but even all rubbish, filth and dross So that our hearts, being emptied and cleansed from all these, the king of Love may enter in with full train, wherein we may know nothing but concord, tranquility and a springing treasury of all goodness. Wherefore, let all holy and pure minds be stirred up to wait for the dropping dews which fall from one eternal element to bring this plant of Love's kingdom forward even unto its full height of perfection. And be tender of its first buddings, for it hath many subtle enemies both at home and abroad. It is the heir and therefore is conspired against, for can but the envious spirit find out where its birth doth spring, they will attempt to kill it whilst it is but an infant, for which cause it must be hid in the clefts of the Eternal Rock. There it is to be fed and nourished with its own nature-milk and honey of Love until it become strong and able to encounter and overcome all its opposites that it may reign alone as monarch of the soul.

"My friends, whoever you be that shall read this experimental writing, know assuredly that if you can but find this burning star of Love risen -- nay, if you can but feel the glowings and enkindlings of heat in the center of your hearts, it is more to be valued than all other spiritual gifts, powers and divine ornaments which pertain to the new creation. Then we may boldly despise and contemn all worldly dominions and all the joys and delights of sensual love. For you must know it is such a sacred and celestial seed, coming immediately from the heart of the Deity, as cannot admit anything of defilement or pollution to abide with it. It soon leaves the soul if anything be taken in which cannot abide the burning touch of this altar coal.

"But here it may be asked, "What is this Love which is so highly exalted above all heavenly and earthly things ? Sure there must be some rare transcending quality in it not commonly known that makes you press it so vehemently?" "Truly, well I may, yet not I, but the essential Love Itself doth move me to open the mystery of It, which happily hath not been understood as now by breaking up the fountain of it so that it may plentifully run forth. For giving the light of the knowledge of it doth but make way for the very substance itself to rise sensibly in its flaming quality. Take this further account of it, that it is known to be the most holy and pure generation of the immaculate Virgin of God for which is prepared the virgin-womb that this birth might be the choice and undefiled one of her that brings it forth.

It shall not be now at Christ's second birth as it was at His first.

Then His visage was marred more than any man's. He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, and there was no form nor comeliness in Him, which made Him to be set at naught and greatly despised, though without sin or guile. But being found a sufferer under it, He therefore could not be exalted until He had His first birth in us which must precede His second. But there is a vast difference between Christ's first and second coming. Many ages are passed wherein saints have known only the birth of Christ in them after this weak, suffering, dying and reproachful state. The apostles, upon whom the Holy Ghost was poured forth after a most signal manner, by which Christ gave witness in them of His victory and exaltation, enabling them to work miraculously; yet notwithstanding, they were not gotten beyond the suffering birth of Christ in themselves, for they only had the revelation and foresight of His appearing in power and great glory. But they departed this life and did not see the sign of the Son of man (the birth and establishment of Love) to take up in them for a visible reign and kingdom that might redeem out of all tribulation, and so it hath continued until this day. But yet there is not to be found a generation so prepared and made ready for the second coming of Christ as was in that day, which might make us doubt whether the coming of Christ is so near. Because this birth of Love is so hardly found in any, risen up to an absolute dominion, which is a sure introduction to the omnipotent reign of Christ in this visible earth in the inward properties of the Love flock. But you will say, "The apostles and those that were convened by their ministry were all in the dispensation of Love and were in expectation of having the Kingdom restored to Israel in their day. What was the reason then that Christ's second birth did not rise in them ?"

"To which I answer that it was thought meet by the Father of Wisdom that all of that generation should drink of their Lord's suffering and dying cup, as He often hinted unto them when personally with them, though they had a general spirit of prophecy concerning His glorious reign in which He would appear in His saints. And then again, it may be disputed as to whether those elders themselves had completed their own regeneration and so were perfectly arrived to the throne-dominion of Love as fixed Overcomers. Paul, Peter and John, who were the most eminent amongst them, seemed to have somewhat more in sight than what they had attained to and so were still pressing after it.

"However, it may be concluded that they had got the start before any that are known at this day, yet it seems that hitherto Love's womb hath been shut up from bringing forth children of the resurrection-- at least to anything that is manifestly known.

"But for this we may have good hope that if indeed it be born in anyone and made strong to maintain its right and superiority over the whole inward creation, ruling as God, by whom it is certainly avouched that a virgin spirit shall be given to such for eternal generation, who shall be able to raise and quicken the holy grain of Love that lieth as dead, so that Love may see her offspring to multiply exceedingly unto all perfect purity. Such an holy congregation and society, being once raised to reign upon Love's throne together will be as so many raised banners which will be terrible to the nations which stand without the circle of Love.

"Now, by all this we see what hath hitherto put a stop and caused the Lord to delay His coming and will continue to delay until perfect Love is come to burn up every image in the mind that is not engraved by God's own finger. It is certainly to be concluded that charity is the golden wash and baptizing pool out of which souls do come all ruddy and white, clear and bright, to whom the Lord may say, "My

dove, my fair one, my undefiled, come away; the Love-scarlet dye hath washed thy blackness away so that now thou art all fair in My eye." This is a prophecy which hath been fulfilled in part and will have more abundant fulfillment as this spirit of burning Love takes possession of hearts. Then the very face of God will be the covering by which we shall see and know what before we were ignorant of as to our own pure Love's nativity, which was foreknown in Christ before the world of wrath and bitterness did show itself. And thus, by the first and second birth of Christ in us, all will come to be restored to a glorious new creation where Love shall die no more, nor sin live which brought in curse and sorrow and estranged God from us. Now, is not all this a most persuasive motive to the Love-flock, wherever scattered, that God intends to bring them to this Love-band of perfection that we may know one another as God's enkindled sparks, increasing to flames, which are to consume all envy and wrath as stubble and dross. The trumpet sounds from Mount Zion and waxeth louder and louder. We daily hear it, from which we have declared the most excellent things that concern the eternal Love-fellowship in God's own clearness, in which no spot of darkness is to be found. You will say -- "Where are such to be found according to this degree which you have here described? All visible churches and societies are far too light when weighed with this golden grain and shekel of the eternal sanctuary."

"We know it to be so from the all-piercing eye which doth try all degrees of Love, and it may be universally bewailed that so much superficial, formal and dead love is found, both to God and one another. Hence we do not wonder that the Bridegroom makes no more haste, His bride wanting as yet her full vesture or robe of pure Charity, without which she can never be said to be ready, for this is to be all her glory both within and without and to adorn her for Love and delight. Therefore, all pre-eminence and honor give to Love, taking all care to nourish it up in God and there abound in it towards one another. This high, pure and mystical unity of Love hath been yet very little understood and even less practiced. That heaven-born society is much scattered. Where is Love's paved habitation to be found in which fervent charity doth wholly act and move, loving and admiring as God appears and looks forth through the lattice of humanity in each one? Oh! How should it draw out and open the springs of Love as God Himself who is the spirit and life of Love which moveth and riseth in holy souls!

"Therefore, it becomes us to be tender of it; not to grieve it nor quench it in one another for that may cause it to sink and die away in ourselves, and then the very ark of our strength departs from us, and the heat and vigor of all spiritual life declines with it.

"Upon which consideration, O ye heaven-born out of the womb of eternal Love, wherever dispersed-- let your gatherings be to this lifted up standard where Love's kingdom is known and possessed in all peace, joy and tranquility. The trumpet from Mount Zion doth sound to call you away from all worldly, drossy perishing loves which are not super-sensual and celestial. Nay further, it doth call you away from all lukewarm superficial loves, for Love's workings must be fervent, strong and immutable for the making meet for the rising and abiding power of the Holy Ghost to work from. All which will be brought out of the fiery furnace of Love for the great and mighty things that give testimony of Christ's kingdom in His saints being come, for it will surely open from this center. Now, whoever ye are that feel the touch of this celestial firestone, send forth your warming sparks to set one another in an holy flame. Know your own mother's children. Hide not yourselves from them. Be no longer strangers towards them. Find them out from north to south, and revive yet once again the apostolic knot and band of unfeigned

Love that may forerun the Bridegroom's return to dwell among us, so that

we may no longer fast and mourn but be ever feasted with Love's multiplying from the fountain deity. Even so confirm it accordingly, O Lord Jesus!"


Lo, it has been said that love will rapture the bride. May we all manifest the love of the brethren fervently.

"Beloved, let us love one another; for love is of God: and everyone that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is love." (1Jn.4: 7-8).

"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth." (1Jn.3 : 18).


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