"The Lord said unto me, "Go through, go through
the  gates,  prepare ye the way of the  people;
cast  up, cast up the highway; gather  out  the
stones;  lift  up a standard for  the  people."

This is an alarm to the believers. The Lord  is
coming  soon!  I pray that the Lord  will  make
this  message  to  burn in  the  heart  of  the
readers  to make them get ready in the name  of
the Lord Jesus Christ.

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       Lift Up a Standard for the people!

"The Lord said unto me, "Go through, go through
the  gates,  prepare ye the way of the  people;
cast  up, cast up the highway; gather  out  the
stones;  lift  up a standard for  the  people."

This is an alarm to the believers. The Lord  is
coming  soon!  I pray that the Lord  will  make
this  message  to  burn in  the  heart  of  the
believers to make them get ready in the name of
the Lord Jesus Christ.

I had to personally approach a brother among us
to  speak to him about his ways which have been
in  sin, calling him to repentance, for his own
sake.   It  is also because of the  vision  the
Lord  showed to me some days ago which made  me
to  say "it is time for the saints to put their
houses in order!"  What is actually going on in
the  nations right now is a sign to  every  one
that  the  Lord is coming.  This  concerns  the
revival  among  even nominal  churches  whereby
multitudes  are being touched by  the  Lord  to
repent of their sins and their canalities.  How
much  more  should we, the charismatic  groups,
the pentecostal groups and the end-time message
believers, turn back to the word of God because
many have lowered their standard of holiness!

I will like to quote few lines from testimonies
among  the seminary colleges about the wave  of
repentance which is moving among these seminary
students, and I strongly believe it is  a  sign
of the Lord's soon-coming.    I quote:  "...the
renewal  followed a stirring chapel  sermon  on
March   5th  by  a  pastor,   ....   a  student
commented  that the holiness of  God  had  been
lacking  ,   he reminded the people that  God's
holiness  is `being set apart from the world'".
"At   all   the  seminary  colleges  concerned,
students  lined up for hours to confess  openly
their sins of pornography, worldliness, racism;
some in tears."
     The  revival first started in  few  places
with participants laughing or crying or falling
under  the  power of the Spirit.    Now  it  is
turning   into   a   change   of   heart   from
lukewarmness  and carnality into  re-dedication
among many believers.  I quote again :  "at all
the schools, students are coming forward during
lengthy  services  to confess  their   sins  of
pride,bondage  to materialism, and  bitterness.
A  March  19th  service  at  Wheaton's  college
started  from 5:30pm to 6.00AM, as hundreds  of
students lined up to confess sins and  to  pray
for  one  another.    Students  filled  several
garbbage   bags   with  alcohol,   pornography,
secular  music out of their dorm rooms as  part
of   their  re-commitment  to  God."   You  can
imagine  what  is going on, and this  is  among
seminary students who, all along, have  claimed
to  be christians and perhaps born-again.  When
the Lord begins to stir, the branches that will
repent will repent; but those who do not really
belong will fall off the tree.    This is  just
to  show you the trend of what is already going
on  among  the churches as the Lord  begins  to
move.   From what the Lord shows to me,  it  is
just  the edges of the mighty move of God which
the saints have waited for.

Now  to  all   of us who have waited  for  this
revival,  "where are you at?"   Have  you  been
like  the foolish virgins in your sleep, caught
up  in sins of fornication, adultery, lusts  of
all  kind, immorality? and some even went  into
polygamy,  justifying  their  stand  with   old
testament  examples  --  making  provision  for
their flesh to fulfil the lusts  thereof!   Are
they  hoping  therefore  to  be  saved  by  the
keeping  of  the "law" like the  old  testament
saints in the day of "Christ"?  Repent ye,  for
the Lord is coming soon!

  The  church needs to come back to repentance!
In   proverbs   chapter  14,   we   read   that
"righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is  a
reproach to any people!" (Prov.14:34).   I  was
in  the  midst of a congregation in 1992,  even
among   them   that  claimed  to  be   end-time
believers  awaiting the Lord's  return.   There
was  question  and  a complaint  about  certain
brother(s)  who  had knowingly  gone  aside  to
either commit adultery or taken a second  wife.
The sad part was that the so called "elders" in
the  congregation said nothing  about  it  when
they  heard  of  it.  Are we not our  brother's
keepers?    Whereas apostle Paul  in  his  time
wrote  and  commanded  one  fornicator  to   be
removed from the congregation.
   "It  is  reported commonly  that   there  is
fornication among you, and such fornication  as
is  not  so  much as named among the  Gentiles,
that one should have his father's wife.  And ye
are  puffed  up,  and have not rather  mourned,
that he that hath done this deed might be taken
away from among you." (1Cor.5:1-2).
 Let him be ashamed!

Yea the sins described was indeed a movement of
the  devil  world-wide to polute the  flock  of
Christ.  Along with it was the wave of doctrine
that tends to over-emphasize the "grace of God"
as if no one should be pointing out sins of any
believer.  But the devil is a liar!   The  Lord
said  in the book of revelations thus: "I  gave
her  space to repent of her fornication but she
repented not".   A saving grace must produce an
holy work!

A  minister of God once said in his sermon that
the devil has been laughing at the churches and
"swaggering" around.  Remember the problem  ran
into  by evangelist Jimmy Swaggert?  I can  see
where  the term "swaggering" around came  from.
When  the  devil succeeded to do  evil  to  one
minister  which  pulled down his  ministry,  he
went  about  trying  the same  attack  on  many
believers,   pulling  them   into   immorality,
fornication,  adultery, all over the  world  of
born-again  believers!  The devil  will  attack
any heart that is open to his attractions.  But
what   does   the  bible  say?   "Righteousness
exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any
     There  are  many radio ministers  recently
that   go  over  the  radio  waves  lucratively
preaching   "eternal  security,   once   saved-
forever-saved, grace of God saves us and  don't
be  troubled  with any guilty conscience  about
your  life  style  of sin".   Imagine  lukewarm
believers  calling  to  those  radio  ministers
expressing the urge or pressure from  the  word
of God for them to straighten up, and the radio
ministers,  quenching the spirit,  telling  the
lukewarm  that "you don't have to do  anything!
it is not your responsibility to straighten up;
it  is God's responsibility to make you clean."
They  present  their message  saying  "God  has
accepted you, keep going the way you are!"  I'm
trying  to point out the subtilty of the devil.
The devil can make some people over-stretch the
truth to the point that it is in error, and the
devil   will  still  make  them  feel  a  false
anointing to think they are right.
     We  were in the prayer meeting one  night,
and a sister raised a prayer request concerning
the  same  issue that we should  pray  for  the
brothers in the household of God because  there
had been reports about some brothers committing
fornication  and  adultery  in  the   churches.
Watch!  when  the  prayer was  to  be  said,  a
brother  led  the  prayer and before  long,  he
started  saying  "Maybe God is going  to  bring
something good out of the fornication which had
occurred , and so on!" Perhaps referring to the
adultery between King David and Bethsheba as if
to say God brought out something good out of it
when  Solomon was born!  Immediately  I  sensed
the  cunningness of the devil who always  sneak
around  to suggest such a false prayer  to  the
mouth of the innocent.  I had to step-in and re-
word  the prayer and rebuke the devil!  I  have
discerned the movement of the devil many  times
like  that  in a form whereby people will  even
think  an anointing came upon them and it might
even  feel  good  but when the words  they  are
uttering  forth is contrary to the  scriptures,
watch it!  Let's get back to the bible!
       Remember how Satan sneaked around behind
apostle Peter and put words in his mouth  which
he  spoke to the Lord Jesus Christ opposing the
crucifixion?  "Then Peter took him,  and  began
to  rebuke  him, saying, Be it  far  from  thee
Lord: this shall not be unto thee." (Mat.16:22-
23).   The  Lord Jesus was not fooled,  and  he
openly  rebuked satan when he said to  Peter  :
"Get  thee  behind me satan, for  thou  art  an
offence  unto  me; for thou savourest  not  the
things  that  be of God but those  that  be  of
men!"     Peter must have trembled in fear when
it sounded as if Christ just referred to him as

The  devil may point out that Solomon came  out
of  the  union  of  David and Bethsheba,  which
union  began  with  adultery  and  murder,  but
remember,  David did not escape the  punishment
from  God!   That is the most important  issue!
No  matter how lucrative a sin can be,  if  you
are  a  child  of God you will not  escape  the
punishment  from  God!  Someone  may  say  "but
Christ  had  died for our sins, past,  present,
and future!"  Yes, but that is why you will  be
punished instead of casting you into hell.  But
"if we sin wilfully after that we have received
the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth  no
more  sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful
looking    for   of   judgement    and    fiery
indignation,    which    shall    devour    the
adversaries."  (Heb.10:26-27).

God  is  of purer eyes than to behold iniquity!
God will still judge sin, no matter how someone
is  so  close to God, no matter how anointed  a
believer  is.  "Though hand join in  hand,  the
wicked shall not be unpunished". (Prov.   ).

Let's   analyze  the  sin  which   King   David
committed.   From  the  day  he  committed  the
adultery  (2Sam.12) till the prophet Nathan was
sent  to David by God, it was over one calendar
year,  because the baby was already  born  from
the  adultery.   People might have thought  God
looked the other way, perhaps since he was  the
king.  It  took  at least nine months  for  the
woman to carry the pregnancy till the baby  was
born.   The woman's husband had been killed  to
cover  up  the scandal, so to speak!   Did  God
look away?   Though David was a man after God's
heart, yet God did not look the other way.  The
bible  says  God  gives men  a  long  space  to
repent.   It took one full year of patience  on
God's side then came the prophet to decree  the
punishment!   That  is  what  we  ought  to  be
careful about.

It  is time for the believers to repent, anyone
who hopes to go with the Lord in the rapture of
the  saints.    As the scriptures has said "And
every  man that has this hope in him, purifieth
himself, even as he is pure!".
The  Lord showed to me, recently, visions about
his  coming and the rapture.  In the `70s those
visions of the Lord's coming were common  among
the  believers.   For a while the  visions  had
been scarce.  But now the Lord is renewing  the
visions  about his coming.  Within a  space  of
three  weeks  I  received two  visions  of  the
Lord's coming almost like the `70s.  It's  time
for  the  saints  to put our houses  in  order!
What  is  going  on  in the revival  among  the
seminary colleges and other churches is a  sign
that  the Lord is about to do what we all  have
been  waiting  for.  He is coming  soon  folks!
When   saints   begin  to   repent   of   their
shortcomings  and their iniquities  in  several
congregations, it is time for anyone that  hope
for  the Lord's coming to begin to repent  from
your  own sins and begin to look up, "for  your
redemption  draweth nigh!"    Hey, we  may  not
have too much time to stay around anymore!  You
better  look around you and begin to repent  of
your sins and any shortcomings, and think twice
before  you get yourself into any muddy things!
You  may  be  left behind in the  rapture!   In
fact,  the time is near when the door  will  be
shut  at  repentance, when the scriptures  will
fulfil  itself which said "he that  is  unjust,
let  him be unjust still and he which is filthy
let  him  be  filthy  still:  and  he  that  is
righteous, let him be righteous still:  and  he
that  is holy, let him be holy still".  (Rev.22
   Yea, a point of no return!

Even  though it took one full year  after  King
David  sinned, you cannot tell me  that  during
that  one  year,  David didnot pray,  nor  sing
praises, nor play his harp before the Lord?  He
was singing psalms, he would even have felt the
anointing.  But your feeling has nothing to  do
with the word of God!  I am trying to bring the
people  back to the word of God because  it  is
this  same  word that will judge us!  The  word
said  "though  hand join in hands,  the  wicked
shall  not  be  unpunished."   Remember   Judas
Iscariot?   He  followed the  ministry  of  the
messiah for three years, and even went with the
apostles to preach and to cast out devils,  and
also  came back rejoicing that "the devils were
subject  unto  them".   Yet Judas Iscariot  was
called  "a thief". (Jn. 12:6).  Which means  he
was  already known to be secretly stealing from
the  bag of money he was carrying for the Lord.
Yet  the  Lord  did  not  publicly  rebuke  him
neither  deposed  him from  carrying  the  bag.
Hey,  brethren, be warned! The Lord  said  "Not
every  one  that say unto me Lord, Lord,  shall
enter  the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth
the  will  of  my father which is  in  heaven!"
(Mat.7: 21).

STOP meddling with SIN!  Don't fool around with

For  instance,  the bible plainly  stated  that
"the woman shall not wear that which pertaineth
unto  a  man,  neither shall a  man  put  on  a
woman's  garment:  for  all  that  do  so   are
abomination   unto   the   Lord    thy    God."
(Deut.22:6).   Some  will  say   it   was   old
testament!  So  is the verse  that  said  "thou
shall  not steal!"  (Exo.20:15).  If the  grace
of God has saved you, you are saved to now show
forth   the  fruits  of  righteousness.   Those
things  which God called "abominations"  should
therefore be naturally disliked by you,  if  he
lives  in  you!    The word of God  is  forever
settled  in heaven!   Righteousness exalteth  a
nation, but sin is a reproach to any people!

God gave men space to repent by keeping silence
many  times. (Rev.2:19-21)  "...thou  sufferest
that  woman  Jezebel which  calleth  herself  a
prophetess  to teach and to seduce my  servants
to   commit   fornication  and  to   eat   meat
sacrificed unto idols.  And I gave her space to
repent  of  her fornication, and  she  repented
not.   Behold I will cast her into  a  bed  and
them  that commit adultery with her into  great
tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.
And I will kill her children with death;
And  all  the churches will know that I  am  he
which  searcheth the  reins and hearts,  and  I
will  give  unto every one of you according  to
your works."
      It  means, God was waiting to see whether
you will repent from your ungodliness, when  it
seems no punishment  yet.   "Or despisest  thou
the  riches of his goodness and forbearance and
longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of
God  leadeth thee to repentance?  But after thy
hardness  and  impenitent heart  treasurest  up
unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and
revelation of the righteous judgement  of  God;
who  will render to every man according to  his
deeds." (Rom.2:4-6).

 It may look to man sometimes that God turn the
other  way after a man has committed sins.  No!
God  did  not look the other way! He is  giving
them  space to repent.    It is high  time  for
any  one who has a hope of going with the  Lord
in  the  rapture to look at oneself and  better
repent.      The  testimonies  we   hear   that
christians in seminaries are coming forward  to
cast  down their sins and to repent, is because
the  Lord is beginning to move upon his people,
for He is coming soon!

We  have heard cases of believers having sexual
affairs with other men's wives; some even  have
a secret second wife, some are not even secret.
When  the  punishment will come,  you  will  be
sorry.  When punishment came upon king David it
was  unbearable! Fear God and  tremble  at  his
word!  "By  the  fear of Lord men  depart  from
evil!"    (Prov.16:6).   Some  preachers   have
recently  emphasized  "eternal  security,  once
saved forever saved" which made many hold to  a
false  peace. Whereas the bible said  "Will  ye
steal,  murder, and commit adultery, and  swear
falsely,  and burn incense unto Baal, and  walk
after other gods whom ye know not; And come and
stand  before me in this house, which is called
by  my name, and say we are delivered to do all
these  abominations?  Is this house,  which  is
called  by my name, become a den of robbers  in
your  eyes?  Behold, even I have seen it, saith
the Lord." (Jer.7:9-11).

We preached that our names have been written in
the  lambs book of life from the foundation  of
the  world, but Christ also warned in the  book
of  revelation  that "he that  overcometh,  the
same  shall be clothed in white raiment; and  I
will  not blot out his name out of the book  of
life,  but  I will confess his name  before  my
Father,  and  before  his  angels."  (Rev.3:5).
What does that tell you?  It means He can still
blot  out names out of the book of Life!  Where
then  is your "eternal security" doctrine  that
makes  you not fear God's word? "Hear the  word
of  the Lord, ye that tremble at his word; Your
brethren that hated you, that cast you out  for
my   name's  sake,  said,  let  the   Lord   be
glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and
they shall be ashamed."  (Isa.66:5).

  It  is  time for the body of Christ to repent
worldwide!    The  Lord  cannot   continue   to
overlook these sins that have been going on  in
the  household  of God for  too  long.   He  is
beginning  to move right now, calling believers
to  repentance.  If you are his  seed,  if  you
belong  to the sheep of God, He is calling  you
to repent.

The  punishment placed upon King David for  his
sins  was  very  severe.  As  it  was  written:
"wherefore have you despised the commandment of
the  Lord  to do evil in his sight?  thou  hast
killed  Uriah the hittite with the  sword,  and
has  taken  his  wife to be thy  wife  ...  Now
therefore the sword shall never depart from thy
house.  For  thou hast despised me,  saith  the
Lord,  and hast taken the wife of Uriah  to  be
thy   wife."   (2Sam.12:9-10).   Look  at  what
happened  to  David as a result  of  this  evil
which  was pronounced by the prophet: his first
born  Amnon was killed by another son  Absalom.
Absalom himself drove David out of town  as  he
raised  up  a  revolt against  his  father  and
Absalom  was  killed in the  revolt.   Thirdly,
Adonijah,  David's  son  was  killed  later  by
another son of David, Solomon, who became king.
     The  punishment was severe!   Some  people
had said "God brought something good out of the
sin  of David" because Solomon was born out  of
the  union.  Sin is still sin.  God could  have
brought Solomon through any other way!  God  is
calling us to repentance worldwide right now!

Let  me  read the words of the Lord himself  in
Mathew chapter 7.   I always come back to these
verses  because  they  are  important.   I  was
reading  it  one  time and the Lord  seemed  to
impress upon my heart the firmness and yet  the
gentility  with which the words were spoken  to
make the careless be warned!    He wants us  to
"tremble"  at his word.  These are the  sayings
of  the Lord Jesus!  These are no parables. The
Lord  expressly  spoke in this  sermon  on  the
mount thus:
"Ye  have heard that it was said by them of old
time that thou shall not commit adultery, but I
say  unto you that whosoever looketh on a woman
to  lust after her has committed adultery  with
her already in his heart." (Mat.5:27).
    This is strong word from the Lord Jesus  to
make  us to know how seriously the word of  God
should be taken.  He went further and said: "if
thy  right  eye offend thee, pluck it  out  and
cast  it  from thee; for it is profitable  unto
thee that one of thy members should perish than
that  thy whole body should be cast into  hell.
And  if thy right hand offend thee, cut it  out
and   cast  it  off  from  thee.   For  it   is
profitable  for  thee that one of  thy  members
should  perish than that thy whole body  should
be  cast  into hell."  These sayings  of  Jesus
make  us to see the weightiness of sin.   Don't
take  sin lightly!  When the devil plagues  the
churches  with  those sins  which  he  uses  to
pollute the world, believers who take the  word
of  God  lightly  are the  first  prey  to  his
    Also  remember the bible said we are to  be
washed  "by the washing of water by the  word!"
When  some  believers are  no  more  refreshing
their mind with the bible, no more studying the
bible,  and  in several churches  the  teachers
have  abandoned  the fundamental  teachings  of
christian lifestyle for specialties, no  wonder
the  people in the pew are covered over by  the
"dust" from the pollutions in the world.  There
must  be  constant renewal of our mind  by  the
word of God!

Let  me  quote  few excerpts here from  another
minister of God who has lamented the sin in the
(From D.W)   (quote)
   There are churches today that you can attend
for up to a year, and yet
never  hear one word of reproof. A church could
be totally corrupted --
half  of  the congregation divorcing,  adultery
rampant, teenagers sleeping
around, children unruly. The whole congregation
can be given over to
pleasure, sports, entertainment -- but there is
never a word of
correction from the pulpit! Instead, the pastor
caters to the people's
weaknesses and cravings. He is afraid to offend
anyone -- afraid the
offerings  will  go  down and  he'll  lose  his

   This is the first characteristic of the evil
ministry developing in
Eli's  soul.  And  it  is  the  mark  of  every
ongoing, compromising priesthood
(end quote)
The   minister  also  mentioned  how  God  will
lightly  esteem and bypass such  ministry  when
God brings his revival:
To  be  "lightly esteemed" by the Lord meant  a
loss of God's favor and
blessing!  It  meant no impact against  Satan's
kingdom. Such a minister
may  be esteemed by others -- but in God's eyes
he is a lightweight,
someone in whom He puts no trust!

  God said, "You despise Me by not preaching My
whole counsel. You're
not a man of prayer. You're not concerned about
My people, but only
about  your  success and reputation.  You  just
want to make sure there's a
crowd. You have lightly esteemed My Word -- and
now I am going to
lightly esteem you! Go your way -- do your  own
works. You are lightly
esteemed in My eyes!"

   This  cutting off of God's anointing  leaves
the Eli priesthood to busy,
helter-skelter programs -- works of  the  flesh
that only look good. It
all sounds like important kingdom work. But God
refuses to touch it! It
is  simply  busy  activity -- lightly  esteemed
ministries undertaken by
lightly esteemed ministers!

   *2.  They  will  be  bypassed  by  the  true
anointing and blessing of God in
the last days.*


      "And  you  will  see the distress  of  My
dwelling, in spite of all that
     I do good for Israel..." (verse 32, NAS).


   In  other words: "When I choose the time  to
pour out My Spirit, you'll
be  standing in ruins!" And that's exactly what
is happening in America
today: Preachers are standing in churches  that
are dead, dry and ruined!
God has said to them, "I will pass you by!"

   This priesthood will be standing there among
the ruins as God blesses
and  anoints another priesthood -- men  of  God
who have paid the price!
Right now, in these last days, His anointing is
falling on those who
have  given their lives to Him. The  Spirit  is
laying hold of these
praying, fearless men. But those of Eli's  seed
are being bypassed --
left to play their church games!

  God is saying, in essence, "In spite of all I
do, you will not see the
good! You will not be part of My last-day, holy
remnant. You are lightly
esteemed -- and you will go about your ministry
with no real spiritual


    The  pollution from the world is like  dust
settling  down on tables.  Your house may  look
neat  and  tidy under dim light, but  when  you
bring  in  a flood light or rays from the  sun,
you  can see the dust particles even in the air
and  upon  the tables.  The tables need  to  be
dusted  constantly!  So also do  we  christians
need  to be washed regularly by the washing  of
water   "by   the  word".    Many  went   after
prophecies,  signs and wonders, big revelations
of  the  end-time  and they  forgot  the  basic
righteousness, love and the fruits of the  Holy
Ghost,and holiness "without which no one  shall
see the Lord!"
The  Lord  said furthermore: "It has been  said
that whosoever shall put away his wife, let him
give  her a writing of divorcement, but  I  say
unto you that whosoever shall put away his wife
save for the cause  of fornication, causeth her
to  commit adultery. And whosoever shall  marry
her  that  is  put  away, committed  adultery."

     This  saying that look like simple,  which
had been brushed aside regularly, especially in
this  generation, should not be taken  lightly.
It  is  from  the  Lord Jesus  Christ  himself!
Remember the bible said "tremble at his  word!"
Yet  this  generation have what is  called  the
"new  morality" where they have said in  a  way
"all  of  such  instructions  do  not  matter".
They  will  do  what they  want  to  do.   Many
theologians  also have modified their  theology
to accept the generation of "the new morality",
but  "the word of God abideth for ever!"   This
word  of God is what will judge mankind.  Every
precept  of  God which was highlighted  in  the
"sermon  on  the mount" from the mouth  of  our
Lord  Jesus  Christ himself, though  they  look
simple such as "turn the other cheek", or "give
to  every  one that asketh of thee",  or  "from
those  that will borrow of thee turn  not  thou
away";   these  sayings are too  important  for
anyone to pass off for a new morality from  any
generation.  Our God changeth not!
   In concluding his own sermon, the Lord Jesus
said  the  following,  almost  as  if  he   was
laughing  at  the world who will do  their  own
thing as they  put aside God's word.

"Whosoever heareth these sayings of  mine,  and
doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man."

Listen  to  this:  Men may say  "we  are  under
grace  now",  and they continue to  commit  and
indulge in sins.  They donot take these sayings
of  the  Lord seriously.  They forgot that  God
hates sin and that saints are expected to  keep
themselves so that the wicked one touches  them
not, as it written: "But he that is begotten of
God   keepeth  himself  and  that  wicked   one
toucheth  him not!" (1Jn.5:18).   Whereas  many
believers  have  been lowering their  standard,
wanting to be like the world, as Israel of  old
wanted  to be like the other nations  to  their

Imagine christian women wearing heavy make-ups,
and  false eye-lashes just to be like the world
or because they see some "others"  do the same.
Why should they cry and pray then when they are
afflicted  with sicknesses and plagues  as  the
"But  ye  are  a  chosen  generation,  a  royal
priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar  people;
that ye should shew forth the praise of him who
hath called you out of darkness into marvellous
light."     Why build again those things  which
ye formerly destroy?

The  Lord reminded me in a visitation some days
ago  that we ought to sound the alarm, and lift
up  a  standard for the people!    These topics
which  many  ministers don't seem  to  want  to
touch  anymore,  about divorce and  remarriage,
and  fornication, adultery both in kind  or  in
act, concerning the women's dressing and so on.
Many  pulpits shy away from it to please  their
crowd! They said "it's so controversial!"  What
is  controversial?  This word of  God  is  what
will  judge the world.  What shall we  do  then
when multitudes of believers are left behind in
the rapture?
Christ loved his church and gave himself for it
"that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the
washing  of water by the word.  That  he  might
present  it  to himself a glorious church,  not
having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but
that  it  should be holy and without  blemish."
(Ephe.5:26-27). Let's come back  to  the  word!
These  simple sayings of the Lord Jesus himself
are very vital!

The  Lord  went  further and  said:   "He  that
heareth  this  sayings of mine and  doeth  them
shall  be  likened unto a wise man which  built
his  house upon a rock, and the rain descended,
and  the  floods came, and the winds  blew  and
beat  upon the house; and it fell not,  for  it
was founded upon a rock."  (Mat.7:24-25).

The  rain that descended is like when the devil
attacked  the flock with a wave of  temptations
and  false  doctrine.    Only  those  that  are
actually built upon the rock of the word of God
will continue to stand and not buy into the sin
and  the  lusts thereof.  The spiritual  attack
from  the  enemy  to  make  believers  go  into
adultery  and fornication, and pornography   is
what  we  were  seeing over  the  past  several
years.  Many who  came into the revival in  the
70's  by  simply following signs and  emotions,
will not be able to stand by the time the devil
attacked them with lusts or false doctrines.

Those  precepts of Christ in Mathew chapters  5
to 7 are very important! And he concluded it by
saying   those  that  are not  doing  them  are
building upon the sand, because the winds  will
come  and the storm will rage and the rain will
fall  and  beat upon the house and  they  shall
fall and be in ruins!
"And  every  one that heareth these sayings  of
mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto
a  foolish man, which built his house upon  the
sand:  And  the rain descended, and the  floods
came,  and  the winds blew; and beat  upon  the
house;  and it fell: and great was the fall  of
it." (Mat.7:26-27).
   The  winds of temptations and waves of false
doctrines will come plus the floods of  sin  in
the  world, and it shall  beat upon the  house.
Have  you  been able to stand?   In  a  society
where  at  every  corner there  is  corruption,
bribery,  and embezzlement, were  you  able  to
still  hold  the light of Christ and  be  pure?
Those  are  the  winds of  temptations  we  are
talking  about!   Or  in a christian  gathering
where  several  believers were reported  to  be
justifying  themselves  of  their  divorce  and
remarriage, and others openly or secretly  have
taken  a second or third wife,  has your  faith
been overthrown also?
  Those  in sin may be surprised that  God  let
them  continue  in  their  iniquity.   If  they
belong  to  His  seed  he  will  chastize  them
suddenly like He did to king David.  Those  who
are  not  chastized  perhaps  are  "reprobates"
being reserved for the wrath to come!   Yea, be
warned, and Repent!  "For the wrath of  God  is
revealed  from  heaven against all  ungodliness
and  unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth
in unrighteousness." (Rom.1:18).
The  foolish virgins slumbered and slept in sin
and iniquity for their oil burn out.  There was
gnashing  of  teeth when they were locked  out!
May  the Lord help you to repent and straighten
up  lest  you be left behind at the rapture  of
the saints, because the Lord is coming soon!

Bro. Julius Adewumi, Gospel Distribution