Sermons at GMI Church

The Lion of the tribe of Judah

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    Explaining the Godhead (part1)
    Explaining the Godhead (part2)
    Explaining the Godhead (part3)

    2017 Sermons at GMIChurch


    2016 Sermons at GMIChurch

    Spiritual Humility(mp3)
    Overcoming Poverty(mp3)
    The Full Redemption(mp3)(8/14/2016)

    2015 Sermons at GMIChurch

    Angels Unawares (10/4/2015)
    Summary of what has been preached(11/22/2015)

    2014 Sermons at GMIChurch

    Why good people suffer(1/26/2014)
    Testimonies, & so count your blessings.(2/23/2014)
    Challenge to longer fasting(2/28/2014)
    Our heavenly home - The glory to be revealed in us(3/23/2014)
    Raising Children (marriage Seminar)(6/1/2014)
    Mystery Of Man(7/13/2014)
    Self Control(9/7/2014)
    Live as Pilgrims(9/26/2014 - Shadows of the End Series)
    Regeneration (11/2/2014)
    Little Foxes (12/28/2014)

    2013 Sermons at GMIChurch

    Wages of Sin (2/10/2013)
    Our heavenly Father(6/16/2013)
    What Force Moves You!(12/1/2013)
    Resurrection is Real(12/16/2013)
    The Rapture(12/18/2013)

    2012 Sermons at GMIChurch

    Obedience (2/19/2012)
    Know Who You Are In Christ (6/3/2012)
    Before-honor-is-humilty (8/5/2012)
    Faith-n-work (10/14/2012)
    Immortality Revealed By Christ (12/28/2012)

    2011 Sermons at GMIChurch

    Champions-Of-Faith (1/28/2011)
    God leads (part a) (3/30/2011)
    God leads (part b) (4/13/2011)
    Demonology4: Beware-of-flatery(7/3/2011)
    God's Army recruits(10/9/2011)
    Sowing and Reaping(10/28/2011)

    2011 Bible-Study-Series at GMIChurch

    Prophecy-fulfilling--Bible Study(10/5/2011)
    Daniel-2--Bible Study(10/12/2011)
    Daniel-7--Bible Study(10/19/2011)
    Daniel-8--Bible Study(11/02/2011)
    Daniel-9--Bible Study(11/10/2011)
    Daniel-10--Bible Study(11/16/2011)
    Daniel-11--Bible Study(11/30/2011)
    Daniel-12--Bible Study(12/07/2011)
    Die-to-Self--Bible Study(10/17/2012)

    2010 Sermons at GMIChurch

    Lessons from Daniel chapter 2 (1/2010)
    From the snares of the fowler (3/2010)
    Lean Not to Thine Understanding (8/2010)
    Angels (part 1) (9/15/2010)
    Angels (Part 2) (9/19/2010)
    Angels (part 3) (9/29/2010)
    Angels (Part 4) (10/6/2010)
    Love Jesus to love One Another (12/31/2010)

    2009 Sermons at GMIChurch

    What faith in Christ can do (2/2009)
    HOPE for the better kingdom (3/2009)
    Take good heed to God's Word (4/2009)
    COunt the cost to be a disciple of Christ (8/2009)
    The WarFare: Activities of Demons-Part 1 (10/11/2009)
    Pride: Activities of Demons-Part 2 (10/14/2009)
    Jealousy: Activities of Demons-Part 3 (10/18/2009)

    2008 Sermons at GMIChurch

    Leading of the Lord (2/2008)
    The Big Picture -- Forgive (3/2008)
    Word of Our Mouth (5/2008)
    Do you Love Jesus enough? (7/2008)
    Not my will but Thine be done, Lord! (8/2008)
    Be purposeful (10/2008)
    God send blessings in disguise at times! (11/2008)

    2007 Sermons at GMIChurch

    Faith with Action is Believing!(6/2007)
    Trials of Life (9/2007)
    Humility and The Fear of God (10/2007)
    Victory over Poverty (11/2007)

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